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At Swift Transportation our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing Best in Class transportation solutions and fostering a profitable, disciplined culture of safety, service, and trust.
Since its earliest days, Swift has established a strong presence in the transportation industry. Our award-winning services earn a reputation for quality and excellence that few can rival.

Complaints & Reviews

bad driver complaint

To whomever it may concern. One of your swift drivers tried to turn around in our company property today and a bad job of it too. He left deep ruts in our yard! We have signs up...

complaint on a driver

We parked at a Loves in Yemassee SC and one of your drivers popped up on the curb into the grass area. My husband and I were walking into the Loves and he told him " Do you think that's a good place to park" your driver popped off with something smart about he's a gangster and then it was followed by " I have something in the truck to blow your head off" my husband immediately called the police. We came out from the Loves and he was no longer parked beside us. The cops looked in the parking lot for the truck but it couldn't be located. I do have a picture of the driver and it clearly shows he is parking up on the curb. I'm not sure what you and your company do about such threats but we take them serious as we haul some expensive vehicles. Your driver should NOT be threatening to blow anyone a head off period!

complaint on a driver

your driver watching a movie on his phone while driving down I 85 in georgia

Truck # 177427 the driver was watching a movie on his phone swerving all over the place while he was driving down the road, this is the most disgraceful example of a "professional driver" and your company should really be doing something to those who are doing these unsafe acts behind the wheel especially those who drive an 80, 000lb killing machine

Swift Terminal — driver leader

I'm a new driver for swift I have been driving for them for 5 months now. I have been sitting at a truck stop for 37 hours and still not moving. My biggest check from them...

discrimination, (age, vet. minority) by "deprivation from" the swift leasing program " ; plus other.

Please have Driver Manager (Driver Leader) Jaeme Wilkerson At Lancaster, Texas Swift Terminal Forward the pertenent E-Mails pertaining to this Matter. However, to be brief it...

customer service/recruiting

I have over 6 years experience in the driving industry and had called swift souly on just a few questions about the company. I was immediately greeted by unprofessionalism by one of the recruiters who acted like he didnt even care didnt want to answer questions and if he did it was extremely short. Upon going to file a complaint about the recruiter I was told I just needed thick skin because of the industry. If this is really how swift goes about their buisness I suggest no one do buisness with them. Theres a line between professionalism and "thick skin".

swift trucker reckless driving/no regard to others on the road

June 28th 2019 picture taken around 4:51pm on I-90 East heading out of Coeur D'Alene Idaho- Plate was from Indiana (Plate # P419429) SWFZ 154537
This past Friday June 28, 2019 my fiancé and I were headed East on I-90 out of Coeur D'Alene Idaho in his diesel pickup towing a trailer with an excavator on it. We were going along with all the traffic where we had to merge to the left lane. We could see a truck running as a blocker way back behind us to get people to stay in the left lane for the merge that was going to be coming up and not cause congestion by passing everyone up on the right. Then it seemed to be fine and the Pickup truck moved back over now to the left lane. We had been going for a bit when all of a sudden, my fiancé and I were like what the heck? A big Swift semi-truck came barreling down the hill and was at our side. Our truck pulling the trailer with an excavator on it was now coming to where it was one lane.
I being the passenger started panicking as the trucker did not look over did not give a rip that we were there and he was going to smash us into the barrier we were crossing the rumble strip to the barrier. He did not bat an eye, look over, nothing. He did not care by the looks of it as long as he got ahead of us. We weren't in little vehicle that could just slam on our breaks we are a big truck pulling a big trailer with and excavator on it. The Swift semi-truck could see everyone he was passing in the right lane and DID NOT CARE. We had to put the brakes and trailer brake hard and let him in or be crushed against the barrier. Now behind the truck driver I took a picture of the back of his truck and called the Swift company and gave them the Indiana plate number. The operator was arguing back to me because I called her truck driver (Old Man with glasses) a dip [censored] driver. She said I don't appreciate you calling our drivers that. I told I don't appreciate almost being killed because this man did not care. I was pretty worked up by the time I got to the next person and gave her the plate number and information I had. We were almost out of cell service so I then had to wait again until we got over the 4th of July pass and past Rose Lake exist before I could call and report this to the Idaho State Patrol.
The semi-truck once we passed him again slowed way down. I'm not sure if he was radio by his company or what but suddenly after almost getting us into an accident, he was no longer in a race to get where he was going. This man should NOT BE TRUCK DRIVING AT ALL!!

swift trucker reckless driving/no regard to others on the road
swift trucker reckless driving/no regard to others on the road

bad driver

I was driving North bound on I25 in the fast lane about to pass one of your trucks. I was just a couple feet away when your driver cut me off without using a signal. Since I was at that moment just a few feet away and my speed was faster than his I had to slam on my breaks and almost went into the cement road divider. Luckily for me there were no vehicles right behind me. (He could have safety gotten over after I passed him).
I had 5 children in my truck ages ranging from 9mo to 9 years. Super scary situation and thankful we servived. The driver looked like he should have retired 10+ years ago, and should probably take another driver's test and safety class.

