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Walmart / customer service

1 Scarborough, ME, United States Review updated:

I was in the Scarborough, Maine, Wal Mart today looking for a particilar toy for my granddaughter for Christmas which the other stores carry. I could not find the toy. There was an "employee" (I use the term loosely) working in the aisles which I approached for helped. The women was slovenly dressed, dirty pants, grossly over weight, a too small Wal Mart over a dirty white shirt. The store shirt was so small it was rolled up under her breasts. She appeared to have the inteligence of a 5 year old. I described the toy, she replied "I don't know about that I work in the toy department." When I pointed out to her that it WAS a toy, she made no effort to get help, go look for it, look out back, or go get a manager, she just said; "Well, if you don't see it, then we don't have it." and turned back to playing with the merchandise on the shelves. What makes this incident so galling is that I have been out of work for 18 months, I have over 30 years experience in retail and customer service, had I ever treated a customer like that I would have been fired on the spot, further more I have put in application after application at Wal Mart for employment and have had several interviews to no avail, yet this incompetent ### has a job there!!

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  • Mr
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    For this to be a "new store", I have many complaints. This store is set up like no other Wal Mart I have ever seen. It is a warehouse..not a Wal-Mart. The ailses are set up confusingly and the feel of the store was terrible. Why not just call this "The Wal Mart Maze". Why would someone put the bread near the baby clothes??? I could find absolutely NOTHING in this store. I was looking for a ceiling fan. They didn't even have any. Absolutely NONE! And the customer service was appalling. With the scarceness of jobs, you would think that the employees would value theirs a little bit more. Rude is not the word. I work a customer service job and I have to take a lot of "crap" off people, but I am blessed to have a job and take it gracefully. I work hard for my money and unfortunately Wal-Mart has taken over the area. We have no where else to shop. I will never visit this store again. Thank you!

  • St
      23rd of Feb, 2010
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    Horrible customer service. I shopped at the Walmart 0471 Lancaster TX on 2/21/10. Spent almost $200. Cashier did not greet me, did not thank me, could not LIFT the 20 lb container of cat litter off of the counter - just let it sit there until I said something (to which she responded, "uh, I caint lift it..."), AND - here is the clincher - forgot to take off over $9 worth of coupons!!! Wait - it gets worse. Realizing the error AFTER I got home, I called immediately and spoke to several customer service/management people. NOT ONE PERSON gave me their name or apologized for the error. NOT ONE!!! NOT ONE PERSON asked my name either. Excuse me, but who does your CSR training???? The absolute number one rule of great customer service is to get the customer's name and USE IT. The second rule is to ACKNOWLEDGE the customer's problem!!! How easy is this?? You say, " I am so sorry that happened. Let me try to correct this for you." So simple - you don't have to admit any guilt, just ACKNOWLEDGE that there is a problem!!!

    Bottom line is I had to return to the store. I HAD TO RETURN TO THE STORE!!! I did nothing wrong but I had to drive 20 min. EACH WAY to get my money for the coupons that your cashier MISSED. I even asked that they be mailed to me so I could just use them on a future purchase. BUT NO! I was told that "we don't mail anything." Say what??? AND - I had to go thru the receipt and name off the coupons. Why didn't she go to the cashier to see if they were there? They should have been since they weren't redeemed yet. But NO! The customer service rep told me the cashier "puts the coupons in an envelope, and she don't know which ones would be mine." Really? Then how did they all mysteriously appear after I held for 15 minutes waiting to find out what Walmart was going to do to resolve this?? 15 minutes. Then I was told "ma'am, I have your coupons.(Really? then why can't you MAIL them to me??) But you have to come back to the store to get your money." Why can't they just credit my account? I could provide receipt numbers, etc. This is an incredible example of POOR customer service. I wouldn't be so upset except - guess what? THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME IT'S HAPPENED!!! That's right - I have been thru this before! One time I called and the CSR told me I would have to bring the ITEMS back as well! Can you imagine?? I am sure the general manager does not work on Sunday. Maybe he should. This store is not a pleasant place to shop. IF I continue shopping with Walmart - and I may not - I will drive 15 extra miles to go to Desoto. I want my money to stay in my community, but not if it means lousy service. And I will tell my friends - but truly, most of them stopped shopping at this location years ago. I will pay more at Tom Thumb, but the customer service is world class. Watch out because those of us who can afford to shop elsewhere will do so.

  • Po
      4th of Dec, 2010
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    You're pretty judgemental, aren't you?

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