TransAm Trucking Complaints & Reviews

TransAm Trucking / truck driver

Sep 20, 2019

Hi my name is Susan lonczack I was at a truck stop in New York with my husband and We were having a conversation with a guy name Juan Santiago one of your drivers and it came to my attention when we went outside that a minor was in his truck today and I don't think that was a good look me...

TransAm Trucking / ran off the road by truck

Sep 16, 2019

TransAm TruckingMe and another driver were ran off the road by a truck pulling your trailer. It took place in laurel, ms where hwy 15 goes from four lanes to a two lane road. The driver was running at a high rate of speed and was in the lane that end. However instead of slowing and merging into traffic...

TransAm Trucking / truck 218710

Jun 25, 2019

Truck 218710, license number 159653 Drove into our little circle and made everyone on the street move their cars at 10:16 pm so he could get thru. Please email me that you got this because you will probably need to pay for the damage [protected] I will be posting this info on our...

TransAm Trucking / service and operations

Oct 19, 2018

My husband just started with your company. He was out for one day. He was given a 15 day travel permit from Probabtion and the company has not returned any phone calls to get him on the road. Your truck is sitting at a truck stop and as long as the wheels aren't moving no one is making any...

TransAm Trucking / pay

Aug 28, 2018

Look, I'm a disabled vet. I only have a limited amount of disability income a month. Here the past 2, almost 3 weeks I have had to deal with anxiety and chest pains out the roof because of upcoming Bill's that there is NO DAMN way I can cover. Why is it so hard for dispatch to get load...

TransAm Trucking / driver irresponsibility

Jul 01, 2018

239310 - Trailer number T523983 - License Plate Usdot-315503 81215- Cab number Above is the info for a cab/truck of one of your drivers. This driver has driven very irresponsibily. My husband and I are traveling west on I-20. As my husband was moving into the right lane because said...

TransAm Trucking / refrigerated carrier

May 01, 2018

As a current employee I really want to express my dissapointment with what I have recently seen not being addressed. I work in the same building as the training department and I frequently meet the Director from upstairs in passing and have a chance to make small talk. I have found the...

Trans Am Trucking / drivers managers (marco)

Aug 12, 2016

First and foremost this trucking company's managers are truly unprofessional when it comes to handing out trucking loads to their truckers. It seems as though being a woman or man in this industry working for this particular company you get ignored and sent on suicide missions in unsafe...

TransAm Trucking / lease program

Jan 29, 2016

I was lease, and they wouldn't let me get the miles, even though I asked them over and over. They wouldn't let me have wheel covers until I went and bought them out of my own pocket, even thought half the fleet trucks have them. They fired me, for no reason, claiming I argued with...

TransAm Trucking / leasing

Dec 22, 2015

Whatever you do, don't lease from this company.they are nothing but ripp off artists, they will tell you a bunch of bs to get you in the door, then they will only let you get enough miles to make the truck payment.little to nothing take home.and if you leave the company get ready to...

TransAm Trucking / thieves

Sep 08, 2015

I have 26 years OTR experience and tried to work for TransAm and lasted for three months. this is the most organized bunch of thieves I have ever seen in my entire life. now I say organized because they are good at ripping people off. I would not recommend them to anyone. they lie, cheat...

Trans Am Trucking / Recruiting / disrespectfull phone ethics

Apr 10, 2013

I had applied for employment with trans am trucking. . . Just finished truck drivers training. ,. ,. As a part of my disability being hearing disabled. . . (Corrected through hearing aids) my rehabilitation plan is to be reemployed. . . In a new field. . . The trucking industry. . Or...

TransAm Trucking / expect drivers to starve


This company will starve you out of a truck. 15 bucks a day isn't much on the road. Not to mention the joke of a lease purchase program

Trans Am Trucking / equipment


i work trans am biggest mistake of my life going to work for them should have stayed were i was ! only have onr thing to say they bring in 40 60 students and lease drivers for a company that only has [protected] trucks and at the end of the month they have more trucks available HUMM they...

Trans Am Trucking / ripping drivers off


Trans am trucking lie to their drivers to get their truck payments and the govt money. They have an agreement with the govt to employ x amount of drivers every month. Try and be a driver of trans am you get no miles and you are talked down to like a child. I have over 20 years experince...