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So I have hard a credit card with wells fargo for almost 2 years now (big mistake) and I always pay my monthly payments, this year has been exceptionally hard for me because I lost my job, but I still pay monthly so my credit will be good, but wells fargo keeps screwing me over and i am getting sick and tired and fustrated and I need to take action against them, so they say I'm over the limit one month i payh the monthly fee and the over the limit charge 3 days later they are hounding me saying i'm over the limit again, they say something to do with the account is atttached to my checking, since my checking is bad I say ok cut it off, they do not listen instead the lady on the phone is extremely rude and is laughing, i was soo upset, so I go ahead and pay the over the limit fee again, I pay $100 (mind you I still don't have a job)then they hit me with another fee saying that they took over $80 to cover my checking i'm so upset because i told them i didn't want it linked up anymore, i'm crying and they won't help even though it's their fault and i'm like put the 80 back into my credit account they say it's imposssible, they are making me pay for their mistake, which upsets me greatly, i'm so ticked off i don't know what to do and i'm over the limit again and they are harrassing me saying i need to pay again. At this piont i'm like these people are sick f these people. So i close down my checking accounts, because i don't trust them and I make another payment covering the over the limit fee gain, i'm like finally this issue should be resolved. Ok so tell me why theses idiots these illiterate idiots call me again saying i'm over the limit at this point i'm too angry for words, i havn't used the credit card in like 4 months and i've been paying every month and covering the over the limit fee, so why am i back to square 1 again, they say im over the limit because I had automatic bill pay and they took the money out of an accpount that does not exist and they had to return it so I got hit with soo many finance charges. Wells fargo are users and just keep taking money from innocent people i hope they go bankrupt and burn in hell. I mean i keep paying each month to find myself in the same dumb situation, and they don't help they just say you have to pay, i mean i'm struggling to pay I have 0 money i'm borrowing from family members and they keep pulling this stunt i'm done trying now their threatening to file a complaint to the credit beaurue i'm done i'm like go ahead, i'm so tired and fustrated.

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  • Mz
      Sep 21, 2010

    i absolutely agree that people need to ban together and SUE WELLS FARGO!!! They do pull stunts and have a list of excuses that they pre-print so they always have a come-back even when it makes no sense whatsoever!!! THEY TRIED TO GET ME TO PAY OFF MY CAR TWICE after it was deemed a total loss and already paid off!!!
    WELLS FARGO ARE SCAM ARTISTS!!! IM LUCK I REMEMBERED THE NAME OF THE LADY THAT OFFERED ME A SETTLEMENT ON THE PHONE !!! IF I HADN'T, I MAY HAVE BEEN STUCK PAYING THE DIFF.! I dont remember what the balance was before the theft and wreck of my car but the insurance did not pay the whole amount... so... the remaining balance was like 1600 or something SO THEY OFFERED ME A SETTLEMENT which i jumped on. They offered to take 800 off the balance if i would pay promptly, i had just gotten a large tax refund so i jumped on it and told the lady i would go straight over and pay in person! Now REMEMBER, i went to pay in person and not over the phone because i was afraid this very thing would happen!!!
    THANK GOD BY THIS TIME I KNEW WELLS FARGO WELL ENOUGH THAT I STARTED TO KEEP PROOF OF EVERYTHING I DID AND PAID TO THEM TO COVER MY OWN ###!!! I REMEMBERED THE LADY AND DEPARTMENTS NAMES THAT OFFERED ME THE SETTLEMENT AND CALLED AND RAISED HELL!!! I didn't get stuck with it afterall but the fact that they TRIED... just infuriated me because there ARE wealthy people or not so wealthy who have bookkeepers pay their bills and i think they try and take advantage just to see who out there is STUPID ENOUGH to pay off a car TWICE!!! [censored] Wells Fargo!!!

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  • Az
      Aug 13, 2011

    this is not the first time i have had trouble with WELLS FARGO .I have a credit card with wells fargo.the credit card payment due is on 08/13/2011 .(till 1 p.m) that is what i was informed last time i checked . and today when i open my account at 10 .27 am 08/13/2011 am to make a payment on the account i am charge a overlimit fee because according to them "technically today is Saturday and not a business day and I WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE A PAYMENT YESTERDAY ON 08/12/2011 .what is the point of a due date i wonder . how long is it going to go like this .? they suck the money out of you and every you call them " its not a bank error"...i m going to do everything i can to make it stop ...

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