Wells Fargomy services

My name is davine wilson I know that I jave made overdrafts in my account I called someone about that I made them I told the man one the phone that I was going to pay them back when my check hit my account like always because I didnt want to be hit with the overdrafts fee he said ms wilson ok that will be fine I explain to him I couldn't pay the overdrafts fee but I will pay what I used. I was paying the 125 dollars that I used this morning when my check hit my account I seen that you took the money that I use the 125 ok I was trying to pay my bills and checked my account I yall still took my money for overdrafts fee when I thought when I called yall wouldnt so I called again today in tried to talk to somebody about my problem the man hung up on me then called back and talked to a lady she was fine it just when I say well I would like to close my account she say to call back tomorrow ok yall do care if yall customers are unsatisfied with yall business that they want to close there account with you all I have never been treated like this befor and miss lead by your team of people I would like to close my account and take my business somewhere I can be treated better

Jan 31, 2017

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