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Wells Fargo Hamp Fraud


wells fargo is using the hamp program to commit fraud against home owners to get more money from the government

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We are in contact with a writer at the Associated Press in Las Vegas. We need as many complaints against Wells Fargo and the HAMP program as possible. There are alot of people dealing with this and the more information I can give this guy, the more likely he is to write a story on it. The AP goes to every other media outlet as well, so it would be a big deal.

I have a story for you involving fraud and corruption through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Company and I have proof. You may be aware of the current lawsuits throughout the nation involving the government run HAMP program?

Our loan is through Wells Fargo. We hired E- Mortgage and paid them $2000 last Spring 2009 to modify our home loan. We do not fall into the category of irresponsibility as some home buyers. We are self employed business owners who received a 30 year fixed loan at a 6.5% interest rate on our first home. We went into buying a home educated about home loans and ready with a $30, 000 down payment in late 2007. We were stiffed $40, 000 on a job right before the economy tanked in late 2008, early 2009. Between the non-payment and the economic downfall in late 2008/ early 2009 we hit rock bottom and didn't receive work for almost 8 months. We did not make our mortgage payment for 7 months (January 2009 - July 2009). We worked diligently and responsibly with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and E-Mortgage Recovery, LLC (Dave Swacheske - 610-329-2663 or 610-317-1501) to find a solution. We even called Wells Fargo before we discontinued making our payments to let them know our situation. We were offered a home modification through the HAMP program (Home affordable modification program) in the summer of 2009, "supposedly" with the help of E-Mortgage. There are recorded phone conversations with Wells Fargo Loss & Mitigation Representative (Ronda Pascasio 877-279-1649 ext.1504). We have paperwork from Wells Fargo describing our HAMP loan that we were approved for. Under the pretense that we successfully make our first 3 months of payments under the trial period we were told we would be approved for the loan.

Following the first three months, and having made the modification payments successfully, as told to, we continued to make our modified payments every month for 10 months on time, as directed by Wells Fargo. Throughout the next nine months (July. '09 - February '10) we were continuously told to submit and re-submit paperwork, that was conveniently and continuously lost or misplaced by Wells Fargo. In January '10, there is a recorded phone conversation with the above listed Wells Fargo agent that we were in continuous contact with, of my husband asking "Are our modified payments going towards the principle on our loan with no fines" and the representative answering "yes" as well as other questions "when will we receive finalization" - "just continue making your modified payments and submitting your paperwork and you will be fine." In February 2010 we were told by this same Wells Fargo representative that we did not qualify for the modification and to continue making our modified payments until they could find another option for us, that we did not need to submit our profit/loss statements or any other information until they could get us another load mod.

We started receiving phone calls from Wells Fargo everyday in late May 2010. We automatically became worried and my husband immediately called our representative to find out what was going on. She stated "everything was fine to continue making our modified payments and that they would continue trying to find a program that suited us." She then took our home phone number off of our account so that "the phone calls would stop" that it was a "miscommunication between their departments and to not worry about it". A couple of days later we received a notice in the mail stating that we had been kicked off our modification for not "receiving the right paperwork" and that our original loan payments were to start July 2010. Soon after we called again and were told another story, that we were in foreclosure and our home would be auctioned by June 28th, 2010 if we did not pay $3600 to "attempt" to re-modify our loan again - no promises.

About a week later we received foreclosure notices and auction dates on our front door. On the foreclosure notice it stated the sale of our home to be $40, 000 above our original home loan price. We were very confused as to why our loan had jumped $40, 000 - they told us that we were never on a modification plan and that after the first three month trial period we were to have continued making our original payments of over $2000 a month, due to this we incurred $40, 000 in fee's through Wells Fargo. They had lied to us for 9 months and used our situation to get more money out of our loan, this was the first we had heard of any of this. We are also confused as to how we were "just" kicked of the modification program in May 2010, but that we were told at the same time we were never on a modification program to begin with?

