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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / wf added insurance and continued to charge after we showed proof

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I don't even know where to start. My husband brought a truck in 2003 and we were financed through Wells Fargo Auto Financial. There had never been a late payment. In June of 06', he brought a car. Well we have Allstate car insurance (we have had Allstate forever) anyhow. Our Allstate agent made a mistake and took the truck off of the policy even though we still had the truck. This mistake triggered Wells Fargo to assign us their insurance - Balboa.

When I realized that allstate had made this mistake, I immediately contacted our agent and she immediately contacted Balboa and stated that we had insurance and that she had mistakenly taken the wrong car off of the policy. We also notified Wells Fargo of this and so did the allstate agent. She faxed them all the information that they requested (several times) and stated her mistake. A month or so later we received a letter from Wells Fargo stating that they had taken the insurance off of our bill.

In October 06 we were still being charged for the Balboa insurance. Again, I contacted Balboa and they stated they had credit the monies back to Wells Fargo and that it may take a month or so for Wells Fargo to credit the money back to the account. We received a letter from Wells Fargo dated 11/3/03 that stated the insurance coverage that they issued had been canceled as of 10/06. Each month when we received the bill, we noticed that we were still being charged for the insurance. So any payment for the truck that my husband sent in to Wells Fargo a portion of that was going to the insurance first and I am not sure where the rest of the monies were going.

In December of 06, we began to get phone calls stating that we were past due on the loan. When I asked how could that be the rep stated that there were no payments applied to the loan. She told me that I needed to pay $2000. in order to bring the account up to date. I asked for a payment history. Of course I never received it. On January 4, 2007 I made a payment to Wells Fargo in the amt of $2000- I still could not figure out how we owed that amount when my husband had been making payments. I was told by the rep that the account was up to date.

By Jan 15,2007 I was still getting phone calls stating that the account was in arrears. I explained to the rep that this could not be true because I had just spoken to someone on 1/4/07 and she stated that account was up to date. The Wells Fargo rep told me that I needed to contact Balboa because they were still charging us insurance. I spoke to a very nice Balboa rep who stated that Balboa had credit back $2400 to Wells Fargo and that we were no longer being charged their insurance. So I stated to the rep that Wells Fargo was telling me that a portion of the car payment was going towards Balboa insurance. The Balboa rep stated again that they had credited back $2400.00 to Wells Fargo and she also state that Wells Fargo was having 'processing problems' as I was one of several customers that was having this problem.

I began receiving numerous phone calls Wells Fargo in the month of February stating that the account was 45 days past due. I knew good and damn well that this was not the case. Each time a Wells Fargo rep would call I would explain the whole insurance thing. I finally received a call from a Wells Fargo rep and I asked her to please send me a copy of the payment history. This was on March 15, 2007. I asked her to please review the account and tell me the dates from Sept 06 of payment. She stated to me that payments were received as follows: 9/2/06 a payment of 980. was received, 10/13/06 a payment of 1008.00 was received, 11/13/06 a payment of 1000.00 was received (please note that I made a payment of $2000.00 on 1/04/07 and this payment was supposed to be for November 06 and December 06) 1/07 2008.00, 2/20/07 a payment of 975.00, 3/13/07 a payment of 900.00, and on 4/1/07 a payment of 959.43. Now looking at this where is there not a payment made?

I have continued to receive nasty, threatening phones calls from Wells Fargo. I requested a payment history in March and on April 5, 07. I HAVE YET TO get anything. On May 11, 2007, I received a phone call from a rep from Wells Fargo and she stated that the account was 89 days past due. I asked her to please please look at the payment history which she did. She stated to me that the account was up to date and that she did not know what happened. I asked her to please send me confirmation on that and she stated she would and that she was sorry to bother me.

On May 21, 2007 I received another phone call from Wells Fargo stating the account was past due. HER WE GO AGAIN. I told the rep that I had just spoken to someone the previous week and that everything was ok. I asked this rep to please look at the payment history. She told me she could go back and look and that I now owed $3000.00. I asked her to explain how this could be. She told me that she did not have to explain and that she wanted to know if I wanted to set up payments on the account to bring it up to date. I told her NO because it was obvious and evident that Wells Fargo had no idea what the hell they were doing and that they were not being honest. She began to get loud and I hung up on her.

