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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage / beware of this company!

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Wells fargo home mortgage sent an appraiser for reverse mortgage with expired license, under appraised the house by 7000 dollars according third federal and drew the wrong diagram of the home. Wells fargo then wanted 5000 dollars to continue the process for the mortgage. Wells fargo home mortgage is located in Minneapolis.

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  • Do
      28th of Jan, 2008
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    yep most places are rip offs,be it somebody trying to tell you they're merchandise is better than everyone elses, or the person trying to tell you i want to be your buddy,its ok that you have bad credit so i'll finance you.they are all full of ###.
    but my story goes like this wells fargo screwed me! AND PLEASE AFTER READING THIS TELL ME IF YOU DONT THINK SO,i took a consolidation loan to pay off a piece of property,a 1999 trans am that i bought brand new and the trunk would'nt shut unless the car was setting just rite on the pavement,(but thats another story),and my semi.i took this loan for 30,000 and agreed to pay it back in 5 years,for me thats a cake walk i wasn't concerned in the least about a little i set up direct deposit so i would never be late,there was plenty of money in there to pay the loan if i wanted.but i thought ok,build my credit,6 months went by without a problem so i totaly blew off watching the account hell it was taking care of itself as it should,i'm out driving my truck 15 months into the loan i get a call saying wells fargo is taking my property about 50k my car about 37k and my semi 75k because i've renigged on the loan for 7 months.i said what the hell are you talking about?after alot of calls and talking to people all over the country we finaly find out the problem, the dumb ### ### in the milton florida office,her name is april brown,(hi april,hope you rot in hell)had ordered the wrong check # for the direct deposit,she had records where she had tried to call me and sent letters,none of which took place.and she had been promoted during this time to regional in essence she was now in charge,and i dont think shes going to fire herself,do you?so i paid the loan off in full 3 years early with my credit totaly screwed,and decided whatever i bought from there out i would pay for in cash,oh yea dont do that becuase you end up with 0 credit and that is supposedly worse than bad its 2007 i finally decide to buy a condo,i went through mortgage america and before the 1st payment was do they sold the contract to guess who (wells ###ing fargo),i'll need to get this changed asap i guess, but which trash do i take it to now?and wells fargo says they know what she did was wrong but it was just an innocent error,however its my job to watch for these things so its not they're fault.

  • Gw
      9th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I have a mortgage with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage now but am in the process of going eslse where. I and my wife have 780 credit scores and never had problems until we went to refince with Wells Fargo. They sent a apprasier that was from a area 50 miles away from where we live and under apprasied our home by 100, 000 dollars. This apprasier tried to use homes that were 14 miles away from our home rather then homes within a 6 mile circle of our home. The home right next door apprasied over 100, 000 dollars more then ours and our home is newer larger and of the same quiality as our next door friends. When we went to Wells Fargo and told them we had a independent appraiser redo the apprasial and it came in that the proper value they didn't care. We will not do business with a company that treats there BEST customers like cr*p.

  • Br
      18th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Please contact the Better Business Bureau and the Comptroller of the Currency for National Banks. Doing this will get the banks attention and they will work more diligently to resolve your issues. This will also help others.

  • Di
      6th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Wells Fargo - I have a first mortgage with them. Earlier this year
    I agreed to consolidate this mortgage with another one for 9K for a slighter higher interest rate and no closing costs. They sent an appraiser out. I guess he didn't like the house. He wasn't from the area and he lumped my townhouse in with a bunch of condo rabit hutches that go for $100k in the immediate vicinity. Anyway they told me they were not picking up the second loan because it would run past ltv ratio but wanted to continue, charging me more interest for the first loan. Way to go.
    I am now in the process of refinancing my house away from WF.
    I have to pay money at closing because WF is not paying the local
    taxes due. They were due the first and I found out that they usually drag their feet 2-3 weeks after the taxes are due (so they can throw it to Wall street and make interest?) I know if I were that late with my mortgage payment they would be foreclosing on me.

  • Pa
      26th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    QUOTE FROM ANOTHER POST: " Worst customer service I have ever experienced, unprofessional, incompetent and unexperienced loan officers"


    I called MONTHS ahead of problems I forsaw concerning money and my payments on the house... I can't even begin to desribe the shabby, unprofessional treatment we've suffered at these clowns hands.

