Walmart / food poisoning

East Rome, Rome, United States

I went to WalMart to do some grocery shopping. It was Thursday evening and the the store was crowded. The next morning at breakfast I ate one of the Jell-O yogurts I had bought the night before. Around noon I started to get a little of an upset stomach. I had been working in the yard that morning and I thought I needed something to eat. I ate one of the Activia yogurts I had also bought the night before. That evening my world fell apart. I got so sick it was unreal. vomiting, diarrhea, sweats. everything. I went and laid down to wait on it to pass. After two days it wasn't getting better, I went to the E.R. They said I had food poisoning. When I got home I looked at everything I had eaten. But first, I did the grocery shopping on May 30. When I looked at the Jell-O container, it had expired on April 27, and the Activia expired on April29. Both had expired a full month ago and was still on the shelf, and I inadvertently eaten it. I called Wal Mart to talk to the store mgr. I immediately sensed he was unmoved and apathetic to my situation, because after I told him what happened, yogurt, food poision, hospital...he was silent for a few seconds and then said 'OK, I am not sure what you want me to do.' I said, 'Sir, if you are not sure what to do, I am confident I can find an attorney who does.' He then took down my basic info, then he seem surprised that I still had my receipt and the containers the yogurts came in. He wanted me to bring both in to the store for them to get copies. The next day a lady from claims called and wanted me to fax in my medical bills. She said this will be taken care of immediately. Well, three weeks have passe and I have heard nothing from Wal Mart. I called the Claims Office a couple times and the extension to the lady that called me always went to voice mail. The third time I called I left a message and said that I do not intend to play phone tag and the waiting game, and that I am not trying to get rich here, I am just wanting the hospital bill paid before it goes to collections... a week later I have not been called back. I went and paid the bill so my credit would not be affected. The name of the company is Claims Management Inc. I am not sure if they are affiliated with Wal Mart or not.

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