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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage / refuse to accept mortgage payment

TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 866-292-3933
I fell behind on my mortgage payments, I still needed to pay for Oct. payment, I called on Nov.13th to make the payment, thinking I would be current, since it is still NOVEMBER... I was told I could not make a partial payment, which confused me, so I told her I was making the full Oct payment, and was told that since it was already Nov I was also due for this month, and I had to make payments for BOTH months. I told her I only have money for 1 month, and she said she could not take my payment, and to call back when I can make both payments, because they do not take PARTIAL Payments. I told her that was crazy, and I have never heard of a creditor REFUSING to accept money. You would think with all the mortgage meltdowns and foreclosures Wells Fargo would try and be a little more considerate, but I guess they just don't care about their customers.


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  1st of Feb, 2009
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They did the same to us. funny how you try to pay and stop yourself from falling way behind and they dont help, they try and push you deeper in debt! isnt this illegal some how???
  26th of Mar, 2009
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went thru the same thing with Wells Fargo...i'm now in foreclosure because they would not accept my money ...they wanted full payment
  2nd of Apr, 2009
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I am in Alabama and I have experience the same thing with Well's Fargo mortgage co. I was very confuse and puzzle after hearing this when a rep stated these same words to me. Well's Fargo has no regard what happening with their customers. Whom ever the CEO is should be care because the Apple doesn't fall far the Tree.
  12th of Apr, 2009
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The same thing happened to us and i was steamed to here how the woman on the phone treated my wife. She talked down to her as if she was someone who wasn't trying to pay her bills. We wanted to pay Oct. payment on the first of Nov. and would have the Nov. payment the next week. She was very rude and didn't care about our situation at all.
  10th of Jun, 2009
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We used to have all of our financial accounts with Wells Fargo (mortgage, checking acct., home equity loan, line of credit, and credit card). They became so impossible to deal with, charging ridiculous fees and did some questionable things regarding our checking. We have since changed banks, closed all accounts except for the mortgage and will be working on that this year. Wells Fargo is the most uncaring money grubbing bank I have ever dealt with. They have absolutely ZERO customer loyalty.
  18th of Jun, 2009
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I can now see that they are trying to take my home, as they have refused my payment as well. When I lost my
job, I asked for assistance and was told that I needed to be at least 90 days past due before they could even
consider helping me. So I stopped paying, and when I became 90 days past due, they won't accept a payment
unless it's for the full amount. I don't owe very much on my house and have a fixed rate 30 yr mortgage, so
I can see why they want my home, because they can make a profit. I think this type of business practice
should be against the law.
  14th of Jul, 2009
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Wells Fargo is enabled by lawyers and lawmakers (really the same thing). The law provides them with all the protection while leaving the consumer with none. We fell behind with Wells Fargo and they started foreclosure proceedings but I was lucky that I had a seasonal business. We were able to pull cash from it just in time to pay their ransom before the court date. I owed about 6, 000 to Wells Fargo and 3, 500 of that was their "legal" fees.
  13th of Oct, 2009
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I live in lorain, ohio and I have called several times to try and take care of our loan. no one seems to care. back in May 2009 when I called I called asking if they deferred payments because I could not come up with all the payment, and the gentleman on the phone took my financial information and said that he would defer May and June and put them at the back of the loan, and set up automatic payments for July, August, September 2009. Well when I called to set up payments for October they told be I would have to pay 271.00 in late fees and 77.50 in other fees and 2, 150.00 in back payments, I immediately called to try and take care of this matter and ask how could I owe over 2, 000 when all that was due was October and they said o'no you owe for September, October and November and all late fees associated with the loan. I said but they deffered may and June 2009 and they said that we do not deferred any type of payments and do not take any partial payments. I told the service rep that if I had known that they payments I set up for July, August, and September were actually going to go for May, and June, then some how some way I would have come up with the money. Now that they want over 2, 000 by November 3, 2009 and will not work with me, I even ask if I could some how pay the regualr payment and split the others up to try and catch up and they said no, they would need all funds to get the loan current. They don't even want to work with you. So I told them then I guess I will have to give the house back to the bank because you are unwilling to work with me, then she said that they would be able to set up the mortgage to a fix rate of 5.75 and the payments would go from 629.15 a month to 1, 115.00 for the next 30 years and that is not even including taxes and insurance for the house, I told the associate on the phone that she can have the house back becuase there is no way I am going to give you 1, 115.00 a month for this house. so I wants wells fargo know that they gave false information and since they are unwilling to work with us they will soon leave me no option but to leave my house...
  8th of Dec, 2009
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Why does the US. Govt continue to allow Wells Fargo to do this?

