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We recently received a 30 day sale notice. There wasn't any previous notification. Granted the situation should have been noticed by us.
We submitted (faxed) a power of attorney to them which they disapproved. A Wells Fargo POA packet was then dispatched by regular mail on the 23rd of March which still hasn't been received. Every time we call to learn what the delay is we get "well it was sent give it more time". Well it's had enough time. The person named on the power of attorney needs to be able to speak with the peons within the Wells Fargo bureaucracy.

Quit dragging your feet.

We have since submitted a loan modification packet. Faxed the evening of March 29th. I hope they aren't as slow processing this information.
We want to get this figured out.
We Can get back on track.
If only we are given the chance.

Apr 02, 2017

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