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Wells Fargo Auto Financial / horrible service all around

1 United States

Wells Fargo Auto Financial is the holder of the loan for my vehicle, purchased in October 2006 we have never missed or been late on a payment during the existence of our loan. We have auto payment set up through our bank using the account number and address to Philadelphia, PA for payments. We started receiving calls from them mid-February with no information on what was going on, I immediately checked our account and saw where the payments were still being sent via electronic payment from the bank and assumed the calls were simply marketing calls looking to re-finance since it was shortly after they aquired Wachovia and our payments have all been made, finally I spoke with them when they informed me that they had not received the last two payments. The collector who at first was very polite and helpful as we figured out that Wells Fargo Auto Financial had not only changed the mailing address for my vehicles payment but had also changed the account number for the payments. I am not wealthy and hold just enough money in my account to pay 1 extra payment for all my bills and was unable to give them both payments right there on the phone without speaking with my bank to retrieve the payments that have already been debited from my account, the collector suddenly changed his tone accusing me of being a deadbeat and telling me how he has already paid off his Mercedes, after explaining to him since intenet of payment is evident through my bank records and Wells Fargo had failed to advise me of this change I would contact them as soon as I could get the situation figured out with my bank, I got the address which he provided as a Las Vegas address and gave me my account number so I could get set up properly, at this time he told me this changed happened in 2007 a few moments later he told me it was 2006 than he told me it was 2005 (before the loan was originated). I got with my bank who stopped payments and coincidently had recieved the first payment back that day we corrected all the information and sent the 2 payments back out. 2 weeks later we started receiving calls again about the lack of payments. While speaking with a differrent collector it was determined that the first collector gave us the wrong address the account number was correct but the address was incorrect, this collector advised me she would note this and gave me the address in Las Angeles and did not harrass me about the payment stating that since the account number was correct the payment would be forwarded and we should be ok. I waited another week to see if payments were received, today I noticed my bank had credited my account and verified it was the payments sent out to the address incorrectly provided by Wells Fargo Auto Financial. I will be contacting a lawyer to see if there is anything I can do about the harrassment and lack of written notification from the lender. I recommend anyone who gets any type of loan from any Wells Fargo institute they look to move that loan to another lender or pay it off as quickly as possible as this company with all of its assets are perhaps the most unprofessional, unorganized and unrepentent for their clerical errors to good upstanding loan holders. Viva le' Revolution against Wells Fargo!

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