bad driver

swift driver misconduct

Driving in traffic on Colorado Blvd & Alameda In Denver, the Driver in truck #160941 littered and thew their trash out of the car window onto the street. The driver rolled down the window to toss out their trash & proceeded to then roll it back up and keep on driving. I would expect employees to conduct themselves in a more appropriate manner while on the job.

indecent exposure

I was at a pilot in counsel Bluff . When a swift driver pulled into pump 23 and decided to take a pee on his trailer right in front of me before fueling. The second he turned around he was shocked that I was saw him. I want this driver terminated or I be pressing charges against Swift.

If you need any information about this call me


Marissa Harris

indecent exposure

truck driving school

So my son Taylor Laing and I are writing this together he attended truck driving school and started working on his own with you after being paid uncorrectly a large amount he was upset as they would not work with him and left during that time we got notice on suite but got notice to late for him to be involved. We need to have swift decide on a settlement amount on the amount owed for him. Taylor William Laing 02/28/93 I am prepared to go to an attorney over this and their unfair paying practices. Taylors number208-490-6677. They sent him to credit bureau Partners Financial Services Inc 575 Rudder Road Fenton, MO 63026 acct number [protected]-010 he went to school in Utah he is currently injured and not working.

reckless driving

Swift 18 wheeler
sWfz 180338

Between Ellisville (exit 85) andMoselle (exit 80)

The truck came into my lane on the left side. He/she was riding both lanes. He/she almost ran me into a bridge and off the side of the road.
I had to hit Brakes to stop. I had to move over in the gravel next to the bridge. I was scared for my life, thinking I was about to get killed.

5/1/19-5:53 pm

reckless driving
reckless driving


Traveling 40MPH in a 70 for over 16 miles.. Hwy3 before Acton was when he started...this is a 2 lane HWY. The road and weather, while not clear, in no way warranted these low speeds. Rather than pulling over(he passed a parking lot trucks often park in) he created a traffic jam and caused others danger. As many folks wanted to pass him but his speed was inconsistent


truck # swfz173147

Truck driver in Truck # SWFZ173147 was driving recklessly this morning
During morning rush hour on 03/27/2019 driver driving truck # SWFZ173147 drove down the ON ramp to I-5 / 88th ST in Washington State via the far right emergency lane. He bypassed all the other drivers attempting to merge and get onto I-5.
Bypassed approximately 10 cars. When this 53' trailer was illegally driving in the far right emergency lane quickly the truck blew dirt and dust. He/She was driving this 53' trailer like it was a sports car, or a race bike.
This was absolutely un called for, I wish a cop would have seen this. And I am so glad no-one got hurt.

reckless driver

618510 Driver in truck 171981 pulled into fuel island high speed, whipping around other trucks waiting to fuel. Driver cut off almost hitting another driver pulling into fuel island...

driver conduct/disrespect

Driver Kevin Hatch (Truck # 181522) arrived at my guardhouse to pick up a trailer, not turning off his engine so I could hear any questions he might have, which he blamed me for when he didn't follow company policy while picking up a trailer. When he arrived again to take out an empty trailer, he walked in with an attitude and began to immediately berate me after I asked for the location he'd picked up the trailer from.

Afterward, he demanded my supervisor be on site for him to speak to, even though my supervisor wasn't available except via phone. While on the phone with my supervisor, he continuously gave me dirty looks while also saying things like I (threw) paper at him, when I'd actually had to talk up to his truck and reach up to hand it to him (and thus was close enough to the engine that I wasn't able to hear him say he hadn't been here before.)

After my supervisor hung up the phone, the driver continued to berate me, even though my supervisor had asked him to leave.

unethical behavior

I am writing in regards to the incident while i was out with the mentor. I have been trying to call someone in regards to the incident on 11/29/18. My name is Doreen Haas I have...

swift truck driver - reckless driver

Number in tractor door is US DOT 139595 or USDOT 137595.
Pulling Trailer with Illinois license plate # 90F 3HN.

On November 8, 2018 (6:20 P.M) we were travelling in a work zone proceeding North bound on Illinois Rt 55 approx. 6 miles south of Pontiac, Illinois and travelling at 55 miles per hour (speed limit is posted 55 MPH).

A Swift Truck Driver then drove up behind us- so close being 1 to 2 feet from our rear bumper that all you could see of the truck was a portion of the front grill when looking out of our back window. He kept tailgating us at this speed. My wife finally had enough and pulled to the side.

This unsafe and dangerous Swift Truck Driver should be investigated by Swift and replaced. He is a detriment to the Swift Organization and is going to get someone killed!

dangerous driver

618510 Swfz #112123 Driver ran red light into a backed up interstate offramp intersection, thus blocking all traffic from both directions when the light was green. This is very...


