Wegmansbirthday cake

On April 14, I contacted the Wegmans store in State College, PA. I ordered a cake for 12 people. I asked for lemon filling, decorated with fresh strawberries and "Happy Birthday Sky", with balloons and flowers, and leaving it up to the decorator's creativity to make it look pretty.

When I picked it up, running late for all I needed to do for the party, I could not believe what it looked like. It was very small, only decorated with 3 small balloons, and no strawberries. When I asked about it she said they are on the inside...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in State College, PA lemon and strawberry filling? I had to take her word for it, and the cake was $31!! I was embarrassed to serve it, I only got 8 small slices. As for strawberries ($8 for filling??) there may have been one or two strawberries sliced so thinly there was no strawberry flavor to it at all.

I should not have accepted the cake, but because I was late, I did. When I cut and served the cake we had several slices with absolutely no strawberries in it at all. I am just so disappointed. I ordered from Wegmans because the buttercream icing is usually the best in the area, but I cannot do this again.
Susan Radel

Apr 17, 2017

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