Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / your supervisor over the wendys in the high desert of victorville, hesperia, adelanto, & apple valley california

VICTORVILLE, CA, United States

She is very rude to the Wendys workers and I have seen her take advantage of her athority and fire the crew instead of the person really responsible for the wrongs in the Wendys stores. You have managers and assistant managers that treat the crew like crap and are very rude to the customers and when the customer complains the Manager monique says its not them and of course blames the crew that they don't like and the supervisor is rude and does'nt hear what the crew has to say about any situations. I seen one girl get fired in Hesperia on Main St and I ave for a day that she wasn't there. The supervisor doesn't bother to even pay attention to the cameras or see who was working or even pay attention to who the complaint was on. The complaints never really get sought. Now in the city of Adelanto you guys have a rude worker that don't wash her hands throws food on the counter (not the trays) and disrespects the customers and the store has a foul smell like a dirty bathroom. And the supervisor again don't do a thing about it. Same supervisor. A blond spiked hair lady that sits at the restaurant tables with her laptop being rude and snobby towards customers and crew.never rude to the managers at fault. But regardless she shouldn't be rude at all. Especially when the customers and workers are the reasons why she has a job. This one woman is seen at each city stores. Im just tired of seeing the managers and supervisors treating the crew and customers like CRAP. I go to Wendys a lot and if I see it, HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE SEE THE SAME THING? That's wrong! Someone needs to do something about it. Everytime I complain it goes to that same supervisor and nothing is done. You need a new suoervisor/ hiring manager and some new managers over in Hesperia on main and I ave. The manager Monique has been a major problem since 2009 IM TIRED OF SEEING HER TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY SHE DOES. NEEDS AN ADITUDE ADJUSTMENT.

May 12, 2017

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