ORDER# 672044
On 2nd of October I booked a load with Knight/Swift broker named Lupe Alanis. The load was going from Monroe, WA (1st pick) and Woodinville, WA (2nd pick up) to deliver on the 4th of October at 10 AM (set appointment per rate confirmation) in WALM DC6909 CENTERPOINT 3485 WINEVILLE RD JURUPA VALLEY, CA 91752. My driver arrived at the receiver at 9 AM on that day only to be told by the receiver that we do not have an appointment set at all and that they will try to work him in later in the day. We immediately reported this to the broker Lupe but got no response, we sent another email later in the day and he just asked what are they saying and when I explained it to him again I reported that we charge detention 50 $ per hour after the first 2 free hours. He only replied that Swift pays 25 $. Driver finished unloading at 7 PM that day which means that we had 7 h of detention on this load and he immediately sent all the paperwork that he got at the receiver, which I put in attach. The next day Lupe replied: do you have TCR? Walmart requires a paper called a TCR. I need that paper to submit it for detention. I told him that the driver already sent all the paperwork they gave him with in and out times and that they did not give him any TCR. Lupe then included his manager in the chain a person called Zach Perlman who just said you don't have a TCR your detention is denied. When my driver heard about all this he went straight back to the receiver in question and asked them for a TCR at which point they told him that they are not a regular Walmart facility, they are an NFI/Walmart facility and they do not issue TCR, only the paperwork that they already gave to my driver. The manager of the facility even gave him his phone number so the broker can call over there and confirm this himself (also in attach). After I reported all of this to Zack he just said the detention is denied and didn't even want to reply to my emails after that because I told him that I do not want to work with such a company anymore. This was my last email to him which he ignored: So you are telling me that it is fine by you that we spent a whole day at the delivery because your company didn't make a delivery appointment for us and we were supposed to have a 10 AM del that day. We ended up leaving the facility at 7 PM and sent you all the paperwork, then you ask for a paper that this facility doesn't issue because they are not a standard walmart facility they are NFI, I also send you the managers number to confirm all this and you still tell me you don't want to pay for detention. Would you work with yourself after that?
In many years of doing this job I have rarely encountered such bad business partners so I took the time to write this complaint hoping that someone will see this and maybe prevent this happening to someone else. It's not about the money owed to us and our driver (175 $) it's that I am deeply disappointed that there are people who do business in this way and lose the respect of good and responsible carriers such as Maybach. I hope I will get a response to this email and I hope the persons responsible will be reprehended.
Thank you in advance.
Emma Jones
Maybach International


driver 2552714 indiana plates

Indiana plates 2552714 truck
Indiana plates p279656 trailer
Truck number 182831 usdot 054283
Driving in the second fast lane( no construction)
Driving home from work and i come across one of your "diamond drivers". He's in the second lane next to the fast lane. I proceed to pass him and give him a flash with my lights and then just pass him. He then puts on his brights after i pass him. I slowed down and proceed to the pull over. He pulls behind me with his brights on. And i tell him he was in the wrong lane. He then claims that im driving drunk. Lol i Was just trying to be nice and he blows a gasket. As im trying to take a photo of his plates he shoots across 3 lanes to get back on freeway. Very unprofessional.


I'm sorry I didn't send this in sooner. I hope you will follow up before there is a serious accident with this young driver.

My husband and I were traveling east on Idaho 95 from Lewiston to Riggens. We were visiting from Michigan. We had a dangerous and exasperating experience with one of your trucks. Here are my exact notes. This went on for about 40 minutes. Really poor and aggressive driving.

Blocking passing lane repeatedly on 95 between Sweetwater
and Grangeville where the road is narrow. Younger guy full dark beard. On open road where we could safely pass, He accelerated to 80 mph exceeded the speed limit by 15 mph.
Inconsiderate and dangerous driving.
Forced us into oncoming traffic twice when slower vehicle moved into short right hand lane. 35 minutes of 30-35 mph in a 60
mph zone. Between 10:45 and 11:15 on July 25 2018.

I hope you will follow up in this complaint.

truck driver

This truck driver from ca-88 to hwy 80 was swerving constantly and kept going from the shoulder to the middle of the road on a two lane hwy. Very unsafe and very dangerous almost hit oncoming vehicles. License plate # 4466LX. Hopefully this driver gets an immediate referral. Car in front of us hopefully called police. Very unsafe for everyone around and bad and poor image for this business with the driver being either intoxicated or falling asleep at the wheel.

