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Wells Fargo Dealer Services / auto loans

1 OH, United States Review updated:

Wells Fargo's underhanded business dealing are not limited to Home Loans/Mortgages. I was unfortunate enough to not only have my primary checking and savings accounts through Wells Fargo, but my Auto Loan as well.
Like many others I was caught in this trap when Wells Fargo bought out Wachovia. While dealing with Wachovia for several years before the take over I had no problems with either my online banking or the Auto Loan. On the rare occasions a mistake was discovered the customer service people at Wachovia were always courteous and helpful. After the take over I closed my banking accounts upon discovering that I was being charged NSF charges on debits drawn on my automatic payroll deposit which was held for 2 weeks or longer on every deposit leaving me constantly in debt. Unfortunately I was unable to transfer the car loan. Last spring due to an unauthorized payment by an outside party drawn on my private checking account, my auto payment was returned. I was unaware of this until notified by the bank several weeks after the event. On investigating, the problem was located, and shortly after I was contacted by Wells Fargo via USPS and they were made aware of the situation. As my next payment was now due I attempted to go on-line as I had always done but was unable to complete the transaction as I was now "locked out". Without an address to send the payment to I was now 2 months in arrears! This has been a constant nightmare of trying to "catch up" for almost 1/2 a year. Yesterday my 2004 Dodge Durango was taken from my home along with my camera, my medications, my purse containing close to $400.00 in cash, credit cards, debit card, checks and other banking information, my social security card, etc. leaving me financially destitute and with out my prescription medication which I am unable to replace over the weekend. This occurred AFTER I had made a payment in the required loan amount of $460.10 3 days prior as per an agreement made via telephone the proceeding week! I have been deceived and lied to by these people who I have since discovered receive a commission on any money paid. I have been promised extensions, refinancing options, discontinuation of collection proceedings... anything to get more money from me! I have been constantly harassed to point where I hate speaking to these obnoxious people as it just seems to go no where other the making me angry and frustrated. I am constantly called at work even though I have stated it is placing my job in jeopardy. A pox on Wells Fargo and it's lying, deceitful minions! If anyone out there is considering a class action suite against these shysters please count me in!

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  • Mz
      20th of Nov, 2010
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    I can relate to your pain and dilemma. My 2006 Sonata was repossessed from my home on Septemeber 11, 2010 and it was because of a payment that was asked to be placed at the back of the schedule since 2008. I am a teacher and we get paid on a schedule. Was awaiting my payment to make the September payment and next I know... the car is gone. I talked with them to get my car back for a while, but was told by several others to use my money wisely and go elsewhere because of their devious actions. I would probably pay and not get my car back. So, I took their advice and went elsewhere to get another car. Yes, they are very deceptive. Never will I deal with Wells Fargo again. ***And yes all payments had been made each month. I was not behind on a payment, just a few days late on the September one.

  • St
      7th of Dec, 2010
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    I feel that Wells Fargo Dealer Services, WFDS, is willfully withholding due funds in excess of $520.00 following overpayment after the sale of my vehicle.
    My vehicle loan was paid in full and received by WFDS on 11/04/2010 after overnight mailing of payment to WFDS. The excess payment of $528.oo was said to be sent out when WFDS would release the title. The release of the title did not occur till 11/19/2010. With the overage check to be mailed the following day, Saturday 11/20. The check was not mailed till the following Friday 11/26. The reason this time was due to the refund needing approval because it was in "excess of 500". I consider this an obvious stalling technique. The check was supposedly mailed on Friday 11/26 and has yet to be received through late Monday 12/06. With my last contact with WFDS @ 16:13 12/06 revealing a new check could be issued but not until 30 days have passed. In my mind I consider this extreme incompetence at best or possibly a fraudulent scam to withhold due funds. WFDS refuses to do wire transfers into my personal bank or to local Wells Fargo banks. They have not been receptive to providing me with any sort of tracking. This is not right.

  • Ny
      30th of Dec, 2010
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    Had a similar experience with holding of funds by WFDS. I accidently paid my loan payment twice in one month. Just try getting money back from these thieves. I've had my own personal bank involved and they said they've never seen anything like this. I started requesting a refund on November 29, 2010. Twice they've told me "the fax request has not been received" even though I have a verification from my bank that the request was sent. I'm now filing a complaint with the New York State Attorney General's Office. If you've had a similar problem, I suggest you do the same with your Attorney General. You're right - it's wrong.

  • St
      30th of Dec, 2010
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    In follow up I did finally receive my check from them on Dec 18. They were Paid in full on Nov 4, released the lean on Nov 19, mailed a check that was lost in the mail. I will never do banking with them again. Wells Fargo Dealer services, in my opinion, with held my check for a month only to collect interest. Hope they don't "lose" your check. Good luck.

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