We then began researching continuously night and day, although both of us work full time this has been difficult to handle having been given little to no notice from Wells Fargo. We have found hundreds to thousands of other home owners dealing with the exact same situations - constantly re-occuring. According to a Fox News story written on this (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/03/01/homeowners-say-banks-underwater-spurning-loan-program-rules/) this is a breach of contract and a violation of government enforced rules.

We have been working diligently to contact several lawyers all weekend throughout the Northern Nevada area as well as a few in several other states where lawsuits are being filed. The public needs to know about this! As I'm sure you are aware the housing situation in Northern Nevada is certainly no better than anywhere else & I am sure that there are many many others in the area who are dealing with this fraudulent activity. I am a journalism student for a reason, I believe in the peoples power to fight against these types of situations and I believe in the media's watch dog job. Please help us, we don't have very much time and we are not willing to let this continue without a fight. We very likely could lose our home but if we can help others in the future to not lose theirs, we will.

Please feel free to contact my husband (Zac) or I regarding any of this, we can work to supply any documentation or proof needed to bring this to the public.
Zac, Talia.
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A  15th of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
We have been trying to get a modification for over a year now. A year, and (7) months to be exact. We first contacted Wells Fargo when we learned my husband was going to be laid off, but we were told since we were not behind there was nothing that could be done at that time. My husband was laid off we fell behind, and have been trying to resolve it ever since. My husband is back to work, and makes decent money, but really no better than if the two of us were working, which I am not at the time nor have been. The only thing Wells Fargo has done for us is raise our payments, and now because someone made a mistake, and pulled us out of our repayment plan we are now in active foreclosure. Now my family, and I are most likely going to lose our home thanks to all the (HELP) Wells Fargo has given us.
A  22nd of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I was under the HAMP program and I have maintained the loan during the trial period at a payment of almost $1300 per month, and intended to keep the loan current, and then I was dropped from the program without a notice for a missing document that I was suppose to fax once I get back in town (I was on one of my working trips) or that is what I was promised by Avani the lady who was handling my claim, she wrote in her notes that I was going to get them the missing document once I get back in town, but according to her I was pulled out of her pipeline two hours before I sent the missing document without her knowing of that. So now I am delinquent on my payments and my house is under the first stages of foreclosures and I have been told that once you are dropped from the HAMP you can’t get back in it.
So my life have been turned upside down based on a no fault of mine.
Abdallah Alsoubani
A  13th of Sep, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Check out this Press Report issued by Wells Fargo. I also have a bridge to sell you...
News Release
Wells Fargo Modifications Provide Home Payment Relief for More than Half a Million Homeowners
Wells Fargo modifications include more than $3.1 billion in principal forgiveness on select portfolio assets

DES MOINES, Iowa — August 20, 2010
Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE:WFC) said today from January 2009 through July 31, 2010 the company had a total of 520, 399 active trial and completed modifications. Of that total, 87 percent were completed through its own programs.
“This trend reflects our continued progress in working with customers on home payment relief, including those customers who ultimately will not qualify for a Home Affordable Modification, ” said Mike Heid, co-president of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. “About 58 percent of our customers not eligible for HAMP have been redirected into alternate modifications. That’s one of the highest conversion rates among the eight servicers for whom that HAMP data is reported, and well above the 45 percent average.”
Wells Fargo continues to use a combination of rate reductions, term extensions and principal adjustments to address the unique financial needs of each of its customers. Beginning in January 2009—several months before the creation of HAMP—Wells Fargo became one of the first servicers to use principal forgiveness as an element of its loan modification program for certain portfolio assets. Through June 30, 2010, the company has completed nearly 60, 000 such modifications with a total reduction in principal of more than $3.1 billion.
According to data released in the federal government’s Making Home Affordable Program report, Wells Fargo also is one of the strongest performers in customer service among large HAMP servicers. The company had the lowest incidence of customer complaints to the Homeowners HOPE hotline.
“We know we must continue to make improvements so that our home preservation service is what we expect and want it to be, ” said Heid. “The industry statistics are validation that we definitely are on the right track.”
About Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is the nation’s leading mortgage lender and services one of every six mortgage loans in the nation. A division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., it has a national presence in mortgage stores and banking stores, and also serves the home financing needs of customers nationwide through its call centers, Internet presence and third-party production channels.
Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) is a nationwide, diversified, community-based financial services company with $1.2 trillion in assets. Founded in 1852 and headquartered in San Francisco, Wells Fargo provides banking, insurance, investments, mortgage, and consumer and commercial finance through more than 10, 000 banking stores, 12, 000 ATMs, the Internet (wellsfargo.com and wachovia.com), and other distribution channels across North America and internationally. With more than 278, 000 team members, Wells Fargo serves one in three households in America. Wells Fargo & Company was ranked #19 on Fortune’s 2009 rankings of America’s largest corporations. Wells Fargo’s vision is to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially.

