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Due to negligence on the part of Wells Fargo and Washington Mutual I have lost my house and my good credit rating. 2 and half years after my divorce and the bankruptcy of my business, I re-established my credit an purchased a home for my self. I refinanced that home after a year to get a fixed rate and rid my self of the 80/20 scam. Wells Fargo granted my the loan but it was a variable rate loan and I was told that I could refinance after a year to a fixed rate because my credit was good. After the year I submitted the paper work for refinancing with Wells Fargo and other lenders to find that I was turned down because of my debt to income ratio was no good. I had not purchased or done anything with my credit during that year and my income was about the same. I fought with Wells Fargo for a week to find out what could be done, clearly there was a mistake, but no one could tell me. So I began an invention of my own. The first thing I did was submitted and application to pay my bill on line with Wells Fargo online banking, and lo and behold, I didn't have a $140K mortgage but I had a $268k mortgage. In short, they purchased my X-Wife's mortgage and attached it to my account. I called them and explained it to them. They act like they didn't know, surprising to me. I communicated with them for a week alone with Washington Mutual. They began accusing one another. Finally I was asked to submit all the paper work to each bank. My divorce, my bankruptcy, my quick claims deed. After that I fax them the paper work, they confirmed that they received it, both banks, I didn't here anything from either of them for about two a month. Then I received a letter from Wells Fargo, A foreclosure letter. My account had vanished from the account log on page of Wells Fargo, but my X-Wife's account was available for me. I can view the activity of her account but my mortgage account has vanished. They will not respond, my credit has been totally destroyed, and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help?

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      Apr 28, 2009

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