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dishonest and misrepresenting

Horrible experience. I had been using freightquote to haul the same loads from Florida to Washington State many times and always the same product. They were always pretty close to what they quoted me within a couple hundred dollars anyway. The last time I used them they they quoted me $2250 to haul this pallet load to me in Washington, I got the bill and it was $2750, I had to pay another $500 over what they quoted me. Thats not the bad part, two weeks later I get another bill from them for an additional $2000, yes two thousand dollars... The freight carrier that they used, XPO, changed the freight classification to a much more expensive classification. I called to tell them there must have been a terrible mistake, they shuffled me to many different people and I never could get an answer how or why that happened. Especially since I had a track record of the same product being shipped and always in the $1700 to $2300 dollar range. Nothing, no response from them and nobody would help, only passed me off to different people. I didnt pay the bill as I could not pass that extra $2000 on to my customer. They turned me into collections, filed a law suit against me for the additional money. Their attorney Timothy Fafinski never even read my return complaint, total incompetence on the part of freightquote and their corporate counsel. I had to settle with them out of court for and additional $1000. Please dont use freightquote, read the rest of the complaints from the Better Business Bureau, stay away from freightquote...


Terrible choice of freight transfer, they overcharged us $160 because we didn't have a dock, but we did have...

scam company - fraudulent billing practices

Criminals and scam company. They quote you the cheapest so you go with them. Then they charge your credit card without your permission 3 weeks later saying they misquoted you and that you owe money.

I have reported them to bank of america. Bank of america says they are criminals and reimburses you.

Also, lets team up and sue them or get them shut down for good.

Report them to your state, their state, and the u.S government.

Go to the u.S. Justice department website, your states department, fbi fraud department, and many more.

Report them and build a record for these crooks.

don't answer the phone on weekends

I've booked several deliveries through this transport company. While the customer service is generally pretty good, it's important to be aware that their phones are usually not manned after hours or on weekends. This can be really annoying for example if you want to make last minute changes to a Monday morning delivery. I once raise this with them but they said that they currently only operate during business hours. Their pricing is pretty good on pallets and bulky items, but for small stuff you're better of using Australia Post.

transportation charges

Using the change on the weight (was added 100 lbs more) that I 1st provided (1, 617 lbs) to, inc,
They charge 1, 000.00 usd more for the variation from 1, 617 lbs to 1, 717 lbs, when I provided the original weight was 1, 616 lbs and they quote $1, 375.00 usd (which I paid with a credit card) for the transportation from montreal, canada to hidalgo, tx. I advise about the increase of weight and I Asked for the new quotation, never received the quote, they picked up the shipment and later they billed me $1, 034.00 usd (they had my credit card Information so they charge) for the increase of 100 lbs.

I can provide emails between zach ott (he works for, inc) and me.

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I had asked for quote for the transportation of 3 20' containers from Houston, TX, to Miami, FL. I was told...

shipping delay

Paid for delivery with Hired 2 laborers to assist with unloading the merchandise on the expected delivery date. When the end of the day arrived and the delivery was still pending, I called Freight Quote in inquire if the shipment was lost or delayed. The CS rep told me that the carrier reports the shipment is still an entire state away and the shipment will be delivered tomorrow. caused me to waste resources due to not notifying me that the shipment would be delayed. When I mentioned this to the CS rep, I was told that was the nature of the business. I have to disagree and when I am done with this shipment, I will never use their service again!

Buyer beware!

over charged

Contracted with Freightquote to ship a small pallet approximately 150miles in northern california. Both ship...

dishonest business

Stay away from will lie, charge your Credit Card month later for "extra charges"...

bad service

We tried using Freight Quote on regular shipments we do for customer. The first 2 shipments were ok.. The succeeding shipments were horrible/. Freight Quote does not update tracking information and do not inform shipper or customer if there are delays or appointment pick-up &/or delivery are not made!.

They have no understanding of timeline, transit time, delivery commitment, customer service and account preservation/. They lure you through dirt cheap pricing and of course, comes the bad and unprofessional service:.


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    amika singh Feb 19, 2018
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  • Am
    amika singh Feb 19, 2018
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    Penny59 Feb 05, 2019
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    BEWARE !!!


