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Walmart gestapo

On wednesday the 18th dec 2014 my 23year old son and i went shopping at the walmart store # 2809 in buckhannon, wv.

I nor anyone else in our family will ever set foot in that store again, and as a direct result of their actions we will avoid all other walmart stores as often as possible.

It was about 2:20 pm when we got to the checkout. We had picked up some christmas decorations, some baking supplies, other food supplies, several blu - ray discs, a 12 pack of coke, and a 12 pack of coors. Total order was expected to be around three hundred dollars which would have been in line with most of our walmart visits.

The cashier asked if my son was of age. I assumed she meant legal drinking age and i responded with an affirmative. She then informed me that he needed to show her id to prove that he was of legal age or she couldn’t sell me the beer. I questioned her request because it seemed ridiculous.

She told me that if he was not of legal age then i might allow him to drink the beer when i left the store and based on that walmart policy does not allow her to sell me the beer.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Buckhannon, WV This implies that a shopper with a toddler can’t by beer because the toddler is under age.

I told her that that concept is absurd and if that was the case i will walk away and leave all of the items at the store. At 67 i can legally buy beer anywhere that it is sold and for her to guess what i might do when i left the store is beyond reason no matter how old the person with me is.

The manager overseeing the registers came over and the situation was explained including the fact that my son would not show id and if they insisted we would leave everything and walk out. His response was “that’s your choice, sir “. We left everything at the register after showing the id.

Walmart has forgotten that the retail market is a service business. The concept that any store employee has the right to guess what i may do when i leave the store and refuse to sell me something that i can legally buy anywhere is arrogant, stupid, and discriminatory.

At this rate we will soon need to get permission to enter the stores and kneel to their logo. That is not going to happen. We don’t need walmart or their gestapo tactics.

Dec 21, 2014
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  • Si
      Apr 14, 2015

    I completely agree that this is being taken to extremes in an attempt to prevent underage drinking. Worse, I have actually seen parents giving their infants alcohol exactly as you implied. Yet, they only seem to be concerned with a certain age group of individuals who drink.

    Unfortunately, the government punishes the clerks who sell alcohol to minors. If they are caught selling alcohol to a minor they are fined and then can be terminated after a repeated offense. Law enforcement has no problem sending in minors to purchase alcohol, which I consider entrapment, and then punishing the store and the cashier. I have never seen them go after a minor with alcohol and rarely see intoxicated minors arrested to the extent that they go after businesses. In short, this is a moneymaking gimmick that has absolutely nothing to do with enforcing the legal drinking age.

    I hate to defend Walmart in this situation, but they are trying to avoid fines and punishment for errors that they may accidentally make. I have seen similar instances in other stores and it always falls on the store and never the individual who illegally purchased alcohol or cigarettes. The only way that we can change this, and I doubt we can anyway, is to vote in elections to put different individuals in office with a degree of common sense. If you can enlist and die for your country, you should be perfectly able to purchase alcohol at the same age. But, that's just my two cents worth.

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