truck driver


Driver was driving recklessly. Changed lanes at high speed when there wasn't a lot of time to forewarn those of us behind. The truck in front of us that the driver cut off slammed the brakes and had to swerve into the inside lane that isn't a driving lane. The Swift truck was clearly trying to change lanes again shortly, the truck was constantly swerving like it was going to go back to the right lane. It did make the change. Please note: it was 3:45 on I15 in Utah. Between SLC and Ogden. It was the beginning of rush hour. There IS NO getting ahead of others. As we came up beside the truck moments after he pulled over the the right lane again, i took photos. Notice the driver is tailgating the vehicle in front of it. As we continued on and passed the truck, the truck noticeably slowed down and then dropped waaaay back behind us. No impeding traffic... i hope this driver is reprimanded and begins to drive in a much safer manner for Swift and for those of us on the road. I would not hesitate to have my insurance company sue the company for as much damages as i could get.


truck driver

Driver at Sunday, June 3rd at 5AM on I-15S freeway in Victorville near exit 147 for Bear Valley Road Toward Lucerne Valley. Truck driver almost got into accident with truck and my car, pinning my car very close to the freeway ramp several times while there was another truck in front of me. Had seen his aggressive behavior with another car before he tried to run me into the freeway ramp. He would constantly tailgate cars in front of him and flash the high beams at them, getting too close to the cars to almost cause accidents. Swift Transportation truck driver needs to be held responsible and such reckless driving should never be endured by other cars on the road. It is not a game where your truck drivers can do this to other cars. It is dangerous. Train your drivers and make sure they don't display such behaviors again on the road especially so early in the morning at 5am!

truck driver

618510 The driver in truck number 190204 almost ran us off of the road. We were on an overpass and he changed lanes without checking for us. We could have been pushed over the overpa...

driver michelle zanders

Truck Driver Michelle Last name either Zanders or Mcgruder residing at 327 NW 56th Ave, Ocala, FL 34482. Is operating your Swift Company Semi Truck under the influence of marijuana, cocaine, alcohol plus other illegal drugs. Showing signs of aggressive belligerent behavior. Fluently bragging about being on drugs while driving. I will also be filing a report with FDOT.

texting driver

03/21/2018 @ 2:10PM. Driver was getting on the I-10 at 83rd Ave. There are 2 lanes to make that left turn this driver was in the right lane or shall I say the outside lane. Once the driver made the turn and was getting ready to merge onto the highway, no signal, the driver aggressively jumped into the inside lane cutting off several cards.
That's not the worst, as the driver began to get on the highway, the driver cut across 2 lanes, once again, no signal, cutting several drivers off.
Since I was the passenger, I was able to use my camera to record this mess. I had my driver catch up to the front of the truck and it was a female driver, and she was actually TEXTING!!!.
On the front of her truck, driver side the numbers, 180372, then she look over and noticed we were recording her, so we gently hit our break to get the numbers on the back of her vehicle, R13689.
Calling Swift is useless, you will get Renee on the line and when you explain you are calling about a driver, basically you disturbed her and she was not trying to take a complaint. She put Safety Supervisor Dawn on the phone she was WORST. This lady wanted to argue, as I was trying to tell the story all she did was interrupt me, but once I advised her the call was recorded then she pretended as if she was concern. But never taking a report, just transferring me over to a voicemail.
I am sure nothing will be done, until this lady kills someone

  • Updated by Ramseur · Mar 21, 2018

    03/21/2018 @ 2:10PM. Driver was getting on the I-10 at 83rd Ave. There are 2 lanes to make that left turn this driver was in the right lane or shall I say the outside lane. Once the driver made the turn and was getting ready to merge onto the highway, no signal, the driver aggressively jumped into the inside lane cutting off several cards.
    That's not the worst, as the driver began to get on the highway, the driver cut across 2 lanes, once again, no signal, cutting several drivers off.
    Since I was the passenger, I was able to use my camera to record this mess. I had my driver catch up to the front of the truck and it was a female driver, and she was actually TEXTING!!!.
    On the front of her truck, driver side the numbers, 180372, then she look over and noticed we were recording her, so we gently hit our break to get the numbers on the back of her vehicle, R13689.
    Calling Swift is useless, you will get Renee on the line and when you explain you are calling about a driver, basically you disturbed her and she was not trying to take a complaint. She put Safety Supervisor Dawn on the phone she was WORST. This lady wanted to argue, as I was trying to tell the story all she did was interrupt me, but once I advised her the call was recorded then she pretended as if she was concern. But never taking a report, just transferring me over to a voicemail.
    I am sure nothing will be done, until this lady kills someone

lack of communication, empathy, concerns, organization, more...

My 3 months with SWIFT.