They repeatedly act like they don't want you to make payments. You go to pay on a loan and they say you can't - and these are long-time up-to-date loans that are just over by a week or two.

The Govt has to be enabling this predatory behavior IMO.
  9th of Dec, 2009
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OMG I can't believe what I am reading about Wells Fargo. My husband and I are having the same issues with them. I lost my job 1 year ago and we thought we could qualify for the OBAMA Plan to save our house. For 1 year we have been listening to lies that Wells Fargo has been telling us to do to save our home. We have complied with everything they asked and they claimed we were being put on a FOREBEARANCE PLAN. We were making half our mortgage payments and was told we could be on this plan for 6 months, but have a balloon payment after the 6 months which made no sence. If we didn't have the money now, we certainly wouldn't have it in 6 months. We wanted to get a loan modification. We wrote at least 10 hardship letters, which included our expenses and earnings. Of course our earnings was less than our expenses. So they claimed that made us not qualified for the OBAMA Plan, we were in a deficit. Well Hell, that's the reason we can't pay the mortgage. They said we couldnt be in a deficit. Everytime we speak to a different person, we're told a different lie. My husband has been depressed and I worry for his safety. Now we have been told we are dropped from the forebearance plan and have to agree to sign a contract to pay $4000 to Fannie Mae, because that's the difference we owe from the payments my husband have made. I have called my congressman, the White House and will continue to call whom ever I can think of to try and get help. Where do we go for help, can we change mortgage companies?
  5th of Feb, 2010
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Same thing happened to us...they actually cashed my check for 2 loan payments on 1/14/10. Brining us 30 days behind & on the same day sent a letter stating they were putting me in foreclosure which I recieved on 1/25. I called & told me to go through loan modification so I gave them all my information. The lady said I qualified & she would send out the documentation to be signed. I felt odd about the whole thing & called back & asked why my payments had not been applied to my account. 1st I was told they were, then I was told they werent. I told them that cashing my check was acceptance of payment. Then they said that they DID apply the funds to my account on the 14th & removed the funds on the 19th. How can a lender apply funds & then just decide to remove them?? Isn't this illegal? I asked where my money was then since they had cashed my check 11 days prior to the call. They then told me they would issue me a check in the same amount as the check I had sent that they cashed for the 2 payments. That I was as of 1/14 (THE SAME DAY THEY CASHED MY CHECK) in foreclosure. That they would not accept any more payments, I told them that they did accept my payment because they cashed my check. I asked to speak to a superior who contradicted himself on several occassions. I told him since he was taping our conversation that I wanted a copy & needed to find out how to get one. He refused. Something needs to be done about this company. They got millions in bailout money & they are doing nothing to keep home owners in their homes. In fact I am certain that because I was a little irate with the supervisor I believe he intentionally disqualified me for the loan modification program as I recently recieved a letter saying they had now disqualified me. This is absolutely ridiculous!!!
  5th of Feb, 2010
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I think someone needs to file a class action lawsuit. I think they need to be exposed & investigated. I think everyone should write their congressmen. Expose them to CNN/Fox etc. Make a utube video whatever it takes!!!
  13th of Feb, 2010
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Wow...I totally agree Fedupgirl!! I'm in shock to see these complaints! I googled "UTube Wells Fargo" to see if there was anyone who made a video yet of the unbelievable things Wells Fargo is doing to their customers. Lo and behold, I have found people going through the same thing...This is unbelievable. I am just ready to go to the the news (my neighbor is one of the biggest news anchors here in town) and will be writing my mayor and congressmen this weekend. I'm also going to write Chris Como (sp?) with ABC who now does 20/20. He was a lawyer and does invesigative stories. Please join me in writing him, too.
As a professional business woman who owned a company for over 20 years, my situation is just like everyone else's after I closed my business and tried to get my loan modified.
Even though this third party dropped the ball, Wells Fargo has been horrible to work with. They don't care and I'm amazed that they even have one employee working for them.
