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Wells Fargo / wells fargo lied about my credit score and my whole loan

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About 2 years ago, my mom and I bought a house together. She also co-signed for a new car for me in 2005. Last Sept. my mom when to Wells Fargo and applied for a mortgage loan so she could get the house out of my name. Due to the fact that her debt to income ratio was off, Wells fargo contacted me about financing my car that my mom co-signed for into just my name. I applied for the loan and got approved. When my husband and I went in to go over the details of the loan, it came out that the interest rate was 19.99%. When I asked why they told me that my credit score was only 480 and I couldn't get a lower interest rate. I asked to see a copy of my credit report and he told me that he was unable to show me due to Wells Fargo policies. When my husband and I were about to turn down the loan and leave, the loan officer said that if i didn't take the loan there was no way for them to get my mom's house into just her name. A couple of days after signing the loan, I was notified that they were unable to get my mother approved and that I was going to be stuck with the house plus a 19.99% interest rate. A year has gone by and I recently looked at my credit score and realized that it has gone up about 150 points. I decided to call Wells fargo and ask them what my credit score was when I got approved a year ago. One of the loan officers told me it was 645, another loan officer told me it was 680, and then the manager said it was 580. Whatever it may be, it was no where near 480 like I was told. A loan officer also told me my interest rate was because of how much negative equity I have financed. He also went on to say that my loan was approved on the fact that they were able to finance my mom's house out of my name. In my opinion, my whole loan is a lie and based on false information. I would have NEVER signed the loan for 19.99% when my orginal loan was only for 11%, if I was told the truth about the details of my loan. After researching complaints about Wells Fargo online, I have found that there are many other people that were told that their credit score was low was it really wasn't!

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  • Ki
      31st of May, 2008

    I happened to "google" Wells Fargo cheating customers and was referred to this site. After reading the comments by others, I am convinced not to do business with Wells Fargo.
    Over the past few years, my father sends a check for Christmas and B day. This thoughtful gesture had no major issues, since it was a US bank account, with US a well reputable Canadian Bank. In January of this year (2008), both US currency checks from both family members were returned to me by Wells Fargo with a brief message that I could no longer use the deposit ATM at the bank, I had to actually see a teller. Which of course, they never know what to do and have to get someone else, everyone in the bank looks at me like I am some criminal...which is why I started going to the ATM onsite with Wells in the first place. So after some teenager verified I wasn't pulling some Nigerian scam, deposited the checks into my closed. Now this past week, I went into a Wells Fargo bank to deposit a $100 check from the National..same US account. They do it (it took 3-4 times to train the same branch) and tell me that I should NOT have been charged the $1.50 fee as before since there was no currency exchange. On May 28th, the amount showing was deposited, on May 30th, they withdrew the money back out, and stated on my account as "Fgn Check Adj.", so I guess dear ol'Dad sending $100 has now cost me $101.50 in total. I made calls, the first guy named Glen, hung up. The second person was unable to do anything and they took the fee but never gave me the "foreign" US cash from Canada. By the way, there was no issue of insufficient funds for Wells to try and pull that scam. So, we have to wait until Monday for my father to go to his bank and see whether he even got his cash back from Wells Fargo...hopefully those idiots sent it back in US currency!!!
    At what point does the Federal Government get off their rear end and start placing some laws and control over banks such as Wells Fargo who are becoming more of an immediate threat to our daily lives.

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  • An
      8th of Oct, 2008

    I had to go through their "Collections" department to deposit a money order in euros from a Bank in Italy it took 6 weeks to process and they charged me 100 in fees. Now my friend wires me the money and Gee they only charge me 25 in fees but B of A is worse.
    Other banks have gone under we are stuck here.

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