Wells Fargodeposit holds

I have been a member of Wells Fargo Bank for about a year. I noticed that when I make deposits, there would be a hold placed on the money. They would use different excuses each time. Some holds would be two to three days, and the most recent 10days.

On the recent deposit, I received a message in form of an email on my on-line baking account with them, saying that a part of the money would be released on a certain date. I went to the branch, spoke with a business manager, and he could not get my money released even though this date had passed. I went back a few days later as I was out of money and have a family of four to feed. I took a copy of the email which again was from my on line banking website, their website, and was told they would release the money. The teller asked the manager who had been showed the copy of the email that she needed her to override something in the system, and she instead made a phone call and then came out and explained to me that they could not honor what they had said. I asked for an answer as to why, and she blamed a different department and said that the funds were not there. Well it had been 5 days since the deposit, and the funds had cleared the other bank.

This has been going on with this bank with us for around a year now. I did research on line and found out that this is being done on a large scale to many of us. Well I am standing up. I contacted an attorney and will file a class action law suite against this unfair bank. If anyone else would like to join me, or has information that will help stop these institutions from taking advantage of their patrons, please email me or call me. thank you for reading.

Michael Halbert

Feb 13, 2015

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