A  21st of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Add me to any class action suit against Wells Fargo!!! I can get 20 more people at least on the bandwagon-all dogged by those ###!!! Same story, same run around for 1.5 years. What a crock! I have tried 4 times in the last year to refinance. My salary was cut by 2/3 last year due to economy and my company got sued. Had been paying fine on my home for 7 years. Then all hell broke loose. I apply for a loan with an attorney-Wells Fargo loses the paperwork. Faxed it three times, they disqualify me because they didn't get it all in a timely manner. In April they told me I could pay the mortgage I currently have and wouldn't do anything for me. I am currently grossing $2000 per month and my mortgage with taxes is $3700. You can do the math, they obviously can't!! So two weeks ago they call me again, makes it look like they are actually helping so they have a call record. Same song and dance, I jump through all the hoops, they call me today and tell me the good news. They lowered my interest from 6.6% to 6.5 % and extended my loan out to 26 years. More great news, I can do a trial loan of $3300 for 3 months and then for the next 26 years I will be paying $3600 per month!!! WHAT!!!It is hard to believe I know but you all have similar stories. By the way I am still grossing $2000 per month until next year when I may be able to take a raise. By then my business will have closed and I will be homeless!!! I am a single parent with two teenagers and I work with lots of college students. I will BOYCOTT AND PAINT MY WINDOWS, PASS OUT FLYERS do whatever it takes to get the TRUTH out about WELLS FARGO!!!
N  29th of Sep, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I am a victim of Wells Fargo’s Loan Modification scam (HAMP)

September 27th, 2010:
In the summer of 2006 I was approved for an adjustable rate mortgage by Wells Fargo in order to build a home for myself and two children. My payments were very affordable until 2008 when an increase of over $800 a month put my monthly payment at over $1800 a month. I struggled but was able to make my payments until I suffered the loss of a job and a change in my salary in December of 2008.
I continued to struggle each month until June of 2009 when I was made aware of the government program called HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program). I contacted Wells Fargo inquiring about the program. Wells Fargo informed me that after going over my financial situation over the phone with them, that I would indeed qualify for the program and that I would receive a packet via FedEx in a couple days to fill out and send back in. The packet finally arrived August 16th and I took great effort to fill out each form and gather copies of the required information. I returned the signed forms and packet containing all of my information within 1 day of receiving it. I contacted Wells Fargo a few days later to verify that they received my packet and they confirmed that they had my information and would be reviewing it. I was assured that I would hear back from them within 30 days and not to make any further payments until it was determined what exactly my trial period payment were to be. I did not hear from them within the 30 days, and began calling to find out what was taking so long. I was told that their department had thousands of applicants and that it may take a little longer. Again, I was also told not to make a payment yet and was assured that very soon I would receive that information in the form of a FedEx package. Two months went by.
I finally received the package 10-26-09 and was given a “Welcome to the program” letter with contract and an outline of the three trial period payments of $691.86 with the first one being due 12-01-09 (over a month away). I called Wells Fargo and immediately set up the three payments via personal check predated for several days before each due date. I wanted to make sure the payment reached them before the actual due date to show my intentions of good faith.
The first payment was made 11-28-09, the second 12-28-09 and the third 01-28-10. I then anticipated hearing back or receiving some paperwork shortly after the last payment was made. I called a couple of days later to inquire about the steps being complete and what I should do next. I was told that it would again take up to 30 days to be reviewed and completed and that I should receive the same contract back via FedEx signed by them. When asked what to do regarding a monthly payment in the mean time, I was again told not to make any payments until the packet arrived. I received the packet containing the signed contract, via FedEx, on my door step in March 2010. The contract was signed by Wells Fargo 03-04-10. I called to inquire what the next step would be and was told that I would be receiving another packet via FedEx containing paperwork regarding the re-modification, making it permanent. I was told this could take up to 30 days and that my new payments would begin as soon as I received the paperwork.