I called my husband and told him what happened and what they said we owed. He made a few phone calls and spoke to a manager in the Repo dept. My husband explained to the Manager the whole history of the account. The manager told my husband that he needed a few hours to look into everything and he told him he would get back to him. My husband spoke to the Manager again the next day. The manager stated that it appeared that Wells Fargo was applying the payment incorrectly and that he would have to speak with his supervisor.

On May 24/07 at 6:06 am I heard what appeared to be a garbage truck come don the street. When I went to the window to see, low and behold it was a bright red tow truck. The tow truck backed up into my driveway, hook up the truck and by 6:08 am the tow truck was headed down the street with the vehicle. I was paralyzed. I called my husband and told him what had happened. My husband called the manager who had been looking into the account and asked him for an up date. The manager stated that it was determined that Wells Fargo had been incorrectly processing the payments and that they would straighten it out.

I know my husband and he was more than pissed. He then asked the Manager if it was Wells Fargo who was in the wrong then why in the [censored] did they repossess the vehicle. The Managers response was ' Oh well I don't know let me transfer you to my supervisor'. My husband was transferred to the Supervisor and the supervisor stated that he was familiar with the situation and that it had been determined that again Wells Fargo had been processing the payments incorrectly. My husband also asked him 'then why in the [censored] did you all take the vehicle this morning?'. The manager then transferred him to the REDEMPTION DEPT where they stated that he would need to pay 3400.00 in order to get the vehicle.

My husband told them to explain how and why he owes $3400.00. The person said that they did not have to explain and that he should have opened his mail and paid his car note and this would never have happened. So it is our fault that the truck was taken even though they admitted that they processed the payments incorrectly.

Wells Fargo has definitely messed up. They harassed myself and my family with there 7 to 8 times a day phone calls and they refused to provide us with their record keeping when we asked for the payment history. Each rep had a different story. They called from California, Florida and no one seemed to know that there were notes in the records. As of today May 29, 2007 Wells Fargo is still calling and they are unable to provide us with the information that we deserved and requested. They are deceptive in their practices and they are rude and nasty. How do you fight something like this? They have ruined my credit with their incorrect late payment information. The truck is somewhere. They did not leave a card or anything.

I am 1000% sure that we do not owe 3400.00. At this point I have nothing to lose and until they are able to provide me with the payment history, I am refusing to make another payment. This company is horrible and the reason that the lower level customer service reps are so rude and nasty is because the upper manager is just the same.

PS. Just received a letter from WF dated 5/25/07. The letter stated that the truck would go up for public auction on 6/4/07 and that if we wanted an explanation on how they figured out what we owed we would need to call the 800 number of we had to write them and request a written explanation. Wells fargo needs to be audited again as they were in California. Their deceptive practices are unacceptable.

Virginia U.S.A.

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  • Ga
      31st of May, 2007
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    I purchased a vehicle in late 2005 and used Wells Fargo as my finance company. I added the vehicle on to our existing insurance policy with Allstate and maintained that until switching agents (still with Allstate). We then changed to a family agent who placed us with TOPA/RMIS. We have never had any lapse in policy or terminations of any policy. However, shortly after we purchased the vehicle, Wells fargo has sent us letters indicating the placement of Collateral Insurance on the vehicle for failure to provide proof of insurance. OK, we thought this must be a mistake and someone's something didn't talk to the next person's somebody. We called Wells Fargo and submitted via fax the Insurance declaration page. Upon recieving our next 2 statements, we noticed the Collateral Protection charge is still factored in to the amount (nearly $2000!!!).

    Then the collection calls began.

    I called back to Wells Fargo and after fighting with a collection rep just to get to speak with someone regarding the insurance portion, I was finally transferred to a manager (or so I thought!) who explained that they had no record of receiving my proof of insurance. Did it just vanish into thin air? Did someone just not do their job? OK, mistakes can happen... we faxed it over again figuring this "manager" guy should settle this once and for all. 2 months go by, 4 months go by, and still nothing taken off our bill, all the while, the collectors are steadily calling and getting more in our faces and threating us with their veil little threats, as if it were their PERSONAL automobiles!