    They are hands down the biggest liers and untrained people I've ever encountered in the business world.

    Their reps will say ANYTHING what so ever to make you think they are helping you when in fact they are just jerking you around with no intention what so ever of actually doing anything to assist you.

    I personally believe this is done to make it appear to the goverment agencies that they ATTEMPTED to help you... this then covers their ### for taking the bailout money they were SUPPOSED to use to help distressed homowners with but instead used to buy other assets to build their own business worth!!

    We made literally DOZENS of calls to them and got nothing but one run around after another:

    Told our previously submitted documents had been lost no less than 6 times.

    Were connected to the wrong departments over 3 dozen times when calling.

    We even had one little jerk submitt a Loan application against us when we were only trying to contact Loss Mitigation to try to work something out??!!
    (Please note, due to being transfered to the wrong people SO many times before I asked the little jerk no less than 3 TIMES, POINT BLANK,


    He then proceeded to make me give him all our financial info yet AGAIN, for at least the 10th time, taking over an hour to give it to him,
    THEN he tells me "Sorry, they have declined your refinanceing loan application."

    I about had a seizure from the anger he caused me after realizing what he had just done.

    These people are the most poorly trained and least skilled Customer Service Reps I have EVER DEALT WITH.

    I'm fairly certain they are being told something along the lines of " Take the call, the more volume we generate and show, the better defense we have to show we are trying to help people. Of course DON'T actually do ANYTHING that actually helps anyone in trouble!"

    IT'S UTTER ###, plain and simple.

    We are giving them ONE LAST SHOT to negotiate in good faith on this loan modification request and if they screw it up or jerk us around in any way this last time that's that, we are filing Bankruptcy and letting a freaking Judge set them straight !

    I'm sick of dealing with their dishonesty, dirty dealings, and total lack of knowledge about what it is they are supposed to be doing here by the fact they took Goverment bailout money, which was in fact given to them to AID distressed homeowners, not jerk them around!!!

  • Ar
      31st of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    When I called Wells Fargo, they insisted they needed my credit card number (in case I went with them, I would have to pay for my credit report and appraisal). I told them I had never heard of such a thing. The rep. told me "Then I cannot give your request to a Loan Processor."
    I gave her my card number along with my statement she was NOT to use it unless I approved of the loan terms.
    Well, you guessed it. The charge of $356 appeared on my credit card statement this week.
    I cannot believe this and want to say this MUST be illegal. I have had nothing but fights with them--at every turn. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone!

  • Wo
      7th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    In my opinion Wells fargo mortgage is just a cover to just steal property legally. We have lived in our house on 10 acres for 20 years and 4 years ago my husbands company was going great I was making a good living so we decided to refinance our loan to do some remodeling and to do a 15 yr loan to pay it off quicker. Well I don't have to tell you the economy collapsed so we asked the bank for help and were told that we had to be behind before help would be available, so we held the 3 payments back and asked for a loan modification(a professional dealt with them)and was told from March until May that required documents were still needed even though they had been sent several times over. It was a simple loan(a no brainer is what the housing specialist said) just extend out the payments to 25 years. I called in late May and requested an extension because our house was scheduled to be auctioned off June 1, 2009 and was told everything looked good but that if it came down to the last hour that they would extend our date because it could take another 30 days. I called on the Friday before the auction to make sure it was put off and was told it was not in THEIR best interest. If they had told us there was no hope we could have tried to sell it. I am now out of my home and have lost equity and also my good credit. They DID NOT sell it and I hope it sits there for years and should be in their best interest.DO NOT EVER EVER EVER USE WELLS FARGO FOR ANYTHING THEY LIE THEY CHEAT AND THEY STEAL. GOOD LUCK TO ANYONE THAT HAS WELLS FARGO MORTGAGE!

  • Wf
      10th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes


    If you have ANY issues with a refinance, please contact 800-840-5812. This is a direct number to their "Executive Resolutions" department which nobody wants you to have...well, now you do.

  • Ad
      30th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wells Fargo has done nothing for our clients. They jerk us around and tell you lies even when you catch them in the lies. The only thing that we must do is get each name and number of the representatives we speak to. Beware of this bank, they are the true preditary lenders. They are not here to help you they are here to just take your money. Everyday I spend hours speaking to this bank because I am not here to help the banks I am here to help my clients. Please save yourself the headache and borrow you money from someone else!

