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Complaints & Reviews

vegetables / cart availability

In the last 6 months I seen a considerable down turn in the quality and the availability vegetables, especially the iceberg lettuce. If I go to another wegmans store, Chili or Brockport the same day, the quality is so much better. Is it because the client base is lesser. I'm willing to bet that the Pittsford or Penfields stores receive top quality vegetables. Also the last 6 times I've gone to your Lyell store, there are never any small carts for customers - I have to go out in the parking lot and get my own. I've mentioned this to the customer service desk each time & I hear the same excuse, we're short handed. Yet I see the "helping hands kids" shooting the breeze outside with each other, laughing and getting paid to do nothing. I doubt I hear back from anyone from wegmans because you're so big, one more complaint doesn't make a difference. I also doubt things will improve there, but I had to finally send this. Thanks for your time as Top's is actually closer to my home...

pharmacy clerk and management (wegmans pharmacy, dewitt, ny)

This is a review of the Pharmacy at the DeWitt Wegmans (Dewitt, NY). The initial incident occurred on...

horrible coupon policy

Don't shop at Wegmans if you don't want to deal with their idiotic coupon policy. They only allow you to use...

cashier in handicap lane

Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), I need to use the electronic cart and will also use the handicap lane...

wrong cake

Ordered spider cake for Tyler red and blue..got a silver and black that said nick..very pissed off they had 2...


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customer service

The Wegmans Mt. Read location is probably the most unprofessional store I think I have ever shopped at...

rising product prices, decreasing items in stock, decreased service

stop raising prices, reducing the stock and sizes of brand itmes and replacing them with inferior items under...

food poisoned

12 pm I went to wegman on luell Abe in rochester ny I ordered a medium tuna sub in which I split with my...

the lack of care

To all employees of wegmans: i will always believe that one day, your store will close, and wegmans will go...

poor service

Only one cashier open 35 minutes before closing. The supervisor informed me that's all I should expect...

1 comment Northborough Retail Stores

poor customer service

Has anyone noticed that brand name items are disappearing from the shelves of this chain? Items I used to...

epic fail

Wegmans Sucks, Can't won't operate honestly, and does not know the first thing about serving people...

foreign materials

I went food shopping at Wegmans on 6/02/2011. I found a foreign material in the Wegmans Singles, American...


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - A western New York supermarket chain is warning customers to watch out for bogus checks in the mail.
Wegmans says a number of customers have been calling in, claiming they won a sweepstakes. The checks range in amounts up to $3, 900, but also asks the winner to pay fees and taxes before it can be cashed. They're even asked to call a number to provide information.
Fraudulent checks are being floated with the name of Wegmans Food Markets Inc., the Rochester-based grocer said.
On Friday, Wegmans began alerting consumers to a scam that involves fraudulent checks bearing the company’s name in mailings.
Nearly all who have contacted Wegmans live in states outside of Wegmans’ market area, and a few live in Canada, Wegmans officials said.
The face amount of the checks is between $2, 700 and $3, 900. The letters claim the recipient has won a sweepstakes or lottery and ask the recipient to pay upfront fees, or taxes, before the check can be cashed, or the mailer instructs the recipient to call a number to provide additional information, according to Wegmans.
“We immediately notified law enforcement authorities when we became aware of the bogus checks, and the matter is now in their hands. We urge consumers who receive such a check to contact their local authorities, ” said Jo Natale, Wegmans’ director of media relations.

pays off employes to keep quiet

Wegmans will fire you if you say anything negative about them. They keep everything wrong hush- hush. And than they pay you to keep quiet about their stores. They have very good attorneys. We laugh when they are again name employer of the year. This is a joke in Rochester where they started. Employess are not allowed to talk to other employees about anything wrong with Wegmans because they will get fired if overheard. And once you make your 10 years they will find a way to fire you And their products!. Try purchasing a can of their chicken noodle. All broth and 1 noodle. Poor quality items with their names on it. They have gotten rid of most of the famous brands. And never buy their noodles. They get gummy.

Alex Baldwin should talk to the people in Rochester before endorsing them.

  • Ma
    maple hill 1948 May 05, 2012

    Wegmans brags about how great they are as a shopping experience, member of the community, and a place of employment. I can only comment on the shopping experience and do have some complaints as listed below.

    1> Asking for ID's from people in their 40's and above is so ridiculous I have a difficult time talking about it. I think you do not give enough credit to your cashiers to be able to think on their own and card people that need to be carded only.
    2> The continued erosion of product choices to push your own brand. A case in point is the removal of Nabisco Saltine crackers (only the number 1 selling saltine on the planet) to push your own crap and the inferior Keebler brand.
    3> Last but not least is the overpriced and over sized subs that you continually push. While the subs are fine if you are a voracious eater the fact that you do not offer subs on a smaller role is obscene. You could even cut a 7 inch in half and reduce the price.