April 19th I received a letter from Wells Fargo dated April 14th, stating that unfortunately I was not approved for the Home Affordable Modification Program because I failed to make my three trial period payments. I was so upset and confused because clearly I had made each and every one of those payments. In fact I made them early! I called at 7:35pm and spoke to Jonathan regarding the letter. He confirmed that I made each payment, and said that the letter was sent out in error. He was as confused as I was regarding the error, and stated that in fact a “New Trail Period Letter” was sent out automatically on April 15th, just after the erroneous “denial letter” was sent to me by mistake. He assured me that he was entering the notes from my call into the system and that it would be forwarded to his supervisor for correction. He asked me to wait a couple business days to call back so that it could be straightened out.
I called 04-21-10 and spoke to Breanna and seemed to have to re-explain each and every detail of the past ten months of beginning the program. She put me on hold for 45 minutes while she spoke to her supervisor and assured me that she was sending an email to correct the situation and have the “Second Trial Period” removed from my account. She instructed me to give the email some time to get to the correct department and call back in 3 days. In the mean time I received the “Second Trial Period” packet via FedEx. I again called back and asked to speak to a supervisor regarding the confusion. I was told that no one had yet responded to the email requesting help to remove the “Second Trial Period” and the women stated that she was not sure who to send another email to, or who was even working on my case. After an hour on the phone she stated that the only way to get back into the program was to start over and fill out the new packet that had just arrived. I explained that I had done nothing wrong and that I had received the signed contract back from Wells Fargo completing my portion of the program. She offered no help and again told me that I would have to start over and apply to the program for the second time. It was Wells Fargo that had dropped the ball, and I was falling through the cracks!
Feeling helpless, and scared of losing my home, I completed the second packet and again called and set up three trial period payments several days ahead of their due dates just like the first time. The worst part about the second trial period was that my monthly payment had DOUBLED! The first time my payment was $691, this time the payments were increased to $1, 224! Feeling absolutely helpless I dug in and waiting to complete the process for the second time. The first payment (this time) was made 05-28-10. Two weeks later out of the blue a Wells Fargo debt collections rep called me to collect a payment of over $11, 000 (late fee’s and unpaid mortgage payments). All along I found out that Wells Fargo had been reporting that I was not making payments and adding interest and penalties to my balance. I was in shock! I explained to the rep that I was in the HAMP program and that my first trial period payment (of the second program that I had been placed in) had been taken out of my bank account just two weeks prior. She put me on hold for 20 minutes and came back on the phone to inform me that according to the notes in the system, I had called to remove myself from the program!!! In fact the words she used were that I “requested to be removed from the HAMP program.” I was again in total shock that I was being told something so “out of left field.” I explained that I would never do that and it must have been a mistake on their part. I demanded to speak to a supervisor! I was told that Wells Fargo would have to “pull the actual call” and it would take 15-30 days for them to do that. I told them that this was illegal and that in no way shape or form would I have ever removed myself from any program that was going to help me keep my home and everything that I had worked so hard for. I threatened to call a lawyer and report them for this action.
The supervisor replied to me, screaming at the top of her lungs, that I was no longer in the program, it would take too long to pull the call and I could be placed in foreclosure! She demanded the only way to get back into the program as soon as possible was to start over the entire process again! Feeling completely helpless and defeated I once again was sent a package via FedEx to complete the process all over again.
It’s now June 2010. I spoke to Customer service rep Stacie and was told to make my regular monthly payment of $1, 295.92, which I have a confirmation number for. She told me to re-fax all of my information to the loss mitigation department and call 2 hours after to verify that they received the information. I did exactly what they asked and began the HAMP process for the third time. I was assigned a loan servicer whose name was Armondo Lopez.
