Wells Fargo / mortgage: hispanic discrimination

CT, United States

I have contacted Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (no less than 6 times) on of 01/08, 15, 22, and 02/01/2012 about my Mortgage Loan #: XXXXXXXXX2. During the calls, I was bounced from office to office numerous times. I inquired about the recent news from Fannie Mae which announced guidelines for financial institutions including Wells Fargo to offer unemployed homeowners a brake up to a year in their mortgage payments. During the calls, Wells Fargo representatives refused to "disclose" any information or guidance about the new Fannie Mae guidelines. In fact several Wells Fargo representatives promised to mail me a list of questions and/or requirements needed before they can "disclose" any information. It has been practically 4 months from my initial call(s) to Wells Fargo; still I have not received anything from this bank. Attached please find a copy of the e-mail I sent to Wells Fargo on 01/22/2012. As of today, Wells Fargo have not bothered to answer my e-mail or return my calls.
I will appreciate that Regulators look into unfair business practice(s) as this bank is clearly not following Fannie Mae's guidelines. Wells Fargo should be found liable and be brought to compliance (retrospectively) for not following the laws, regulations, and guidelines (negligence). It is clear this bank is profiting [using unfair business practice(s)] against disadvantaged minority.

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