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A couple of weeks ago I purchased six (6) 8 oz. packages of Great Value brand cheddar cheeses. Three (3) were orange cheddar and three (3) were white. All of the white were great and we started on the orange a few nights ago and both my husband and I noticed they tasted grossly disgusting. I checked the date on all the remaining ones and they were the same as the one we opened, October 2018. We have been purchasing this brand from Walmart since they started carrying it, never had this problem before.

Yesterday, I went to return them and the girl in customer service informed me that without a receipt, it was policy that they could not return food. Who saves food receipts until you eat all the food you bought? I also spoke with the customer service manager and she also stated policy. Neither customer service representatives even wanted to hear about the complaint.

I think my money will be spent elsewhere from now on. The little stores at least care about the products they are selling to the consumers!!

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    None. I just threw them away. I've moved on as the sickos that commented should do also.

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    Thanks. You should be ashamed rooster!! With that type of hostile response, you really should keep your job at Walmart.

Jun 28, 2018
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  • Br
      Jun 28, 2018

    So this dummy actually thinks that because someone tells her that she is wrong that they work for the company. Must have been not graduate elementary school. I do agree that calling grown women girls is hostile itself. Honestly I am surprised that this "woman" is smart enough to even type up a review. Before girl lies about me I should let her know that I do not work for Walmart either. Maybe I should stoop to her level and say that she made it all up because Walmart fired her. or she was caught shoplifting, however unlike her i don't make assumptions. It is no wonder she is too stupid to hang on to a receipt, as the above posters said, she does not know the difference between a girl and a grown women. She does not realise that this is a general complaint site and not all people who tell her she is wrong works for the company. If she were even half as smart as you give her credit for she would know that no one from Walmart is going to reply this. I wonder if her poor husband knew how stupid she was before marrying her. Maybe he loves her so much that he does not care. Maybe it is not her fault she is stupid enough to believe that someone works or a company that tells her the obvious. But don't say she is as smart as a ten year old. You are insulting ten year olds when you say that. Even a ten year old is smarter than this stupid woman.

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  • Mr
      Jun 29, 2018

    First of all I want to apologize to everyone for my wife's attacks against you all. Unfortunately she has trouble taking no for an answer. She wants us to have children, but as you can see, she needs to grow up herself before we decide to have any children. I am sure that if she were more polite they would be more than willing to help. They were willing to give us a store credit, but she refused. I was perfectly okay with a store credit, but she was not. She kept arguing and told me to shut up. They has to threaten to call security. If she had just taken the store credit, we could have used that toward future purchases. My wife is not normally like this. She just acts like this when things do not go her way. Unfortunately for those blaming her parents she was always breaking the law, and their rules. I was too. I grew out of it. She did not. Once again I would like to apologize to all of you who were cyber harassed and bullied by my wife because you disagreed with her. She can be real kind, as long as she has her way and you agree with her. Thank you for replying. I told her to drop this and not post a complaint, but she just swore at me and did not take my advice. Once again thanks for replying and have a good day.

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