I am livid, upset and didn't know where to turn. Please, lets all get together in chat room and see what we all can do together. YES, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We must stop Wells Fargo from stripping us from our homes.
  13th of Feb, 2010
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Hey everyone, I just created a group "STOP Wells Fargo! Call the news and report them!"
Please feel free to join...Also, Chris Cuomo from 20/20 has a tweet page. I don't twitter but I think I'll figure it out this weekened so I can contact him. Let's all jump on the band wagon with this and get something done. Let's get Chris on our side and have him investigate for us...I refuse to loose my home because they won't accept my money...This is ridiculous!
  14th of Mar, 2010
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I completely agree, Wells Fargo needs to be stopped, they are doing nothing to help customers. They have the nerve to hold out there hands during the Government bailout but then turn away customers t in needs. We have been trying for months to get Wells Fargo to help us. We have faxed document after document over and over and they do nothing but come up with excuses and waste no time to foreclose. THEY DON'T CARE and the LAW NEEDS TO MAKE THEM!!!
  25th of Mar, 2010
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I agree Wells Fargo's practices are very questionable. I'd appreciate anyones advise or description of the outcome of their situation, as it seems many of you have experienced a very similar situation. My significant other and me are experiencing a similar issue with Wells Fargo. We fell behind on mortgage payments and when we attempted to make a partial payment they wouldn't accept the payment so we fell further behind eventually missing 6 months. They advised us to apply for a loan modification, which we did, providing them with the requested information. They had us make trial payments for approximately the same amount as our standard monthly payment which we made on time as requested. They had informed us that we would have to make a balloon payment to repay the past due amount in a few months though we repeatedly informed that we wouldn't be able to pay the balloon payment. They then informed us that the balloon payment may be appended to our mortgage extending our loan timeline if we submitted a hardship letter by a certain date. We submitted the letter by the requested date, explaining the temporary condition that prevented us from making timely payments prior and how we intend to ensure to have the funds available to make future payments at our current rate on time, which we are confident that we can achieve. Currently we have not received a response to this inquiry and Wells is still requesting that the full balloon payment is due by 4/1. Wells has set a foreclosure hearing date for 4/22 (this is the 4th date scheduled; the prior 3 were delayed after we made payment). We need to make payment soon but we don't know if we should make our standard payment in hopes they will defer the balloon payment or should we make plans to move. We'd hate to make more payments, and then have the home foreclosed anyways, costing us funds that could be used to move to a new home. Again, any input that you may have in regards to my situation would be greatly appreciated.
  4th of May, 2010
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I feel for all of you folks. I'm going through a similar situation with another bank in regards to my mortgage. The only advice I have for all of you is to contact the Office of Banks and Real Estate (OBRE) in your home state. I believe they are the organization that deals with these specific issues. I hope all works out well for all of us. Say a prayer.
  4th of May, 2010
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try this link
  4th of Oct, 2010
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WOW! I am glad I am not alone! I just went to the bank this morning only to find out that the payment that was supposed to go through electronically was refused... Excuse ME! I said this is for my car loan. I don't know about any of you, but I intend to fight. You are trying to make good on bills and they don't take it because your $79. behind... That is [censor]! I know I will be looking for a way out of my car payments permentantly for this! Hmm glad there is only a $10K loan left!
  1st of Nov, 2010
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I agree however I just found out that you can contact your counties public trustee and ask what is needed to be done in order to cure the late payments. Wells Fargo is working with lawyers and have all there I's dotted and T's crossed. So call them and file an intent to cure form and make sure you have the letter that was sent regarding the forclosure and you will need to come up with all the past due payments and fees. This is a way to solve the problem. Once you do this I suggest you start trying to refinance with a different company.

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