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Nov. 28, 2016.
Long wait times on the phone and tossed around different departments.
Finally, getting a person in the "correct" area, I was spoken to indifferently rudely by Crystal.
Calling back to the complaint department, I received the same run-around again. Finally, again, getting to a supervisor, Tiffany, I spoke of the foregoing attitude and was told it would be addressed. Asked if there was anything else she could help with I mentioned two things. I was put on hold and not returned to. Total time, over twenty minutes just for this call.
My request: Wells Fargo to practice polite behavior to it's customers.

Nov 28, 2016
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  •   Jan 05, 2017

    I hate it when people complain about rudeness but give no details on how the employees were rude. Most of the time, there is no rudeness at all.

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  • Ju
      Feb 15, 2017

    I agree. Since American Servicing switch to Wells Fargo I had the worst service from day 1 with Wells Fargo. My initial call was to resolve an autopay that should have be rolledover to Wells Fargo with no problems. WRONG!. December 6, First they couldn't find our account, then they kept us on the phone for over an 1 hour then hung up on us, called back another hour on the phone. TOP it off, I was on my to airport cause our family member a National Hero had just pass so we were ordered to fiy out. Here's the kicker it was only to reset our password because they claim our login and password will work with new directed site. We tried but did not work. We called again cause it still didn't work and we wanted to monitor our account. We also verified if our automatic payment will be affected the male individual said there should not be any interruption, WRONG we learned it wasn't. So I request to set up an autopayment Male individual said no problem. Its no Jan.I have just gotten back from a funeral and then I get an email and call regarding my acct I spoke to a female individual call bout our account having a problem with autopayment here we go again. I learned it was never set up. I wound up finding out they screw up, yet they had the nerve to charge me a late fee, the excuse was the male individual did not mark savings or checking..I asked if we were gonna get charge a late fee she said no and that she will notify her supervisor. This time I was in with my bank teller tell her what my mortgage company was trying to do and monitor my account for transaction but did not see anything. I also asked if i was gonna be charge late fee she said no, guess what I was charge a late fee it was never waived for their mistake. This time another route of setting up a an autopayment go on line and reapply for autopayment they can't do it over the phone. Its never ending. Still trying to resolve issues with them but really I get penalize with a late fee cause your customer service screwed up. Really I thought your company records callers, do WE actually follow up and investigate or is it all bogus. Once upon a time wells fargo was good.

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