Walmart Visa Debit Card / unknown charge

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I put $1000.00 in my walmart debit card on 12/10/08.
#1: they say that there is no charge if u dep 1000 or more & they chrgd me 4.64???
#2: on 12/12/08 there is a charge of $214.16 from barnes & noble I think. The person I got through to had bad accent and was very hard to understand. She said to call barnes & noble. Called them & they said to call her back. She said the $214.16 hasn't come out of my acct yet and to write a letter to po box 1187 marovia, calif 91017, and explain situation and that I do not want it to come out of my acct and to sign it. I have never been to a barnes & noble in person or online. What should I do? I went down and pulled out all but 60.00 from my acct which cost 3.50 plus 3.50 and another 2.00 sc just to talk to walmart customer service who I couldn't even understand. What is going on? I no longer trust walmart debit cards. Will probably close it out.

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  • Po
      Aug 11, 2009
    Walmart Visa Debit Card - have no money in account
    United States

    recieved debit card for xmas, had $30.00 in it have not used it until today. account says i have no money in it. never used it and now i have no money in. never buy a debit card from Walmart, it is a rip off

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  • Ga
      Oct 18, 2009

    They charge a monthly fee if you don't use. Whoever bought you the card didn't read the information on it. They shouldn't have bought you that as a one time gift. It's meant only as an alternative to a bank account. If you don't load enough money on it monthly, they charge you like $5 or something like that. I can't remember exactly. Whoever bought it for you should've bought you a Visa Gift Card, not debit card. You shouldn't complain about something if you don't know the whole truth.

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