    2 months after switching to our new insurance, we receive another Collateral Protection placement letter for nearly $2000! We went through the process of calling again, this time being directed to call Balboa Insurance directly. OK, now we're getting somewhere... not. After Submitting our OLD insurance and the NEW insurance to Balboa, it seems at one point they mysteriously don't have a record of receiving it, the next time they saw the notes in the computer where we submitted it but nothing was processed and that they would look into it. Several months had expired with nothing being deducted from our statements and now it is showing an outstanding balance just over $4500. You can imagine the flavor of the collection calls now. It was really getting nasty when we changed to our Family's private Insurance agent who placed us with TOPA. Of course we received another letter shortly after for Collateral Protection placement (can you guess how much?!) I promptly called again, and was directed to Collections. I hung up and called Balboa directly... again. This time I spoke to a representative who was only interested in receiving the proof of the current insurance coverage and would not listen or look into my claims regarding the other to CP placements. THIS TIME, THEY FINALLY showed a deduction for this 3rd CP placement amount.

    I called again to resolve the previous issues, and was directed to have my Agent call. He did while I was sitting in his office. It has been almost 4 months since and things have not been resolved at all. We have followed every guideline we can and still nothing from them. Not only is their insurance outrageously high, but the internal mechanisms of communication between these 2 companies is nonexistent.

    Additionally, I have previously purchased a used truck in 1997 wherein Wells Fargo was the finance company, and the same thing happened. It took them forever to get the records updated (both with Balboa, and then with Wells) to reflect the private coverage. It then took almost 2 months for the reduction to show up on my statement.

    We have recently purchased a new family vehicle and again, in no more than 2 months, we received a CP letter for this vehicle. We called Balboa and got the run-around. We then had our Agent call Balboa and 2 bills later the deduction appeared. We also received a confirmation letter from Balboa rescinding the Collateral Protection on this vehicle (for now!)

    In my opinion, Wells Fargo Auto Finance could be a good company to work with if they maintained their policies from a management perspective, dealing with issues of oversight fairly and not as if everyone is a criminal (guilty until you prove yourself innocent... multiple times!!!). They should have better communication with their partner companies... but then again, THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE LITTLE GUYS WHO PURCHASE A LITTLE CAR FROM A LITTLE DEALERSHIP. They only care about their monopolistic gains and it is just a paycheck to their representative. No wonder American jobs are getting shipped overseas at record pace! Because we just don't care enough to do our jobs properly. I can truthfully understand if I were trying to rip them off and just say "screw them", but I am an average working class stiff, who has his financial ups and downs (who doesn't these days) but I am definitely not trying to NOT pay for something I purchased.

    This whole company needs to be INVESTIGATED and a little CIVILIAN OVERSIGHT immediately! I would like to know how to initiate a class action law suit against them as there are numerous complaints regarding this practice. If possible, anyone experiencing this may email me (if the email will show up...


  • Sh
      8th of Jun, 2007
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    I am speechless. The exact same thing has been happening. Never late with a payment. The only difference is that I made my payments online. And each and every month they claimed they never received my payment. I provided bank statements and confirmations numbers to them. Then they stated I don't have insurance on the car and added a company Babola. I have spent numerous hours on the phone with them and I am at the point where I am going to consult with a lawyer.

  • Tr
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    OMG. The EXACT same thing - forced insurance, claiming to not receive info from my ins. company, harassing phone calls, etc. happened to me. It has taken months and months to try to resolve. I even refinanced through my local bank to be done with Wells Fargo and they are STILL harassing me!!! What do we do? Whom do we contact?

  • Li
      22nd of Jun, 2007
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    The exact same thing is happening to us!! We faxed proof of insurance numerous times and still somehow Balboa NEVER received the correct faxes. Every time I call, I get transfered around to soo many different reps and have to repeat my story over and over. According to Balboa my ins. agent and I have faxed 4 times the same (yeah right) proof of insurance for dates which are not in question... BULL... I'M NOT STUPID! They claim they have no record of me speaking w/anyone, even after me getting names of reps each and every time. The collection calls are non stop! I have been only making my monthly car payments and that payment I just found out isn't even being applied to the car loan. They are applying it to this insurance they decided to put on me!! To top it off they repossed my car on Thursday at 1:00am! I had to miss work Th. and pay WF $2260 plus $120 to the Police Dept. and another $375 to the Tow Co. That was the only way to get my car!! I am furious and are going to consult a lawyer!!!