Well, I did drive for swift previously years ago, and was told I was qualified to re-hire as a dedicated reefer driver. So, I applied and was re hired. I left home on Dec 9th 2017. Greyghound, had to pay for my luggage, which I wasn't informed of, but.. No biggie. And had to pay for the taxi $35 to the hotel. Again, no biggie.
I was assigned a recruiter named Rebecca in Phoenix. She had an assistant named Mellissa. Now, we agreed that I was to be based out of the Lancaster terminal, Dallas, Tx. All fine there. Was given a bus ticket to get me there. Just before I left, I was also sent emails stating I was to be based out of the Laredo terminal.. Seemed odd to me as we had already set Lancaster, and I was no where near Laredo anyways. I messaged the recruiter without reply.. I would find out later why this was done.
I head to orientation, got set in hotel, and spent two days in the class room. Basically it was fairly routine. Lunches were good, and people were pretty nice. Could have been more organized without so much lag time between modules but was fine.
On the last day, I was informed I was on safety hold for an expired license. Seems odd to me due that mine didn't expire till 2021. Come to find out they didn't enter my license information in properly, if at all, and had my very old license info from when I previously drove for them. So, a short delay to get going. Thursday, I got my mentor. Derrick Crouch, reefer dedicated out of Denton Tx. Short drive north.. awesome. SO he picks me up at the terminal and I drive up to the target distribution center in Denton. There he leaves me in the truck for four days. In a parking lot far from anything. But there was a driver room of sorts. With a candy machine, soda, and a bathroom I should be just fine. Well, it sucked. Just to let you know. When we did get a run out late Monday, I was ready to go. The first week was again interrupted with layovers that following weekends, and at the rate we were going I would spend at least 8 weeks on this truck to get my 200hrs required.. But, I am generally patient, and I endure. I try to stay at a local hotel and uber over for meals, some shopping, and laundry. Of course I'd expect Derrick and his drive mgr to tell me no dice on paying for my hotels, so of the 3-4 times I did stay in one, only a couple were actually allowed. Even though there were no facilities where I was left in the truck, it did not seem to matter much. Oh well, I am patient and I could endure the cost for things I needed.
As we picked up pace fairly good on driving I drove to the city where Derrick would complete the deliveries, and I then drove us back to Denton. This was the general routine. I had thought I was racking up my hours pretty quick but didn't seem to add up at the end of the week when tallied up. Looking at my first check, I see I was set a base pay of $450/wk and my hours were listed as well. I though he was rigging the tally to keep me on his truck longer.
When in orientation, we were told out base pay would be $500/wk. So I asked Derrick, who did not know, I then called Lancaster who stated it was $550. Now being confused, I called payroll in Phx. The girl tells me yes, $550/wk. She says I am slated for Laredo which is $450/wk and it needs to be fixed. Well, Derrick can't fix it, payroll can't fix it, driver svc can't fix it either. And no one can seem to know WHO can. Ultimately we find out the recruiter is the one who sets that. Now, I know we set Lancaster as my terminal. I also know it was changed a day before I left home. Now I know why… So I try to call Rebecca, no answer. I use the Pulse app to message her. No reply initially, but then days later she says "that's based on location, and people in ElPaso only get $400.' Really? She can't see the problem, and boasts like I am lucky I am not from ElPaso? So, Derrick promises me he'll get to the bottom of it. And also submits another hotel receipt for me, which neither are resolved even to this day. Again… No biggie, I am a patient person.
The weeks go by, I drive to and from, and he delivers. I wondered briefly if he was getting the stop pay for these, or was I not involved due to my status as trainee.. No biggie. I will mention though of the 40 some times listed on my papers as performing back ups. I probably only actually did a dozen or so.. Since he did all the deliveries, he did 90% of them. I got the hook/drops in the distribution ctr, truck stops (which were rare). But, no biggie.

As it unfolded with other delays, layovers, and truck problems, I was on the truck till the 3rd week of Jan 2018. Needing to put his truck in the shop, he had me drive it to Lancaster, put it in, and then get to my upgrade tests for my own truck. No, he was not there. He had some personal issues to resolve and went home instead.

My drive test was fine, passed my written, and was assigned a truck. In much need of some body work, a gallon low on oil, stinking of cigarettes, and a permit book no one seemed to care about for some time. I managed to wander around to various people and get the guidebooks, permit papers, and engine oil I needed. No, no one really cared to help me find these things, and No, Derrick was no where to be found. Probably was still at home resolving his issues. But, no biggie. I figured it out best I could, wrote up the problems with the truck and then needed to work on getting home for my own sanity. Driver services inside Lancaster were very nice and helped with talking to Mike, Derricks Drv mgr in Denton. Who swears he'll get me home time but not in my truck. I'll have to fly or bus home. I was initially assigned Rochelle Ill, as my home terminal upon upgrade, which I had not heard from as of yet. I sent message and called there to determine my status, and could they get me home. But, no replies. So I head up to Denton and park at the Target dist. Such a wonderful place. My Drv mgr in Rochelle, Katy, calls me early morning and has to get back with me and to wait for her call. Meanwhile, Mike is calling me to step into the driver area. While there I explained it was my time for home time and had items of comfort I wanted to put into my truck that was unreasonable to carry on a bus or plane. He looked me straight and told me if I worked his routes tonight and Friday, that he would stay on his computer all day at home Saturday working on getting me home.. This really told me, he wasn't able to arrange it. So, I kindly say I am not ready to accept that, and told him I am waiting for a call back from Rochelle. Then he kindly tells me if I don't take these loads I'll never come back here. Awesome. At that moment I decided I had no intention of ever talking to, or working for Mike. He obviously did not care about anything of my needs and I took it as BS that he would work so hard for me. Particularly after he tells me I'd have to prove myself before getting any kind of dedicated/shuttle runs.
I was able to get a hold of Katy, and she arranged a t-call load from Lancaster to very close to my home, and gave me 4 days rest. And throughout the remainder of my time with swift, with little exception, she has been very kind and understanding consistently. Where other people at that location really need to look for another job as some are just frustrated and show it in their voice and the way they addressed me. I can only assume they are like this with other drivers as well.
Now, I have to admit, I called and asked allot of questions. My mentor was seriously lacking on basic information. When we did loaded macros for example, I'd go to the shack to get papers, he would have it already sent when I got back. Same with several others, but as result once I was on my own, I needed some assistance. So ya, allot of stupid questions I should have already known..

