Wegmans Food Markets / employee

I was shopping at Holt Rod Wegmans today t 9:00. I was in hair product isle and looking at Loreal hair conditioner. I picked one up and noticed the one behind it had a $2 coupon on it. I looked for others on that shelf that had the coupon but noticed some had been removed. I saw some of the coupons on the Loreal Shampoo so removed 2 and bought 2 more conditioners. As I did this an employee walked by and said- "Please do not remove the coupons from all the bottles" . She keep walking and did not finish her statement until she was at the end of the isle making it impossible for me to tell her I am replacing ones taken off and BUYING the products. I found this to be very rude, intrusive and really none of her business since I am BUYING the product.
I could not get her name or description since she walked away and was at the end of the isle when she finished. There was another employee in this isle stocking the shelves.

Aug 04, 2018

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