  • Je
      22nd of Oct, 2007
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    Wells Fargo is a big RIP OFF they charged me with insurance and i was already paying for insurance $109.00 i have filled for Bankruptcy and told the guy to stop calling me and he told me he did not care what i have filled for he will keep calling and i hung up and he called right back they call 7 days a week all day long i don't answer it i let the answering machine get it and he keeps leaving some stupid message like he knows we have filed our taxes and he has papers on his desk from union county court these people thank they rule the world and thank everyone is afraid of them or something something needs to be done to them close them down or something they should not be allowed to talk to people the way they do all they want to do is fuss with you on the phone all the time. my mother died and this lady called her name was georgie from wells fargo i told her to not call back my mother was just buried and we just got home from her funeral to call another day and she said my mothers death had nothing to do with my loan i told her to get a life get a real job and hung up she called back. there awful people to deal with there always right and your always wrong i will never get anything from them

  • Ka
      24th of Oct, 2007
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    Wells Fargo needs better management, from top level down to line supervisors. Greedy, monopolistic, rude JERKS. Okay, so we have escaped the Balboa loophole to date; and we are two months behind in payments (around $800 total); but tonight I made a valiant effort to rectify the situation and was treated like crap. Here is the email I sent to them, which describes the phone conversation I had with Wells Fargo earlier tonight. Keep in mind that this is a company that, if you are even one day late in making a payment, call numerous times every day until payment is received; I've often logged up to ten daily calls for a week or more. And, because I can never get anywhere with them (because they conveniently claim they haven't gotten authorization from my husband to speak to me), I eventually stopped accepting their calls (hey, it's a cell phone, I need my minutes for other things too, like my TERMINALLY ILL mother). I'm ready to sic my attorney on them for harassment. I cannot WAIT to see how they respond to my email!!!

    First of all, I am sorry to go through this avenue of communication, but tonight when I asked to speak to your agent's supervisor the agent proceeded to hang up on me. I suspect that any other calls I make would receive the same consideration....or lack thereof. Having said that, I respectfully request that you forward this email (either via email or printed form) to the appropriate department SUPERVISOR, not some puissant phone person, as most of your agents wouldn't be able to figure out how to pour water out of a boot if the directions were printed on the heel. Sorry, but I am very upset with Wells Fargo right now, I don't mean to take it out on you, I just want you to understand how I feel about the way I have been treated by Wells Fargo today.

    Here is the situation. My husband has had his van financed through Wells Fargo for at least two years now, probably longer (I don't have any of the paperwork as we recently moved and it is still packed somewhere). I also had a car financed through Wells Fargo, and my loan was paid in full when I traded in the car last October. This past spring, we fell behind on many of our bills thanks to a loan officer who didn't know her job (we were trying to buy a house and she essentially screwed us). We did our best to keep up the important bills, such as this one; and it was in arrears a couple of times but had been current as of a few months ago; we were only able to bring it current thanks to my husband's mother, who made a sacrifice in order to help us with this bill. As of today, the account is 68 days past due.

    For the past several weeks, Wells Fargo has had absolutely no problem calling MY cell phone numerous times a day (over ten a day at times), yet they will not deign to speak to me, claiming that I am not authorized in the system and they aren't allowed to speak to me. I appreciate that they protect the interests of their clients; but why is it that over the past two years, my husband has had to tell Wells Fargo numerous times that they can talk to me regarding his account, and when they call and I try to handle things I am told they can't find that authorization? The reason this upsets me so much is that I recently started working outside the home full time, something I have not done in almost six years; and for two weeks I have tried to tell Wells Fargo that I could make payment arrangements to bring Jim's account current... yet I am continually told that THEY CANNOT SPEAK TO ME. I would tell Jim (my husband) this, and he would tell me that he did authorize them to speak to me and to call them (them being Wells Fargo). Whether I call or they do, it is always the same thing..."We cannot speak to you without your husband's authorization;" or they would just hang up on me without saying anything. My husband finally got upset enough to call this morning to authorize me AGAIN, and they didn't even TRY to speak to him about the account, just took the info.

    Tonight, while I was at work, a lady from Wells Fargo (Amanda?) called me, and asked for Jim. To my surprise, she did speak to me regarding the account; when she indicated that the account was 68 days past due and it was around 1200 to bring it current, before she could continue I offered.. OFFERED... to pay $500 a week for the next three weeks in order to bring it current (and then some). She immediately vetoed this offer, and stated that she HAD to have at least two months' payments by this Friday. I told her that I was not sure I could have that amount by then, and she said "Well it's ONLY another $300." Right now, to me, $300 is a LOT of money, and my family does have to eat. Furthermore, unless she is a supervisor, I don't see how she can just dismiss my offer without first checking with someone in a position of authority. When I worked in customer service and had similar situations, I would have been FIRED had I made a decision that should be left to supervisors to handle.