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doubled the price 2wks after delivery is very dishonest, they give you a quote, pick up your freight, deliver the freight and then 2 weeks later change the price and say it is not thier problem the class was put in wrong and had to be changed and carrier they used went up on the price. They said pay the quoted amount and we will talk to the carrier about the this. After we paid they said sorry nothing we can do and start with harassment calls from them and a collection company. No matter how many times you call they can never give a straight answer just that you will have to pay the new price. I find this very dishonest and will never use this company again and hope no one else will fall for this. Do not use a middle man only use well known freight comapnies.

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    FrequentShipper Jun 15, 2011
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    It's too bad you know nothing about shipping freight. If YOU give someone incorrect information for a shipment, or set it up wrong yourself online, resulting in the wrong freight class being entered into the rating system that gives you the price, then of course the carrier will adjust the price in the billing process!!! Just like if you told Freightquote that your freight weighs only 200 pounds, then ends up later being found to be 500 pounds, of course the carrier will adjust your price!!!

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  • Fr
    FrequentShipper Jun 15, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is too bad you know nothing about shipping freight. If YOU give someone incorrect information for a shipment, or set it up wrong yourself online, resulting in the wrong freight class being entered into the rating system that gives you the originally quoted price, then of course the carrier will adjust the price in the billing process!!! Just like if you told Freightquote that your freight weighs only 200 pounds, then is found later at the carrier terminal to actually be 500 pounds, of course the carrier will adjust your price!!! Stop blaming the innocent for your ignorance!

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poor service

Many other people have complained about Freightquote's domestic freight forwarding services, but their international service is equally shoddy. A first-time shipper, I engaged them to ship a container of used clothing to Kenya. They failed to arrange for any of the services required to import goods, including the universal one of fumigation to prevent insect infestation. They failed to provide the documentation the Kenya customs broker told them about. They assured me that the ship would arrive in mid-December 2010. It finally arrived at the end of January 2011. This caused major financial loss to me. Most maddening of all, they never returned my increasingly frantic phone calls and e-mails asking what was going on during this period, except for a snippy one-liner: "We are not responsible for shipping schedules." So incompetence + utter indifference to customer service = a company that no international shipper should even think about using.

  • Ge
    Gerald Wood Feb 13, 2011

    FreightQuote.Com is a recent mbr with the Better Business Bureau (Jun.10) BBB.ORG, reading about how much pride they've taken in this recognition...perhaps, a Complaint letter thru the BBB.Org may be best.

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wrong back charges

I was using them for the convenience and promises for too long... Stays away from this reap off company. I was fooled into using them and end up paying twice for almost every shipment that went through. They give a good rate upfront and then unreasonably back charge on anything they can and even cannot. It may be a two inch for dimensions or 10 lb. for wait or change in class. Since this happens after the fact you cannot double check the weight or dimension. My favorite is class change: you give them correct description and they pick up the class, then they change the class and charge you up to Triple..!!? of the original cost. Also, they charged twice for the same shipment on two separate occasions. Took long time to clear these situations… Crooks...!!!

don't use

Our company ships LTL on a daily basis. does not perform as a professional group. They change delivery zip codes, weights add accessorial charges for basic stuff. On occasion, issues can be resolved through complaints, but who has time to complain on a constant basis. Generally, less than half of the quotes are actually billed at the price quoted. We have had the same customer service rep. for several years. Recently, I received a phone call from another customer service rep. to see what could be done to get more of our business. First shipment after that conversation and there were two out of four changes to BOL.

  • Ds
    Dsnipes May 16, 2010

    Give me a call on Monday or e-mail me and let me quote some LTL so I can see what I can do for you. I work at Bluegrace Logistics. I was checking our rates against freightquote and we destroy them. My name is Dustin and youc an e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at 813-658-1937. Check out our website and blue ship also at

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  • Fa
    facebookbrick Dec 16, 2010

    I think Dustin is a sack-rider for Bluegrace and Tim Barton needs to sue Bluegrace for these lies. Check out this report I found about Bluegrace. Dustin is full of it. Bluegrace is on a last ditch effort to stay open.

    I hear Bluegrace is expanding their MercuryGate reseller platform to start franchising. I think that is crap. As you will see below, BlueGrace is knowingly hiring a pedophile who was convicted of fondling a 12 year old female!