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  • Th
    themoreyouknow Feb 01, 2013

    1>Asking for I.D.'s is REQUIRED by state law. Police officers are regularly sent to grocery and convenience store locations to ensure that this law is being followed. The store will not risk its license, and the cashier wont risk losing their job or receiving a fine for underage sale of alcohol. If you're in your 40's or above you've been buying alcohol long enough to know you need your I.D.
    2> Wegmans didn't get rid of nabisco saltine crackers. nabisco pulled the product from the shelves while it changed both the packaging and the shape of its saltine crackers.

    2 Votes
  • An
    and gal Mar 24, 2018

    Typical Wegman's and crooked Hilary..trash and blame the victim.

    -3 Votes

unprofessional security

Wegmans is very unprofessional. During the hustle of christmas week I made the mistake of shopping at thi...

very poor customer service

I shop regularly at the Wegmans Dulles in Sterling, VA. In late November, I was hopping with my wife at this store. We went over to the meat area and I picked up a package of 6+LBS of ground beef for 1.99LB. In the past I have had the meat counter person break up the package in into 4 smaller packages that are freezer wrapped. Never had a problem in the past. I have done this 4 or 5 times before at two different Wegmans stores. This time the meat counter guy told me wait and went into the back room. After a few minutes he re-emerged and said it was store policy not break up packages. I asked to speak to the meat manager. They made me wait several minutes before he arrived along with an assistant store manager. I told them that this has been done many times in the past. They responded saying it should never have been down in the past. They said if wanted the package broken up I would be charged a higher price. They made some lame comment about Costco not breaking up meat packages. That's why I shop at grocery store, so I can get some customer service. Both managers were rude and very adament on their stance. I got overwhelmed with emotion at their lack of empathy that I responded with profanity. My wife immediately exited the store, leaving our cart their. I latter called the store to apologize for my profanity but stated that their policy stinks on ice. The next day I called Wegmans consumer affairs and told them what happened. I was patronized by the representative. I won't shop their any more. I went to another grocery store and they were happy to package meat for me the way I requested.

  • Fo
    foodie detective Dec 21, 2010

    You miss the whole point of bulk packaging which promotes a lot of product in a big package at a better price! Presumably, less labor and wrap were expended to sell more product thereby justifying the lower price. Asking a meat clerk to discard the bulk package altogether and repackage its contents into four new little trays defeats the whole purpose of a bulk sale! To think that you had the audacity to expect this service AND no capacity to understand or accept why it was being refused is ludicrous. Complaints like this needlessly trash reasonable policies and don't deserve the internet space they occupy.

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  • Sh
    sheila Bernard Jan 04, 2011

    During the week of new years eve, i visited your Sheridan Drive Store, as I was preparing for the New Year and had much shopping to do for my company FOR THE CELEBRATION. aLL WEEK THERE WAS HARDLY ANY PKGS OF CHOPPED MEAT, which I found odd. Upon inquiry, I was told they were out and a delivery was cmg Thursday. I visited store Thursday at 7a.m. and low and behold, thje case was filled with Ground Sirloin. I purchased three huge pkgs for our dinner to be used New Years eve the next night. Upon opening them on Friday the 31st at around 8.P.m to start my tacos, the pkg appeared a funny color, was dripping blood all over the place, and had a freezer smell to it. It actually looked and smelled spoiled. The next day I sent my husband tothe store to get a credit( Each pkg was a minimum of 17 dollars and 50 cents. My husband presented the situation to your manager Eric, who told him he would not take it back without a receipt!I never save my receipts, as i clearly have no intention of returning food I purchase, and if it is spoiled, I never ever am asked to produce one; just given the credit. Further insulting, when I telephoned Eric, he rsised his voice and said, the pkgs were labeled use by Dec 31st! I asked him why would they put something out thatwas so old without labeling it, or even discounting it if it is too old to sit on a shelf for at least a week, which i do think is customary at Wegmans. Eric began to argue with me and told me I should have looked! I tole hime I have been a Wgmans shopper for 20 years and never ever was I treated this way; I had enough faith in the meat dept.that they would not put out soon to spoil meat after 20 years of shopping in the butchery there. Eric insisted it was my fault, i should have looked and he basically hung up on me! I spend over 800 a week in that store, and even your assistant manager apologized as he knows me from shopping there almost every day. Whether I am there just once, or every day, however, it should not make any difference. I am not asking for preferential treatment, but if you look up my account, you would see what I mean about being a dedicated consumer. How dare this manager talk to my husband that way, talk to me that way and refuse to issue a credit? I was embarASSED ENOUGH nEW yEARS EVE NOT BEING ABLE TO SERVE DINNER PRIOR TO OUR DRINKS. The preparation time, ingredients for the tacos, the taco kits, soft, hard, whole wheat, gluten free beans, chips, salsa, cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, avacadoes, all bought in vain, money wasted and spent in your storeto serve this Mexican Dish to my family and friends( 15 out of town starving dinner guests, real nice, huh?) just angers me even more. I deserve my store credit, not just for the 50 dollars of meats, onions and all the above ingredients, well over two hundred dollars woth of items, not including the time and energy shopping, chopping, preping and buying mexican decorations to go with my dinner that never transpired. All I asked for was the credit for the chopped eat, but in retrospect I deserve alot more than the gift card for the chopped meat!!!eric needs to learn how to talk to customers and be professional as well. Everyone at this location who know what happened is equally disturbed about this. I think you should know how one overempowered individual could ruin your reputation, and chase potential and existing old timers like me away. Thank you. Sheila Bernard
    41 Turnberry Drive Williamsville New York 14221

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  • Ri
    ricoberto Feb 08, 2011

    you got to stupid to leave your full name and address on here.