  • Ma
      20th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    The number given for the EXECUTIVE COMPLAINT CONTACT IS ACTUALLY THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, if you are having a problem with your mortgage or loan use this number it is the EXECUTIVE SERVICING DEPARTMENT 800-853-8516

  • Kr
      1st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I appreciate the number for the complaint department but unfortunately they were as useless as their customer service people. Absolutely no help at all and completely unwilling to assist me as the homeowner retain my property. I am able to make my mortgage payment but need 9 additional days to receive my second pay check. Because I am in a trial period, there is nothing they can do. SORRY!!!

  • Ma
      16th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wells Fargo banks are the worst to deal with. I have filed numerous complaints with the attorney generals office and everyone should do the same . We need to stick together. They want us to short sale our homes so the investors can buy them for pennies on the dollar and flip them. If the banks are willing to take less during a short sale why aren't they willing to reduce our principles to keep us in our homes. This has to change. This is wrong. Mary Riley 480 275 6401. We need to file a suit against them. But how can this be done. Any suggestions.

  • We
      12th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    My husband and I have a mortgage with Wells Fargo so we decided w/ interest rates lower we'd refinance. We started this process in mid oct. and were told not to pay our mortgage the following month. I didn't want to risk losing our home so I paid it. The guy handling our case was suppost to send us paperwork to fill out and send back to him. Well after 3 weeks of waiting for the paperwork I called Randy(wells fargo guy) and he acted like he didn't know why we didn't get them b/c he sent them. YEAH RIGHT!(STILL HAVENT RECIEVED HIS PAPERWORK) Well my husband told him he'd just come to him and get them. That was takin care of. Well they never called us back so we'd have to call like every week to see where we were at. We were told that we didn't need to have our home appraised since we have our first mortgage with them. Well what do ya know they lied again. That was fine. Our house appraised for $10, 000 more in just alittle over a year. GREAT! right? This was in late nov. early dec. So we called randy b/c he doesn't call us to see where we were at again. He said you guys are approved and now were just waiting for the underwritters to finish up. Our lawyer called us to see if we'd heard anything about a closing date but not yet. Well today is jan.12th and this morning randy told us we'd been denied. WHAT! I thought we were approved but I guess not. The best reason they could give us for not approving us was the way our contract was written when we bought our house. Perfect credit! Never late on a payment! House went up 10, 000 from when we bought it a year ago. WELLS FARGO YOU GUYS REALLY ARE CRIMINALS!!! WE THE TAX PAYERS BAILED YOU OUT AND FOR WHAT!!! TO BE LIED TO AND JERKED AROUND!!! THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!

  • Ch
      27th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Have any of you filed a complaint against WF here?

    I am doing so. I also have a lawyer who is writing to WFHM (not that it will do any good but it's worth a shot).

    Possibly with enough complaints about WFHM practices submitted through this site, we can get a class or mass action suit against them.

    I was approved for a construction loan in August 2007. To this date (1/27/2010) my perm loan has not closed. I have been living in my home since March 1, 2008 and making my construction interest (plus extra towards principal) since February 2008. WFHM employees had locked my interest rate for 8 months even though I elected to float. I was not contacted about the lock until 2 months AFTER it occurred. I objected to it but the lock remained in effect for 6 more months until THEY decided to unlock it. The WF employee e-mailed me and said "This was done for your benefit." In that same e-mail he admits it wasn't done appropriately but it was done regardless. Then THEY increased my loan amount to cover the lock fees. WF increased it to an amount I DO/DID NOT even qualify for!!! AGAIN, without notifying me. This happened and I didn't even know about it for 8 months when I received a "Counteroffer" which I refused to sign because I never requested the increase in the first place! I have been told multiple times my loan would close by "such and such a date" only for that date to roll on by with no close.

  • No
      8th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Unfortunately I also have my loan with theWELLS FARGO CRIMINALS. I have a 806 credit score and a PERFECT payment history with them for 10 years. They will not refi my house that is an ARM, but instead told me to go through their modification department. I have been dealing with them for 8 months and was just turned down a second time for a loan modification. The loan mod experience was beyond surreal. THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY HIRING THE DUMBEST CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS POSSIBLE AND MAKING THE PROCESS SO GOOFY THAT NO ONE WILL GET ONE. Don't bother. It will give you high blood pressure and make you feel like you are on the Twilight Zone.