    You wold think a 5 year stint as a felon would have showed up on this application. I have started seeing pricing going up and up and I cannot get a clear answer why. I think it is because they are hiring some jagoff to help expand our company. I think that our carriers are raising rates. I noticed some price increases that I did not know about until AFTER the shipment was moving.

    I cannot see how our company could expand when we do not have our own software, crappy rates and inhuman support from our corporate office.

    I heard through the grapevine staff are looking and leaving us pretty fast. With the poorest decisions being made, I feel that my life here is going to be extremely short as well. I cannot keep losing clients to other companies.





    Offender Information
    Sex: Male
    Race: W
    DOB: 1968-12-20
    Height: 6' 00"
    Weight: 235 lbs.
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Skin Tone: Medium
    Address: 482 OLD ROCKHOUSE ROAD

    County: Greenville Status: Residence

    Criminal Charges
    Offense: Statute: TEXAS STATUTE 21.11 Date of Conviction: 1993-12-01
    Literal: INDECENCY WITH A CHILD/FONDLING State of Conviction: TX
    Age Of Victim: 12 Sex Of Victim: F
    Weapon: Sentence Release Date: 1998-11-30
    Probation Release Date:

    Additional Identifiers

    Registration Information
    Type of Registering Agency: SO
    Last Scheduled Registration Date: 2010-06-01
    Registration Due to Status Change: 2009-09-21
    Date of Photograph: 2010-06-11
    Date of Initial Registration: 2000-08-03

    I didn't now when i started working there that the owner of the Greenville and Atlanta territories was a registered sex offender. He hired me to be an administrative assistant, then tried to get me to run errands clean his house etc. When I told him that I wanted more money if I was going to all those things he told me to find another job.

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  • Du
    DustinBG Dec 17, 2010

    Facebook Brick,

    You clearly show your credibility as a reliable source by calling someone a sack-rider and jagoff. Congratulations! You have not only slandered one person with this article in a public forum, but now you have two. Let's do some fact checking here. People are leaving BlueGrace pretty fast you say? So a company that had 25 employees in 2009 and now has 85 in 2010 my oh my we must be jumping ship fast over here! As far as franchising it must be real "Crap" that a 80 million dollar a year company with no debt is going to start franchising also. I like how you use possevive adjective such as "our" for a company that you think is so terrible to work for. I believe that you were fired for not performing to expectations and now you are jobless and all you have to do all day is write slanderous materials on complaint boards behind a fake name. Sorry the wave was too big for you to ride.

    Check ya later!

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  • Ms
    MsTeeMBrown Dec 17, 2010

    That's sad. According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal BlueGrace is alive and well. So in 5 years Dustin will be a Vice President and you'll still be a fat loser whacking it in your grandmother's basement.

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  • Tr
    Truth3820 Dec 23, 2010

    Dusty Dusty Dusty-----you know Joe ups rates and changes zones on his customers!!! If they catch it, good for them. You ASSIST him with it. You are his new ### lol! By the way, my last name is also I know what I'm talking about.

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  • As
    Ashely Bill Mar 25, 2011

    Hi Guys! You can our office or website too.

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use at your own risk!

I have used Freightquote twice..they came highly recommended by two companies I do business with. First...

no customer service

Don't be fooled by this company's user-friendly website (which auto-populates fields with information that is then held against you) and ostensibly-low rates. We have been in business for 10 years and have used numerous trucking agents. Trucking is a difficult industry, but these agents generally work on their customer's behalf to make it less painful. I have never had a worse experience with a trucking agent than the one I recently had with Not only did I receive a $1400 surcharge on a $700-quote load, they did almost nothing to advocate on our behalf with the trucker. I've had agents negotiate some type of reasonable settlement where each party would pay a portion of the surcharge. I disputed the charge, but the only calls and emails I got were basically to tell me that I had to pay the entire surcharge because I had incorrectly entered the data. This is an agent who has forgotten who hired them.

  • Ct
    ctmarco3007 Aug 01, 2013

    I have experienced a similar result. I was quoted $330 to deliver an arcade machine, was never explained about the possibility of fuel surcharges, lift-gate surcharge, or residential delivery surcharge. By the end they are trying to charge me $580. What a bait and switch tactics they seem to use.

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