    She stated that she HAD to have the $800 because she could not carry over two late payments into November; I pointed out that if I paid $500 Friday she would only have to carry over ONE late payment, which would come to her two days INTO November. She ignored this, and basically demanded that I give her a check by phone, and I told her that I was not comfortable doing that, mainly because I wasn't sure I would have the funds to cover the check and didn't want to overdraft my account; I added that I didn't have the checkbook with me either, so it was not an option. She then asked if I had a debit card, which I told her I did but did not have it handy as I was at work. At this point, I think she felt I was trying to get out of paying altogether, because the conversation went south fairly rapidly; she said something to the effect of, "So you handle the bills but don't have your checkbook or debit card?" (Note that I did tell her I was at work during this conversation.) She then stated that I HAD to borrow the $300 from someone, which angered me, as she has no RIGHT to make a demand of this nature on me and she has no KNOWLEDGE of my living situation (which includes family and friends); I asked who I was supposed to borrow from and she said something like, "I don't know, family, friends... just GET THE MONEY." I told her I had nobody who could loan me that amount, and she said "Then Jim needs to call me." I replied, "Well Jim can call you and you can ask him for the money, but guess what, all Jim will do is hand the phone over to me, so why don't we just resolve this now?" She got even more surly and asked me if Jim even KNEW just how far behind the account was. I told her, "If he didn't know, why would I let him call your office to authorize me to speak to you?" She kept insisting that she HAD to talk to Jim, and I kept telling her that he will not do anything without first asking me how much we can afford to pay.. and I then reiterated that we can afford $500 but not $800.

    At this point, your rep wasn't listening to ANYTHING I had to say, because she was of the mindset that if she could just talk to Jim he would tell her that we could pay the $800 she is demanding... when this is absolutely NOT the case. She then said that she was going to do what she had to do and turn this in for collection (I assume this means potential repossession), and I replied that I would also do what I had to do and talk to her supervisor. When I asked her to transfer me to her supervisor she HUNG UP ON ME. Now I understand that working in collections is not an easy job; but I am appalled at the complete lack of respect your agents offer to their clients. I do not appreciate being hung up on, when I am doing my best to pay this bill? I understand it is two months late; but because I just started my job, I am not sure how much I will be bringing home in a full week of work; and I do not want to stretch our finances beyond what we bring in, as we do incur costly bank fees every time we overdraw. If I give a check for $800 and our total deposit on Friday is less, not only do I incur a costly fee for the returned check, but you will not get the $800.....and this is NOT my goal. I know for a fact that we can handle $500 this week, and I know for a fact that we can handle $500 next week; we may be able to handle more than $500 NEXT week, but I won't know that until I see at least one full paycheck from my job. I know that you want your money, and I want to get it to you; but I don't want to fall behind in every other bill I have doing so, because that is just going to put us into a deeper hole and will most likely affect future payments to Wells Fargo, because this is what happened the last time we fell behind and had to play catch-up.

    I am only including my name and cell phone number in this email, as well as my husband's name and type of vehicle; I will not put any identifying information, for security reasons. I respectfully request that you have a SUPERVISOR call me regarding this situation, and please understand that if I am contacted by anybody who is not a supervisor, I will not speak to them; I will ask for a supervisor (after writing down their name), and if they hang up on me as the woman tonight did, I will call back and demand to speak to a supervisor. When I do manage to get a supervisor, they will be in for a very LONG conversation with a very ANGRY customer. I apologize for the length of this email; please have it forwarded to somebody who is willing and able to work with me on this situation. Thank you.

  • Ma
      5th of Nov, 2007
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    The only comment that I have is that the same thing has happened to me almost word for word, except they have not picked up my car yet but are threatening to pick it up. You can not get anyone to listen to you, they have done what the hell and how the hell they want to do. Not one person knows what is going on and you can not get anything settled with WF. What it seems to me is that they are screwing people out of money and cars with the insurance scam they pull. They owe me $1,200 back insurance payments, and I have never had a laps in my coverage and I cannot get an explanation as to where the refund went.

    I do not know what to do about them, but I am ready to turn this vehicle in myself, but don't want them to win as I know that I am right!