    I used to be naive enough to believe that my bank was on my side, especially since I was paying them so much money each month. Now I realize that they are just a money grubbing unethical monopoly. PLEASE ENCOURAGE EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO CLOSE THEIR ACCOUNTS WITH THESE MEGABANKS WHO HAVE FORGOTTEN WHO THEIR CUSTOMERS ARE!

  • To
      3rd of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    My situation is real the same.My wife had back surgery in dec 08 and we lost her income
    with the medical bill spiling up we had to pay one of the providers a lump sum. we were paying our mortgage bi weekly. we had called and asked a rep from wells fargo if we could skip a half paymnet and be ok and they stated on problem.Then we recieved a call a week later saying we were in default.Because of our situation thewy convinced us to go the "OBAMA PLAN".WE followed all the guidlines and when it came time to add the ballon payment to the end of the contract and lower our payments we were told we had been misinformed and owed the past due.for the last month we have treid to offer a repaymen paln to get caught up whick incuded over half of what was owed.We have been transfrred from dept to dept and now they are starting the process to foreclose.All we want is to pay what we owe but they seem hell bent on taking our home.we still keep trying to get some resolution but they dont seem to care!!!they are LIARS and the "OBAMA PLAN "in plain english means "take my home".Yes we are also wondering why we all dont combine our complaints and start a Class Action Suite against them.Maybe we should have recived a Government Bailout!!!


  • Sh
      4th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    How is this being allowed to go on. I was layed off last October and do to get back to work end of March. I contacted Wells Fargo to let them know my situation and what I would be able to do. I have been told they were sending forms that have never showed up. I can never talk to the same person and cannot deal with any Wells Fargo bank in the state of Alaska. Finally in January I got someone to make calls and try to help although not suppose to. I will now not talk to them unless this person calls so I have some kind of witness. Feb. 4th we called to see what was up. They said Jan. 19 they sent a loan modification agreement. On the 17 I received it dated the 9th on the letter. The local branch faxed copies of the letter and check and told them the situation and I received the money back with letter to foreclose and I could sell house for less than I owe. The local branch called tried to explain and was told that we needed to resend all info, hardship letter so forth with new date and they would review. Today we called and they say they sent new agreement. Reduced monthly payment in half for 3 months with a baloon payment at end but dont know how much. I have e-mailed Obama, Bill O reilly, Sarah Palin, Attorney General. No response. We wont get into fraud department issues. I have come across a person at the dr. office, a person in the legislature office, a person from work and a neighbor all with very similar story's. I have had to turn off my phone from several calls a day from people with no clue whats going on. I have a heart condition and these incompetent idiots are going to kill me. If it wasnt for being so mad I would walk away. This really is the short story.

  • Sh
      8th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Why is it that a golfer with a passion for blonde women is more important on the news than a bank who is ripping off hard working tax payers. Have not received latest package in over a week that was now supposedly mailed from wf.
    Almost 5 months at this. Cant ever talk to the same person and have not found one single one with a care or a brain. I was not messed up when I started this but sure as hell am now. Trying to get money for attorney.
    Ron Young a U.S. senater's office says the federal government is fully aware of the problem but can't tell WF how to do business.
    I sent several e-mails to Obama. I got a reply. Dear friend, the address you sent this to is no longer in use please resend.
    Wells Fargo was first to receive bailout with one of the most for 25 billion and on same day announced buying Wachovia.


    Class action lawsuit yes!

  • Sh
      9th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Correction, my mistake. That was Congressman Don Young.

  • Ch
      11th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes




    I filed on 2/16/10, received a response from WF on 3/9/10 to my benefit. Apparently, they don't want to be investigated by the OCC that governs them!

    This complaints board is good for "sounding off" but has no effect. It's good for "getting it off your chest" and seeing how many other people are having similar issues and complaints but it goes nowhere.

    The OCC sends your complaint directly to the institution (National only) you are dealing with. WF is a National Bank.

    FILE YOUR COMPLAINT WITH THE OCC!!! The more complaints the OCC gets, the better! It will bring to light the unfair, unethical and incompetency of Wells Fargo and ALL their departments!



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