I spoke to Armondo who told me that all of my paperwork needed to be sent in like clockwork every 30 days to maintain my status in the program, and to call at least once a week to check on the status of my approval. I called each week and continued to re-fax my paperwork, signed and dated every 30 days. Armondo called and informed me that in fact I was not accepted into the HAMP program due to my ratio of debt being 21% instead of the required 31%. He stated that I would be reviewed for “in house” programs. He encouraged me to continue to call each week and keep my information faxed in every 30 days. In the mean time, I continued to pay the $1, 295.92 mortgage payments for July and August.
09-23-10 I phoned Wells Fargo and during the identity verification process the customer service rep informed me that my home was in foreclosure with a sale date of November 4th.
09-28-10 I received a letter in the mail from Wells Fargo’s law firm stating that they were moving forward with the foreclosure process of my home, setting a sale date of November 2nd, despite the fact that my case is still officially under review with Wells Fargo. In the same letter, they informed me that we may qualify for their home re-modification program… the same one I’ve been applying to for the past 15 months.
From the beginning, I did everything Wells Fargo asked me to do. I never gave up, never withdrew and was on time with each and every application, contract and payment to Wells Fargo. Yet, I am currently in the process of losing my home.
A  5th of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
We live in Modesto, CA and Wells Fargo did exactly the same thing to us after owning our home for over 12 years.
We were told to hire legal counsel to facilitate our HAMP agreement late 2008. After $3500 paid to attorney Mohammad Haffar of San Diego, CA, we waited for months for the trial HAMP agreement, sending documents at their every request. When the trial HAMP agreement was set, we paid the first 3 payments in a timely fashion, and when we inquired and no final docs were received to confirm our HAMP agreement, Mr Haffar advised just to keep sending trial payments. Over a 12 month period they accepted our payments, but after the 11th we began receiving harassing phone calls from Wells Fargo daily. We too began to worry, the attorney advising as long as they accept payments they cant foreclose. The last of our "trial payments" was then returned by Wells Fargo to our attorney (supposedly) and that check was WASHED and our bank account embezzled. The stress and worry took its toll, my husband has his first of many strokes, and soon was unable to keep his job. We were informed we did not qualify for the HAMP program, and they would accelerate foreclosure. We discovered by the "demand letter" that none of our trial HAMP payments went towards mortgage payments, fees, fines and whatever they deemed profitable to them was added, and the loan amount increased $30, 000 and counting. We felt Wells Fargo stole the government money for bail out, our money under the guise of HAMP payments and defrauded all of us. Our lives will never be the same. They should pay for their fraud!!
N  23rd of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
What is going on with this? ? The same thing happened to me... I got out before the trial payments actually started... after 6 months of the same crap they were telling all of you. I am disabled... and had several things happen in a year... unexpected things that deleted my savings... Fox News needs to know... love to see Bill O'Reailly rip these people to shreds... Hannity... Limbaugh... everyone!!! They have already been sued for this issue... I read on here that some man won not only his loan modification... he also received 405000.00 in damages for the mental duress this caused him. There are class action suits in many states already...Keep on Fighting the Good Fight!!!
A  26th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Hello. I was reading your experiences with WF on this site. I was spending the last few hours just googleing all the complaints and stories and realized I am not so special. Like almost everyone else, I had contacted HAMP, President Obama's program, and they in turn took my financial information and forwarded it onto Wells, my servicer. Keep in mind, I had been unemployed a year and was hoping I could stretch my savings by lowering my mortgage payments. I had 15 year term and naively thought if they extended the term to 30 years, my payments could almost be halved. In any case, once they received my information and paperwork from HAMP, WF immediately, but unbeknownst to me at that moment, contacted my township, paid the property taxes almost 2 months early and used that sum to open an escrow account. They notified me that they were increasing my mortgage payments (the taxes they paid divided by 12 months I guess). Mind you I'd been either delinquent or late with paying taxes, home insurance or mortgage. Still not. But they took this action immediately and did nothing else to help me. But this gave them excuse to bump up my monthly mortgage and start the trouble. This, I am learning, is how they get their hooks into you and destroy your credit.

