Wells Fargocredit card department

Wells Fargo's credit card department has horrible customer service. They tell you one thing then do another. When you call to sort things out they tell you that "you need to be educated on how to use a credit card". Well I have two mortgages with your company, a credit score over 800, and a six figure income. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing.

I asked to speak with a manager and was told "she's just going to tell you the same thing". Sure enough, she was hostile from the beginning. I explained to her that my complaint was that they promised me one thing, but then did another and she just ignored it and said they were right. When I said she was wrong and that they shouldn't treat customers this way she said "oh excuse me, I guess you know the rules better than us employees". Her attitude towards customers was unbelievable and is the reason I will not be using Wells Fargo in the future. Her name is Michelle Bradford and I am filing an official complaint with the appropriate agencies in California.

I had similar instances of employees mouthing off to me when I first opened my account, the only reason I went through with it was that they promise to pay 1% of your credit purchases back by paying down your mortgage principal. It sounds like a great deal, but not worth their attitudes.

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