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On 8/25 I went to the Wal-Mart to get the oil changed and the tires rotated. I arrived at a couple of minutes to nine AM, I was the first customer of the day and no other vehicles were in the garage. There were approximately 4 mechanics standing around joking and carrying on having a good time. After 15 minutes or so they brought the car to the oil changing station and joked around some more. One of the mechanics then did the oil change and the car just sat there. I asked what the problem was and they told me they were waiting for the supervisor to perform an audit on the work. They called the supervisor then a few minutes later they paged him and then called him on his cell phone. the supervisor then showed up and did his thing. The car was then taken and put on the lift. Then after some more joking around by the mechanics the wheels were removed and balanced and reinstalled and the car sat. I asked the mechanic what was wrong and he told me there was nothing and turned around to the supervisor and told him there was a stripped lug. The supervisor then came out and told me of the problem, and that they did not have the lug but that I could go to the dealer buy the lug and bring back the receipt for reimbursement. I told them I was not going to do that and that it was their responsibility to fix the car. I called for the store manager and the supervisor left to get the lug. My car was not ready until 11:17 that morning. When I went to speak to the store manager, Nick Sanchez, and began to explain to him of the situation and what I had observed, he told me that I had not seen that. I asked him if he was calling me a liar and he told me that I had not seen that again. This happened in front of his employees and customers in the automotive department. I then asked for his supervisor and he gave me the number to David Drastrata. When I called and explained to Mr. Drastrata what his store manager had done to me in front of his employees and other store customers, he apologized for Mr. Sanchez' behavior. I told him I wanted a personal apology from Mr. Sanchez and was told that that was not going to happen. Mr. Drastrata was not going to make him apologize. I asked for his supervisor and was given the number to Julie Martin. After speaking to her and telling her what I wanted she told me she would look into it and give me a call back. Needles to say it has been two weeks and nothing. Apparently their customers are of no importance to them.

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      Jun 14, 2012

    I think you are an idiot. Consider I read your story. I don't know you. I don't particularly like wall-mart.They said they would reimburse you for the lug. you declined. you bring trouble on yourself and will never be able to see it. though it will happen again and again

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