Fast forward to October 2010. I was have discussion with Jeanne Morris in the Wells office of the president and discussed me retrieving the money they paid because I continued to pay my taxes and this money was an overage according to the tax collector. The town returned this money in check form which i deposited and sent Wells a personal check in same amount (apparently the town could only deal with the homeowner). At about the same time I received a foreclosure notice from WF in the amount of $1400 (the amounts actually vary depending on the letter) and 30 days overdue.

Keep in mind, I have always paid the $998 monthly payment and the quarterly property taxes - not late, not delinquent, on time. I was never charged a late fee in over 6 months since they jacked up the monthly payment (and I continued to pay the original amount). The amount and number of days might just set a record.

There are so many effected to varying degrees but the MO is the same. WF is malicious and retaliatory in their actions and it is clear they have no intention of helping anyone. The information provided whether by HAMP or the homeowner is used against the homeowner. I asked this Jeanne Morris what their policy is regarding opening escrow accounts and such and she could not even tell me. My experience with the harrassing phone calls is the same, and you get letters every day, and when you talk to customer service people, no two tell you the same thing.

How can a class action suit be started? it is clear from all the stories, Wells intends to separate folks from their homes. So many have experienced what I have, you get multiple letters from all different offices that say different things. If you talk to folks on the phone, they all lie, even in the "office of the president". so I refuse to take calls from them. So what is next step?

N  7th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Ok... this takes the cake... I officially removed us from this very disturbing HAMP program several weeks ago after stumblng upon all of this information. After what I read, I said no way... this is so far gone... and the only thing making me feel better is that the lawsuits are beginning to "hamp" ha ha ha up, and the good people of America are winning, and these schmucks are having to be held accountable for their (lack there of actons)... and by the way they do moniter these sights.

What can I tell you now? Get your rest report... especially if you were denied final modification after your third, or whatever trial payment. From what I read all foreclosure Judges are taking these reports as well as documented evidence ( phone calls, sending in info.. stuff you have chronicled down this highway of hell...also read up on foreclosure law in your state...

The employees of WFHM are indeed giving out false and incorrect information. Those acceleration letters you ge? You know, the ones that I was told " don't matter while you are in the modification practice"... and they are just automatically generated when you get behind? Well according to the foreclosure dept., they do count. So someone tell me... which is it?? Giving out incorrect information is not the customer's fault. Anyway...

I just recieved a letter from Ben Windust, , , /Senior VP WFHM... and this just took the cake. Again.. remember that I got myself out of this before they tried to illegally foreclose on me. I never even made it to the trial payment period. ( started all this 6 months ago). I never recieived a letter or any confirmation that I was in the trial payment stage.. nothing... I have been paying my normal amount, which has been getting credited correctly to my loan... according to the WFHM website that I log onto to view and print all info as it happens.

This is what the letter said... and to all of you reading this at WFHM? If you have any kind of ethics in you... go work for TD Bank... they are wonderful...being a former banker... this one blew my mind... and the jist of it was this:

" Unfortunately, after carefully reviewing the information provided, we are unable to adjust the terms of your mortgage". What info would that be? ... " we are not considering your request for a modification because after being offered a Trial Period Plan or Home Affordable Modification... you notified us on (such and such ) date, that you did not wish to accept the offer" Really? I was never offered a trail period, therefore it would be logical to assume that I wouldn't have accepted it. I NEVER GOT THAT FAR!!! Ahem... anyway... then it says " Any trial payments made will be applied to your mortgage loan". REALLY????? Again... when they actually decide to post the payments, they are applied where they should be... I check every week, and print EVERYTHING.. so I have proof. Dated proof.