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Wegmans Pharmacy slogan needs to be changed to “Everyday you get out Best….just not today”. I must say how appalled I am in the way Wegmans Pharmacy has been treating it’s customers. Even as an onlooker I have noticed other customers being belittled and mistreated as patients being forced to accept anything and everything told to them by the pharmacy. Being certified in the field of pharmacy I know the rules and laws both state and moral for treating patients, thus I am aware of the options that are available to me as a patient. Options being withheld by Wegmans. An important prescription was not in stock due to their order being held up by a storm, and I was told they were to borrow the medication from a neighboring Wegmans to insure I would not be left without. Upon arrival to the second Wegmans, 20 miles later, I was encountered by a frustrated pharmacist yelling that the other Wegmans made an error and he would NOT fill my prescription due to insurance regulations nor lend the medication, and that I should have been notified, which I was not. Neither store would take responsibility for the error thus I was forced to go without, and to leave a pharmacy that had my medication, because he simply “chose” not to help. With frustrations flaring due to lack of reasoning behind their actions I was simply left at the counter as they walked away from me. Now frustrated to the point of tears and out of options I contacted the pharmacy manager, and a front-end manager who then referred me to complain to corporate, and so that is what I did. The physical repercussions of going without this medication was unacceptable and complaining to an email was not sufficient, so I contacted the Pharmacy to have the manager return my call to discuss the inappropriate way I was treated. In the end I voice my opinion via email to the corporate office twice, made a complaint to the front-end manager, and left a message for the pharmacy manager, in which I did not receive a response from either the local level or the corporate office, not even an apology. A company that does not accept that fact that a medication is life altering should not be in the medical customer service field. Wegmans may keep their customer’s coming back due to low prices, but their customer service is becoming even lower.

  • Th
    themoreyouknow Feb 01, 2013

    if you are going to pass yourself off as someone who works in a related field to your complaint, you might want to know what that field is actually called."certified in the field of pharmacy"...how about pharmaceutical sales or pharmacology?...nope looks like you're only certified in ###

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disgusting produce

On several occasions I have found either completely rotted fruit in the Irondequoit wegmans produce dept. I have given it to the employee on duty. I would expect them to be very concerned. Each time they just take it and never apologize. I'm talking about green moldy smushy lemons here...uggh. Rotted tomatoes with bugs all over them most recently, and in case they try to say this is bull, I could easily video it on any cell phone and prove it to them.

What is the deal. I once had to bring back a gourmet candy apple teaming with little ants inside - no they did not come from my home - one of the produce managers said "oh, that happens sometimes".

Their strawberries consistantly look like crap. One time the Wegmans big shots were in the store and one of the higher ups in the produce dept was spouting some pro Wegmans bs. He tried to tell me that he personaly inspects and eats some of the strawberries every day to see if they're fresh..bull$%^&. If he did indeed do that he would see the half dead moldy strawberries sitting there just about every day. I've even had cashiers agree that the strawberries look terrible most of the time.

When will they wake up over there ?

They also discontinue brands all the time whilst crowding the shelves with their brand...annoying.

They also seem to run out of the same things over and over again. These products remain out of stock for weeks at a time. Hello, if you're selling alot of something why not order more ?

  • Ja
    Janet mcloughlin Jan 27, 2015

    I am so disappointed with customer service department I buy a pineapple everyday and there was 2weeks that the pineapples were really bad they were half the size they usually are and tasted disgusting ing I called customervservice and the first time the lady couldn't get off the phone fast enough then I called back and talked to Debbie and she took my info and asked me what I was looking for and I said if just to be combinsated for 2 pineapples and she didn't even do that I didn't know wegmens couldn't affort $6 to keep a customer

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  • Ja
    Janet mcloughlin Jan 27, 2015

    I have been in customer service for 28 years and we do whatever it takes to keep a customer I'm very disappointed that I had to go through 2 customer service phone calls and take more time out of my day for wegmans to make a wrong right when all I was asking for was $6 when I had a week of bad pineapples I bet danny would not be happy with his customer service department company's spend so much money to get new customers and forget about the loyalty of those they already have by the way I go to wegmans everyday for my pineapple and yogurt good thing price chopper is half a mile away

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my 86 year old father could not buy beer because he no longer drives

Why is it at you're store on peach st you card all customers for beer sales ??? My 86 year old father...

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