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Wells Fargo Financial / abusive and harrassing phone calls

1 420 Montgomery St.San Francisco, CA, United States Review updated:

I have been a long time customer of Wells Fargo having had a second mortgage and a loan at different times. They offered me a credit card which I have paid on time for 4 years. Due to an emergency, I was late with my payment. The calls started the day after the missed payment. I answered and told them I would pay on the 19th when my Social Security check posts. They laughed and told me they would call me every day. They have and I told them the same. On my 10th day past due and I called to see if I could arrange a plan as the daily 8:30 am & 5:30 pm calls 7 days a week were driving me crazy. The Rep offered me a plan where the payment would be more than the regular payment. I could not agree because I can't afford it. I am now filing complaints with any agency I can. If you have been a Wells Fargo Customer don't think they will fairly work with you if you fall behind. If you have a WF credit card get rid of it.

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  • Fu
      5th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I would like to complain about the the so-called financial advisors in wells fargo at the larchmont village branch in los angeles calif, , I have to put together a money spread for my mother and the young guy that calls himself the financial advisor, wouldnt give me the timeof day until he found out My mom had a private banker at the san francisco branch and she is also a Vice president, , her name is Margo Maxie, , I had to go in 6 times until they gave me the portfolio spreads which they call wealth Building portfolios, , yeah, , first this man, Ernest Kim is a graduate of UCLA, , and what does he know about investments and what does he have in his bank account ?? hummm .. get real.. he isnt listed in scramento as a financial advisor, , another bank employee and he has millions of dollars in his hands?? yeah.. get real.. and the conservative portfolio pays 3 % and they charge 1 and 1/2 % maintenance monthly, , I am not supporting them and have wells fargo lend out the cash at a high rate of interest... these flake investment advisors are not qualified and this Ernest Kim is not, , get us out of here ... this is a red light if I have ever seen one...

  • Ji
      13th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have a lot of positive feedback for WF. I have my brokerage account with them along with my personal accounts. Maybe it's different down here in Orange County, but I have to say WF is def. your best choice in this type of market. Their bankers and fc's have always guided me in the right direction, unlike many other financial recourses that hire low paid sales people. Kudos to Wells for keeping my money safe!

  • Ch
      11th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I completely agree, Wells Fargo "financial advisors" are the worst. They are no more then a teller with a title. After wading through a ton of misinformation from the Larchmont Branch that is costing me over a thousand in fees and taxes, I am changing accounts to another branch. Their "financial help" is laughable and when complaints were logged with higher ups, Lucy Babiryan or Greg Simidian nothing was done. Meanwhile, while on hold for this egregious help you listen to a recording that says how Wells Fargo works for small business and individual banking. Ludicrous.

  • Ch
      25th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    If you want your hard-earned money to be mis-managed, I'd urge you to put your money in the hands of a Wells Fargo Advisor. If you read their contract, and don't understand it, they'll provide you with mis-information and lies.

  • An
      11th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I had my money initially with Wells Fargo in about 2006 in Texas; The advisors, got nasty with me one day and I switched and trusted A.G. Edwards, who latter became Warsovia and presently is under the umbrella of Wells- Fargo . The financial advisor that I went to get and promissed to take great care of my portfolio; lied to me and became abusive, unethical and used every opportunity to intimidate me, give me misleading information and Harass me to the point that I lost considerable amount of money. This advissor now is at Wells Fargo here in Texas. I have yet to find any attorney that could represent me inspite of the loss of my money.
    I had to move my portfolio to New Mexico and there the other financial advisor was influenced by the the initial financial advisor in Texas and they continued to mislead me up to the point that they washed their hands to the damage they done and I received a letter where they told me to move my money out of their firm or they would charge more money.
    Harrasment, intimidation and causing harm was the name of their game.
    Till this day I have been looking for help to recover what I lost. I believe because of their harrasment and intimidation tactics I have a case and should recover what I lost.
    I have contacted FINRA but also read that they are not very helpful; that they encourage consumer to persue justice only to leave the investor with no case.
    Now I read that in Investment News August 5, 2011 " Former A.G. Edwards execs are out at Wells Fargo." Trio of "old guard "left last month" .
    What am I to do now it is clear these financial advisors are wolfs dressed in sheeps clothing.
    If anyone, out there knows of a lawyer that would be willing to be trully interested in the justice and protection of my rights. Please let me and others know that there is some hope out there.
    There is no justice yet in my situation here in Texas and New Mexico.
    These advisors have no interest in the investors, beware . Please Help!

  • Ba
      7th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

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  • Ba
      7th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

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