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I am a usual customer at Wawa and I was surprised to encounter a rude employee by the name of Chelsea Mcquillen. As she was making my hoagie she seemed to have a not friendly attitude. She was very unprofessional and seemed to be angry by the way she was making the food. I asked for her name and she told me. I happened to come across her Facebook and it states "making hoagies for people I hate at Wawa". As a business professional I do not think those are the kind of employees that should be there if they don't want to be.


Aug 03, 2017
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  • Fr
      Dec 14, 2017

    I am also a frequent customer, and I find that Chelsea is by far the best employee behind the deli counter. Her food is consistently better than I typically receive from other wawa employees. Frankly I find it disturbing and downright creepy that someone would go out of their way to research an employee's facebook account after such an insignificant complaint as seeming to have a "not friendly attitude". These are human beings with thoughts and feelings, not robots with programmed personalities. A supposed business professional should know that.

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  • Al
      Dec 14, 2017

    As a New Jersey native and lover of Wawa food, I have quite high standards for the service and goods I receive, especially when I get sandwiches. Chelsea makes subs for me quite frequently, and after ordering from her only a few times she would know exactly what I wanted when I walked up to order without me having to even say it. I have also heard other people say that they prefer that she makes salads rather than other employees because she adds the dressing so that it does not get all over the top of the container. Chelsea’s attention to detail, efficient way of preparing the food, and general kindness make the experience at Wawa for me and many others quick, easy, and pleasant as we stop for lunch in the midst of our busy days.

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  • Th
      Dec 14, 2017

    I have no idea what this person is talking about. I love when I see Chelsea behind the counter because I know my sandwich is going to be a quality one. I agree that it’s a bit odd that someone would go so far out of there way to search up for an employee of wawa since they do not like them.

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  • Ma
      Dec 16, 2017

    I have known chelsea ever since she started working at my local wawa. I have been going to her wawa for years and even decided to go to her new wawa when she transferred because she knows my special order by heart. It upsets me that someone would go out of their way to slander her name. Also anyone who knows her knows she is funny and that Facebook comment is obviously sarcastic. I have known her since she started working at wawa four years ago and anyone who knows Chelsea knows she loves her job and her customers. It is really disturbing to see that someone who does not know her would look her up on Facebook especially when her last name is not disclosed on her name tag. This is slander and a huge invasion of someone's privacy. If you felt that compelled to make an account just to complain about one person who may have just been having an off day, you obviously aren't a business professional because any "business professional" would know that having one experience with someone is not enough to have an opinion on their character and not enough of an incentive to stalk their social media accounts.

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