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Wells Fargo Bank / illegal action on innocent bank customer in regards to identity theft

1 21680 Gateway Drive Ste 280Diamond Bar, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 909 612-1379

In 2002 I signed as a loan based on a personal agreement with the president for IBE (International Business Exchange) I was paid $50k as a silent partner. In the end the company went bankrupt and I was never informed and move out of the country. In the meantime the bank went after the partners and in the course of this they actually went after someone with a similar name as mines. The person has been fighting Wells Fargo for four years and I was never informed as to this mix up. Over the weekend I was contacted by the ex-President and he informed me of the mix up. I felt so bad about this and Wells Fargo has ruined this man life and I am so sorry so trying to do the right thing I contacted the bank today and was just shocked as to what I was told.

I told the Post Judgement Account Officer Brent Westman who I was and that I was the person he has been trying to contact and he has been filing legal paperwork against the wrong person. He asked me my social security number and name and pretty much told me he has a judgement and that I had to go to court in order to resolve this. I told him I would meet him at any bank in Modesto to resolve and resolve this mix up to resolve his actions against an innocent customer.

Wells Fargo bank has taken this customers saving, checking, garnish this gentleman wages, he was laid off his job due to this adverse action by Wells Fargo Bank and this Mr. Westman has taken it upon himself to ignor any information that could have cleared the customer. I am not understanding how a bank can just treat a customer this way and take his money and void his bill pay on-line to cancel his payments then put the money back in his account and then take all his money and apply this to this debt that doesn't belong to him.

I went to the county records office today and found the documents and it is Prime Loan/Judgement # [protected]-26 filed in Alemeda county court. The paperwork doesn't match up to me or the other person but it has bit and pieces of both of us which is quite odd. How can a bank get a jdugement when it doesn't have the correct information 100% yet can do whatever they want to harm an innocent person.

I was told that I have to get a lawyer and sue Wells Fargo and all I was trying to do was let them know I am the person who signed for the loan and they have been attacking the wrong person. This is a financial business and someone needs to report this. I am trying to find someone at Wells Fargo Bank high enough to complaint and have this corrected. In the end I shall sue Wells Fargo and I hope the customer who has been treated this way does the same.


Joel Miller

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