Webroot Spyware / cant remove

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Phone: 303-601-2889

I used the Webroot software for a year. It seemed to work ok, but it was very very slow. I goy very tired of the pop up reminders that came sometimes multiple times a day. Finally, I got plenty of pop up reminders that it was time to renew and that I was on auto renew. I opted out of the auto renew, that worked ok. But I still got very frequent pop up reminders.
Finall, I got a pop up noyice that my subscription had expired. I then went to remove it from my computer only to find I cannot. I am now on permahold with customer support (just got a notice that I'm 29th in line). They keep reminding me, " for a fee I can get immediate expert service, just press one".
I would reccomend a different spyware program. These guys are pretty agravating.

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