And finally... " During this 30 day periodm a foreclosure sale on your home will not be scheduled if permitted by state law. Please understand that you may continue to receive letters and phone calls related to foreclosure during this time." Well... doesn't that take the cake? I am too much of lady to say what I really feel here... BUT when I called to ask what this latest attempt of crap was... at first I got someone who said that she was just customer service and couldn't help me... So I called the number she gave me, and they couldn't accept my call at this time... really? I finally called the regular number I call, and it was loss mitigation. Again... this gentlement said that this too " was just a form letter they send out"... REALLY???? I am beyond words...Am I worried? NO... I was almost prepared to let all this go... I have already spoken to some "people " regarding this matter, and well... at this point... I don't know. The only thing I can say is again... get your REST report... that will or will not indicate fraud... and not for nothing? Six months later, and after I write a letter removing my self from this scam... I am denied. REALLLLLLLLY???????

Too all WFHM people reading this...John Lennon said it best " Instant Karma's Gonna Getcha!!!" 12/8/80 30 yrs ago... when life was just simpler... agreed?
A  27th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Same scenario as outlined on the above. Wells Fargo was able to convince to pay $3857.00 to stop forclosure although there lawyer already have the house on auction after a week of receiving payment.
N  28th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
What is the REST report?

Boy does this sound familiar! I googled HAMP program just now after we were offered it, because Wells Fargo has been so sleazy and dishonest with us all along. Bear in ind we were NOT "sub prime, " in fact we put down 50k on our home and financed only 15 years. My husband's business took some turns here and there, and each time we asked for just a payment -3 payments to be added to the back of the loan, (3x over the last 10 years) instead they made an "offer" to help us...yeah, right. Regardless of our circumstances, or however temporary we could prove they were, they added fees, penalties, etc to us. Finally, a NON-Adjustable monthly mortgage of $1, 385 became a monthly payment of nearly $1800! They refused to adjust our mortgage ever, saying we did not qualify!

Long story short, we are now very behind, but they advised us of an unemployment program. I am not on the mortgage but have been an authorized contact, allowed to speak to reps and make decisions on m husband's behalf. NO LESS THAN 6 TIMES THEY "LOST" THE SIGNED AGREEMENT allowing me to speak to them! They caught on that I am more thorough with my questions and research than my husband so they tried to shut me down at critical points, IMO.

I am trying so hard to finish a thesis so I can teach, and pay this myself, but they are taking up all my time with paperwork and legal crap, scrambling frantically each day to meet yet another demand or be on the street.

When we set up the unemployment program, they conned me into reporting MY income, which is really my child's social security from her deceased father, about all we have now. They implied but would not confirm that
it could help us to be approved for the program. The "home preservation specialist" said he was "Not allowed" to advise me either way, so I added my income after he said the paperwork could "continuously" be adjusted if we were not approved. A LIE! In truth, it not only caused a payment of all her money one month and MOST of it for 2 more months, but NOW they say that the "Rules" dictate that we MUST keep MY financial information on any agreement they ever make with us now!

Who do I report this to? Contact me at cutaway5@gmail.com. -K
N  28th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Incidentally, not only did WFHM "lose" my authorization paper so I could discuss the mortgage on my husband's behalf, they ALSO "LOST" all of our papers and filings too, and they said at one critical point that the papers we sent them came through but with no signatures! We had an efax copy clearly showing them, but we had to send them again!
N  10th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Hells Fargo!!! One victory for Massachusetts... hey Wells Fargo how did you like that ruling???? BUT... I remember one time being on the phone with a WFHM rep who told me that the people who were doing the modifications weren't even WFHM employees... and that they were Dept Of Treasury employees... I can ROFLOL at this now!!!

The REST report (gooogle it) is the document they( Banks ) use for the purpose of approving ( or not) your loan. All sorts of info in there... if you request it ( I would do it in writing return receipt mail )...they have to give it to you...

More importantly now... if you are being foreclosed on ( and people you need to find out the foreclosure laws in your state)... and MERS is on your deed... sorry Wells Fargo... you lose. WFHM is having a terrible time producing the documentation stating that they own your note. If the judges don't have it, it cannot be used, therefore you cannot be foreclosed on (if you are in court already dealing with this mess ). Got to your registry of deeds and find out and get copies of your mortgage documents. It really is the sloppy work of the robo signers, and not having correct conveying documents that are supposed to be filed, by law. They really shot themselves in the foot over this one. The ruling in Massachusetts ( god I think I love this state again)...is hopefully setting the precedence for all states. Personally... I was amazed when I found out who owns mine. You can go to the MERS website and find out now. If it states that the "investor wishes not to display their info" that means that either Freddie Mac of Frannie Mae own it. That is if their info is correct. You can also find out through the SEC to see what's up there. Freddie and Fannie have websites where you type in your info to see if they hold your note. MERS is NOTHING!!! as far as being able to foreclose on you. Or trying to.

