Wells Fargo / executive office member bryan foley

Lyons, CO, United States

I have contacted Wells Fargo several times to resolve the same issue that haunts me every time I make a payment. Bryan, on a recorded line today, informed me that if I pulled my funds from the bank and went to another bank that Wells Fargo wouldn't miss me. He was talking at me rudely and when i started talking back equally he started saying "i don't have to listen to that" well I do not either. I had to go through all of this before and spoke to a guy who said he was at the "high dollar desk " . He gave me his personal contact information and told me that if I ever had this problem again to contact him directly. I lost his information unfortunately during my move back to Georgia. I've requested several times to speak with him. I know that there's a record of whom I've spoken with so I should be able to locate him again. I'm unable to do so with Adam Getnan or Bryan Foley. They pass me back and forth. I'm going to keep emailing corporate officials and doing whatever it takes to get I touch with the high dollar desk even if that's camp in the corporate office. I refuse to be treated as I have. Please help me get this issue resolved so that I can continue to bank with Wells Fargo.

Jun 19, 2017

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