I head out 23rd Jan after my home time. Do pretty well, steady and decent distances. I spend the majority of my remaining time with swift on I-70, 80, & 90. And it's winter. It's cold, windy, and lots of snow and ice. Basically it really sucks. Several times I mention to my Drv mgr, to head south a bit. No dice.. I am cursed to the frozen tundra of the upper US. I have a leak inside my windshield, so I am able with Katy's help, to get my truck worked on. I get the leak, body work, front grill, and an airline repaired in Columbus. I am feeling pretty good. Of course the claims guy isn't so happy. Seems those repairs should have been done long before I was assigned the truck. So, I agreed with him. Asked why is that not procedure to review a truck before it leaves the lot? He assures me it is policy, but alas not many adhere to it. Personally I would assign one of the many useless people at swift to be a full time guy on that very thing. Complete review the permit book, stickers, etc. AND all maint needed on a truck BEFORE it's given to a new driver, AND they both go over the papers, Not like me where the guy said, ‘ya, it's in the lot, go find it and fill out this form. Bring it back when you're done.'.
But much like my permit book, no, sorry, it was not. While I'm here I get my HUD sticker for New York overnighted. Ya, they sent me to New York the week before, was a weekend so no one to send me a sticker.. ‘Oh well just go we'll cover you if you get stopped.'. Wow, that was so reassuring to know.
On my next load west through Nebraska I encounter an odd jerk in the steering when I brake, I stop at a TA truck stop for review of my front end. I pull in about 4:30 pm. The mechanic jacks up my front end and calls me over. He literally shakes my left steer tire in his hands, like several inches either direction. The right side is loose as well, but not as bad. He tells me the king pin is way bad, and needs replaced. We get to swift on road for authorization. The next day, we are still waiting. The load and truck put me about 79k lbs. It's terrible weather, hills/mountains/snow/ice/and strong winds. I check with the mech, he says swift isn't authorizing this yet. Now, eventually they did, but I was fairly assuming at this time that they would just say get moving and fix it at the next terminal.. In which I would have left that truck parked where it sat and rented a car headed for home. However, the repairs were eventually approved and finished late eve the 2nd day, I still had time to make my delivery on time.

At least two weeks ahead I set my home time. I stay for a month out. I need four days to land me home for a VA appt I have had for a long time. If you are not familiar with the VA, appts are hard to come by, and this was an MRI scan I needed. The date had been originally set in the fall of 2017, but rescheduled due to the big storms that shut things down across the gulf coast. So 27 Feb was the day I needed to be here, I set the 26th as my home day. I explain the need to Katy, who seems to agree and sets my day. As it got closer, I reminded her if I miss this appt I will not get another one. It took a year to get this one and I did not want to miss it.
Mid week before my Monday home time, I am in salt lake They want me to take a load from there to Washington State. Well, you don't need to be a geographical genius to know that is the wrong direction from Texas. So I call (Oddly as names go), Mike in Rochelle, tell him I have home time Monday and this run puts me 2k miles away, I doubt I'll get back on time if I go. He says, ‘We got it under control, I see your set the 26th for home time, we'll take care of it, just head on over get under that trailer and get on the way.' Or something to that effect.
Cursed for being responsible, I take it reluctantly. I make my drop on time and HEY! Guess what, I don't have enough time to get home. Gee did I see that coming? Funny how that worked out. Oh yes, I am working on getting upset. I eventually do, blame nearly everyone involved with my routing, as I am sure my home time date is available to them. And being the patient person I am, I get over it and move on.
After the drop I pick up locally there and I get sent to Phoenix instead, but really at this point I am already gonna have to cancel the appt.
I get to Phx, two days delay, and get a run to Dallas to drop in the yard. After that I get home almost a week late. Multi-Million dollar company, thousands of trucks being scheduled by the hour I'm sure.. And the one personal request I make is seemingly blown off for what? Well, just get under that trailer and be on your way.. We'll take care of you.
It kind took me back to ol' Mike in Denton, just do these loads, I'll take care of you and get you home. I almost think that's a line taught in a school or something..
So I get back into my truck after my home time, Doing my planning, looking at my next load. I am 290 miles to my pickup address. I am looking at my dispatch, says 16 miles empty. Well, sorry pal, that is not just a simple math error. Curious, I Iook back at some other runs. Since I keep good records, I see there are several more that are changed or different from the dispatch. What a scam. Now, I am not talking about the distance book swift uses compared to actual miles, I mean distances we changed outright. I dropped south of Columbus, it shows a certain miles empty to pick up at the terminal there. Once I was there and headed out, the dispatch came across again. With different empty miles listed. Wow, thanks. Kind cheap don't you think? Is swift really hurting that much to jip a few miles off?
Well, as I was picking up my phone to call my mgr about the 270 miles of limbo emptiness it rang and was my wife going to the hospital. So, I am afraid my priority was to her so I dropped that commitment load. The next day after careful considerations I told my mgr I was parking the truck and looking for a local job where I could be home for a while.