The biggest problem of all is when you think WFHM is trying to help you, they are foreclosing on you behind your back. I think I spoke to this in an earlier rant. ::))

The best is yet to come... And after you find out all of this info... just fyi Wells won't give you a modification if you are Freddied or Frannied... which they won't tell you... These people have their own modification program... hey did Wells Fargo ever tell you that? Did they ever offer up who is actually on your note?????? ROFLOL again... I know now who is on every land document filed for my property and have copies to verify. That way no back dating of documents can be done ( oh yes they have tried this too...)

What they cannot produce in documents they do not own. End of story..!!! Any smart judge will throw them out of the courtroom. And for good reason. They really brought all of this on themselves, and they deserve what they get...

Wouldn't it be funny if all of us in hells fargo hell just stopped paying? What would they do? How would they like it? Can you imagine??? Just a fantasy. Take care...I hope this was helpful
Spend a day researching all of the info on the net... it's a treasure trove!!!
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Funny to read this... I've been in a HAMP modification since May of 2009... only after writing to the comptroller of the currency, engaging with the MHA Solutions Department, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Dept of the Treasury, Congressional oversight comitte and others did they finalize my modification. I paid my trial periods every month on the first... and they FOCKERED me by not applying them retroactively as required per section 9.5 delayed conversion of the MHA Hamp Guide book... and per Freddie Mac Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide / Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide, Volume 2 / Chs. 64-69: Servicing Nonperforming Mortgages / Chapter C65: Home Affordable Modification Program / C65.7: Modification process (09/01/10)

Freddie Mac has confirmed, as has HAMP solutions, so back I am into the battle against the FRAUDSTERS AGAIN! What did it mean in $ and cents? about $50, 000... my principal balance was increase to 420, 000 wherein it would have been 370, 000 had they applied by payments as required and made my mod effective after my trial period payments.

They know they won't get paid by the investor so they tried the old bait and switch. If I didn't sign, they knew I couldn't go back into the HAMP program... fortunately there is a 30 day dispute process... but as you might expect... they are very very quiet right now... they wrote back to the comptroller with a few "mistatements" shall we say... that I have them on... and of course reported incorrectly to their investor multiple times... which could be per the contact they sign with them a federal crime... but that's between freddie mac and citi... I just want my 50 K. I am anal retentive documenter... and a fighter... I can't imagine how many people these folks have absolutely RAPED through this program... utter fraudulent thievery... we should have let them all fail...
N  23rd of Jul, 2011 by    +1 Votes

SCAM artists are posting solicitations to draw people into a swindle as responses to complaints!

The REST Report is a well known and major swindle!! When the person above says "REST Report" (Google it), he is relying on you not Googling these keywords "REST Report scam" or "REST Report complaints".

See the discussion about REST Reports at the MS Fraud Message Board:

Rest Reports
N  18th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
Check out this Consumer Affairs website for additional Wells Fargo complaints:
A  18th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
I have tried to do a loan modification with Wells Fargo for almost 2 years. They have put me through grueling paperwork requests. Even wanting a profit and loss statement for a $250 check that I received for 16 hours of work as an independent sales person. After I provided everything that they wanted, I get a letter (mind you after almost two years) telling me that the HAMP program is only for homeowners that have: Died, spouse has died, on disability. Could you tell me why they didn't say this in the beginning of the two year process. Their is something not right going on with this HAMP program.
N  15th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
We have been struggling for some time now to make our mortgage payments with Wells Fargo, today they told us we would qualify for the HAMP program and they would be sending us a package. After reading all of these complaints I am now even more afraid than ever of losing my home. Any suggestions on a different program or other help we can get with our mortgage?

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