Wells Fargo / I do not receive my 1099 r tax form, or I receive, a 2042s form which is for non-resident aliens without making repeated phone calls.

I am a US citizen, retiree, living in Portugal. I was never told by Wells Fargo that I need to submit a W9 form, but did send one several years ago, on the advice of my tax advisor.
Reasons given by Wells Fargo employes on the telephone:
1. There is a new law, requiring the submission of a W9 form every year.( So I sent another W9 form a couple of weeks ago.) (I am unable to verify this claim.)
2. I did not receive a minimum distribution. (not true)
3. I did not return the Required Minimum Distribution form.(The form states on page 2 that you must submit the form only if you wish to make certain changes)
4. My address is incomplete. (The only information missing is a phone number, which I give on the phone every year, but which apparently does not go into the computer, as it is a foreign number)
This year, for the second or third time, after phoning Wells Fargo about the problem, I received a 2042S form, mailed on March 13th, 2017. Nothing is posted online.
I am still waiting for my 1099R form this year, after 3 phone calls, beginning in February. It is now March 30th. This problem has continued for several years.
Please help, as I am getting desperate.
Vera Land SSN [protected]

Mar 30, 2017

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