  • Sh
      13th of Nov, 2007
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    After reading the this complaint I am completely mortified. This is our EXACT story. We did get the vehicle back, not because we paid anything but because I had a letter of Intent to cure Default that they had a specific date on in which they repossessed the vehicle prior to this date. Anyhow, we picked the vehicle up and am garaging it we have chosen to get a lawyer as we can not speak to anyone competent at Wells Fargo.

  • Je
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    I hate WELLS FARGO, im going through a similiar situation w/ them w/ the insurance not that long ago i had a @sshole excuse my french call me from the collection dept talking about that i needed im 32 days past due my ###... i pay them & im barely 3 days past due for jan. payment well he said it was b/c of the ins. I told dim that we were in the middle of getting that resolved & my husband was taking care of that, the rep told me well of course you dont want to fix it b/c you are not lisening, my response was first off i dont need your sassyness & he just kept talking over me i got so frusterated plus my preg. Hormones kicked in & i told him to get ### off my phone then & hung up. I know what your thinking i cuss to much but dealing w/ this unproffesionals how can you manage to keep your cool you cant!!!well earlier today they called & my husband talked to them & to my surpirse they said that the last payment that i made they took 1 hundred & something out for the ins. Payment mind you i have ins. according to them i havent had ins. Since sept. But yet i was never billed for that until barely this month makes no damn since... even berfore that i never received any notification stating that i was uninsured for that long back in nov. I changed ins. but prior than that wells fargo sent a letter saying if i didnt get ins. On my vehicle within 10 days they were going to apply the ins. On my acct. & i did so why in the hell are they charging me for it now & saying that im 32 days past due. Im so upset w/ them i ###ing hate their harrasements & sassyness im in a middle of complicated preg. & this the last thing that i need to be worrying about i cant stress over some ish that i dont owe, and to top this off back in november they deposit a postdated ck on the wrong date & overdrawled my acct. We have faxed spoken about this even refused to not pay the bill until they fixed it now that hasnt work b/c they started placing late fees on me for their mistakes now mind you im not paying a penny of late fees or for that damn ins. All i want is my refund for my overdrawn acct. That they said they would do & have that ins. drama taken care of. Im to the point wherei just want to get real hood w/ them or even take it to a lawyer but i cant strain myself like that i have to look out for my health & my unborn childs health. I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO... I REALLY DONT... i just hope when my husband trys to talk to them tomorrow something would get resolved b/c im done... we want to take to the higher ups but where are they? I feel all your stories & situations hope we can get some type of class law suit againsed them... whos with me???

  • To
      10th of Apr, 2008
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    I have the identical story as everyone else. I received a letter in December of 07 regarding lack of insurance and that they would begin charging me if I didn't respond within 10 days. I promptly called Wells Fargo to give them my policy number, but was told they had to speak with my insurance company. As soon as I got off the phone with them, I called my insurance company. The person at Geico was very friendly and said he would call Wells Fargo and then call me back to let me know what happened. About an hour later, I received a voice mail from the agent at Geico and told me that he spoke with someone from Wells Fargo and that everything should be all set...not exactly. My next bill reflected the insurance. I've called several times and no one can straighten this out. I would be willing to sign up for a class action suit against them.

  • Le
      8th of May, 2008
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    I'm going through the same thing with wells fargo auto financing. They have been applying all my car payments to their insurance. When I already have full coverage insurance. I have faxed the information several times along with my Insurance agent and nothing has changed. They are threatening to tow my car. We need to all get in contact with eachother and proceed with a class action suit.

  • Mo
      28th of May, 2008
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    same thing is happening to me now!! The insurance still shows up on my bill and they keep hasseling me to makea payment when i have been overcharged for months as is! They are threatening to take my car, my credit is getting bad and I have no idea what to do. I am with every one to do a class action suit as well. Something needs to be done.

  • Ja
      16th of Apr, 2012
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    I am a Legal Apprentice at a New York law firm, and I am responding to posts made by Wells Fargo auto customers who have been charged for Collateral Protection Insurance or CPI. Our law firm is currently investigating this type of conduct. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss your experience. My email is

  • Ju
      17th of Mar, 2013
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    I am having a similar problem with them. I just recieved a bill from them stating due to my late payment (15) days they are going to charge me collateral insurance. I feel this is the beginning of my nightmare. I also reveived several threatening insurance calls (4 to be exact) and provided all the information needed.

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