Webroot Anti Virusno refund returned yet!!!


I have been trying to get my refund since April 2010. The cost of the anti virus of over $32 is alot of money to me. I cannot afford to not be refunded and just lose it completely!
I need that money too much. BUT I am entitled to my money anyway! Whether it is $1 or $1000! It is MY money & you gave me a product that did not work, I sent it back, you promised a refund & did not comply & should be sued by everyone . You are a thie[censored] You need to lose your business. You are a dishonest company! People & Buyer BEWARE!
I DEMAND my complete refund Immediately & will be turning you over to the Better Business Bureau & anything else I can do to help someone else not lose their money like us or have to go thru this long ordeal like we all have.

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