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Muleshoe, TX, United States

I use Bill Pay through my Wells Fargo account and pay my private student loan and also a Wells Fargo credit card. In April I accidentally double paid my credit card instead of my student loan. When I realized what had been done and explained to a supervisor through the student loan he had said that I could just pay both my April and May in May. We both agreed and they said they would pull $593.83 from my personal Wells Fargo account. On May 24 they pulled $593.83 and informed me that everything was good. On June 4th I received that I was over my limit to my Wells Fargo credit card by $223 (which is what I had double paid to them in April 20, and had been processed through then). When I called to see what had happened they said that the payment a month and a half later had been reversed. They then informed me that the private education loan at Wells Fargo had pulled it from them. I NEVER gave permission for this and never knew this could be possible (and remember I had already paid this). When the education loan department spoke to me on June 4th they said they saw and was sorry for the mistake and that I had actually overpaid $370, I requested for this to be put back into my account bc now I was in a bind with the credit card. They said they would in 5-7 days. Yesterday June 9, I received $195 when I called the education student loan they said well they only owed me $195 and they kept the rest and could never tell me why. I was informed that I would speak to a supervisor and one couldn't talk to me and I was promised one would call me by the end of the day, which never occurred. When I called today It said I still owed them my next payment of $300ish, I don't understand how any of this is possible. I have paid $816 in 2 months and y'all are still informing me that either you owe me money or I owe you. I want me $223 back that YOU took from me unknowingly. I have been a loyal customer to you guys for 10 years and have NEVER experienced the trouble that I have been the last 2 month. I have always paid and even if I was going to be a day late I would call and was informed I would never experience backlash from it bc they could see I always paid and called if I needed a few extra days. Now apparently nothing is getting documented of the conversations (it says it is recorded) and I have proof of all the money they keep taking. If this doesn't get settled soon I will be contacting my lawyer plus many others! I am not one to get angry but when my money is taken without my consent and I am told it is straight and then I get told multiple different stories and I have clearly paid and always do! I want my money back and his settled!

Jun 10, 2017

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