Now, I am a reasonable person. I am patient and can understand allot about schedules and timelines. I am also 100% on time, no accidents, and actually get and look behind me. Allot..
I was ready to go that morning, well stocked, and looking forward to another month out. So although I was ‘upset' the one time, let's summarize a bit over my 3 months with swift which added to my decision to walk away.
1. Recruiter set my terminal to Laredo rather than Lancaster, cost me $100/week.
2. My mentor did not really care other than being confident I could drive there, then back. And hated to stop for basically any reason. As an example he made me sit in the passenger seat while he drove for my 30 min break. Ya, he really was in that much of a hurry.
3. My alone time in that mentor truck really sucked. Days after days! In a parking lot.
4. No one helped with reviewing the truck or permit book before I left with it. Which resulted in problems later.
5. People making assurances that things will be done, that are not. Derrick swore he would get reimbursement for hotels and my pay rate issue. NOT. Mike in Denton swears he'll work all day at home for me… Ha. Not believable. Mike in Rochelle tells me not to worry, just get that trailer, we'll take care of your home time.. Ha.. Proven unbelievable.
6. Drv mgrs / dispatchers need to remember we're out on the road, alone. Sure some teams, but basically they are the only people we can rely on for certain information and direction to others we may need to contact. I hated calling to ask some question I should have already known the answer to. But getting some frustrated dork on the phone talking down to me like I'm an idiot isn't helping matters. Now I'm reluctant to call, if I do at all. And ya, things are missed or lost. I may just say screw it, figure it out later when something on the dispatch is confusing.. You have no idea how many times someone has told me, ‘you should already know how to do that'. I get it, I do. My only question to them is ‘Are you going to help me or not?' I was told the ‘new' swift puts drivers 1st. Well not everyone is playing that game. I was forever reminded I worked for them, not swift, not for myself, but them, the one looking into computer screens and spread sheets. I was just an entity that completed their jobs moving goods. When I drove before with swift, my Drv mgr was in contact with me almost daily. We talked about where I wanted to go, what direction. How long to stay out, how far did I want runs to be.. She was very interactive with me. The reason I quit then was because she left and I got a jerk replacement.
Now, seems Drv mgrs don't have say-so at all over when and where drivers go. Not much to do with them except change the fuel route or explain something on the dispatch.. Oh well.

That's pretty much it for my time with swift.
I hope this letter gives a little insight on some issues I had. Perhaps it will help with other drivers in the future. I wanted to be a mentor, but funny I had to apply before Oct 2017, but wasn't hired till Dec.. Don't ask me, that was on the kiosk. Oh, one more thing. Get those things replaced, they are terrible.

treatment of terminated drivers

On January 9, 2018, after taking my 34 hour break, I received an offer to pick up an empty trailer to take to Houston, TX's Swift Terminal. Since I was bobtailing before picking up the trailer, I used this opportunity to stop at a nearby Walmart to buy $90 worth of water and nonperishable food items in order to prepare for inclement weather while on the road.

Upon arriving at the terminal, I went to the dispatcher's office, as I had been told that I would be attending a safety class. Once inside the office I was called into a private room and the person who was with me called my driver leader, Fred Barnes. After Barnes came on the speaker phone, he informed me that I had been terminated.

After the phone call, I was given a voucher to take to the Greyhound bus terminal for transportation back to Minnesota. The bus was scheduled to leave at approximately 0600 hrs the next morning.

I was then told to pack a bag within an hour and catch a shuttle to the local hotel that Swift patronizes. I had been living and working in truck 163938 for over a year and a half. As a result, the items accumulated in this truck would not fit into one stow-away bag, and one carry-on that Greyhound allows.

I placed a call to my home terminal and asked if I could take a load to home terminal, Inver Grove Heights, MN (IGH). Once there, I would take all of my property out of the truck, transfer it to my car, and there would be no more need to communicate with the Swift Transportation Company.

