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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / harassing phone calls despite payments

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I've had a loan with Wells Fargo for my car since 2003 and it's just about to be paid off. I've been pretty much on time with my payments. Sure a couple of them ran a little late, but never more than 30 days past due. I sent a request for the payoff amount a couple of months ago to see what I owed. And the next bill showed I owed about $2, 400, which was the payoff amount. I paid my normal amount of $540. Then the phone calls started. I asked them why they're calling me because I paid my bill, and they said "you still owe us $1800" because that is the final payment. I told them I couldn't pay that and I'd pay my $540 like normal the next couple of months with the final one being in June. They said that'd be fine.

A couple of days later, they're calling again. I ask them why, since I've talked to them about this already, and after being on hold for 1/2 for the guy to "research my account" they said that's fine, though I might still get phone calls since it's not the final payment.

But then I get phone calls like last night where the person, talking in a very demeaning tone says "Sir your payment is 8 days past due, we need the payment now or we will repossess your car". I'm like "excuse me?' and I tell them what's going on. And they said they can't do that because I ran late a few times a couple of years ago.

They have the worst customer service and are borderline harassing, calling after 9pm. If you get a car loan, just make sure it's not from Wells Fargo, because they are the worst.

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      26th of Sep, 2009
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    It is true, Wells Fargo, and their "auto-call" system is a bit out of control. Which is why I gave them one of 5 numbers that I have with a one ring "auto-answer" that is never answered or checked. When I want to talk to them I call them. I don't really expect much from them other than bad manners, wrong answers and an attitude that you would dare keep asking questions until you got a satisfactory answer.

    Early in my loan I was in a very tough economic position and had to extend a couple of months on my contract. The loan "maturity date" has now come due, however, I didn't realize it. I asked a customer service representative why their websight due date never changed when I paid the full amount that it indicated that I owed. She said that I owed the full amount, I said not according to the websight, it said I only owed the regular monthly charge. She said that "her computer" says I owe it all, I asked does that mean that WF kept two separate books, one online for the customer, and the other offline that the customer was not authorized to see? (Why did I ask that?) She checked with her supervisor (so she said) and they reportedly told her to tell me to "ignore what I saw online". I notified our state department of insurance, securities and banking asking them if this is appropriate and legal, of course, they said that it was not and that what is online, legally, is what the company must go by with electronic transactions NOT what is on their internal computers that customers do not have access to.

    I was advised to continue to make my payments, and because now I know the maturity date has come, to pay off the loan as soon as possible. However, I was also asked to copy WF's online screen shot each month after I made a payment and it was posted, so as to verify that once the full monthly payment requested was paid, only a regular monthly payment was thereafter requested again, and not the full amount due. I was told that this is an illegal practice that is misleading to consumers. It may not help me, but I have done what they've asked so perhaps it will help someone else. If it is happening to you, I suggest you contact your state banking regulator or Attorney General and report it.

    As I will be done paying my vehicle off in the next 2 weeks, I won't be able to provide the regulators much more data.

    I've worked for an auto finance company myself before, so I know what these representatives are up against. However, when they speak in absolutes about things that they are unsure of, and in fact are often wrong about, they do a disservice to themselves, but also WF and their consumer market. It is an experience I will never forget and will gladly share with all of my friends and co-workers. It is the first and last time I will do business with WF. For a company that accepted corporate welfare from the American taxpayer, they have a miserable way of showing their gratitude.

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