The answer was "No, " but the dispatcher that I spoke with did tell me, "This happens all the time…leave the stuff in the truck and it will be sent to you."

It was also suggested to go to dispatcher's office and ask if they had any boxes. I did ask and they did not.

I had never been made aware of any policy pertaining to terminated drivers of company trucks, and what would happen to their personal belongings that was left in the truck.

After packing what would fit into one bag, I left the rest of the items that I could not take in the truck with the understanding—per dispatcher's advice—that the remaining property would follow me later.

While returning to Minnesota on the bus, I called IGH and spoke to Gary Crohn. After explaining the situation regarding my property, his reaction was: "What! You left your stuff on the truck?!" After explaining what I had been told the previous day—"…this happens all the time…"—and that my property would be sent to me, he said that he would call the Houston terminal then call me back.

After about an hour of not receiving any call back from Crohn, I placed a call to the Houston terminal and was told that the truck would be emptied and my property would be sent to IGH.

After arriving at IGH, I spoke to Fred Barnes and he noted that when my property arrived, he would call me. This was on or about January 12, 2018.
After returning home, I called IGH on January 19 and was told property had not arrived. I called again on the 26th and was told property had not arrived, though the person I spoke with on the phone said Barnes would call the Houston terminal and then call me back.

When he called about 30 minutes later, he informed me that my property had been taken from the truck and filled up two pallets, and there was no way all of those items were going to be sent. He then said that the Houston terminal had asked for a list of what I wanted to be sent.

I prepared a list which included: clothes, three record books of all trips I had made, all towels, bedding (two quilts and a pillow), an orange clipboard, backpack, solid green military bag, a box of Prismacolour pencils, books, tools, leather portfolio and a small pencil pouch full of rather expensive pens.

On January 31, 2018, Barnes called me told me that the items I requested were on their way and that he would call me when the property arrived.
When I did not hear anything for about a week, I called IGH on February 9, 2018 and was told my property had arrived.

On February 10, 2018, I went to pick up my property from IGH and was surprised as to how little was returned to me, even per the requested items.
The few items that were returned to me included: some clothes, a backpack, sleeping bag, some wash cloths and hand towels. Anything of value that I requested was not returned, and I can only presume that those items—including the $80 padlock and kingpin lock that I was required to purchase, was allowed to be pilfered and stolen at the Houston Terminal.

Is this the policy and procedure of the Swift Transportation Company to condone the theft of a terminated driver's property, especially since Swift management knows full well that if they terminate a driver away from their home terminal, that person can do nothing but leave personal property on the truck?

I wonder, since this "happens all the time, " how many other former drivers were lied to when they were told that their property would be sent to them, where they relied upon and trusted in, the integrity of Swift—and those whom they employ—to return, and not steal, that property.

From my experience, the integrity and professionalism that Swift requires of its drivers, doesn't seem to extend to the Company itself when it terminates that driver's employment thus allowing the driver's property to be pilfered by Swift employees.

Perhaps in future driver orientations, new drivers should be made aware of this fact, along with the fact that the company, after allowing this to happen, doesn't even offer to compensate the person for those stolen items.

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Swift Transportationinterstate driver

The driver of the truck 173119 almost caused a catastrophe today on highway 29 south in whitening Iowa. He cut another truck off while changing lanes because he was in such a hurry that he couldn't stay in the right lane. He is an unstable driver with no patience and drives reckless in winter conditions because he is in a hurry. I read all the complaints in your reviews and it seems you are a careless company who hires people that don't care about human safety. I know your drivers have caused accidents where death is involved and I hope and pray the government shuts you down because your professionalism is [censor].

Swift Transportation — swift semi truck driver in truck #136619 in columbus, oh on 01/17/18

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Swift Transportationtruck driver

Your driver almost killed me. He was in the right lane of a 4 lane highway. 205 in a Tracy CA going West. I was in the right middle lane. He literally switched lanes without even looking not to mention without a blinker and I had to slam on my brakes which cause my small Elantra to fish tail. He didn't even know because like I said. HE PAID NO ATTENTION. He has no regard for others on the road.

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Since you guys terminated me the last Friday in Sept. How will I get my stuff from my wreck truck. You say I'm a high risk driver but I seen worse from other swift drivers who are still driving. I am homeless now because that truck was my home. I am a veteran with.a service dog too. I told them since June truck needed fix but no one listened to me

Please email me back at [protected]

Swift Transportationone of their drivers

I am complaining about the driver that is pulling trailer number 548929. I am a driver for JB Hunt and I am currently waiting in line to load at Amazon in Moreno Valley. The line goes around the block and your driver made a u-turn in the middle of the street and jumped in line in front of me and everyone else behind me. I spoke to your driver and he refused to move. I wish that your drivers could be as considerate as I'm sure they expect us to be.

Swift Transportation — truck driver marcus campbell

The night before he got his own truck he was at the bar drinking then he got behind the wheel and was driven while he still had alcohol in him. Then again on 9/18/17 he wa...