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I was fired for "job abandonment" the day after I went to work. I just realized it a couple months ago and have been trying to get to the bottom of it, but they dont want to hear it. I played basketball in college at the time, and the claimed they would work with my schedule, and they didnt. Instead they just fired me because I could only work on weekends. They were lucky I did that because I played for a division 1 college basketball team. There is nothing harder than d-1, and its like a full time job. They knew all about it because I brought in the practice schedule, games schedule, and school schedule, and still went to work every weekend, when I could have been resting for practice. I feel that this is wrong, but i'm young, and I dont know how to find a lawyer for this case without gettin my money stolen. This is not right, and because of them, I have yet to find a job because they say that im not eligible for rehire. So because i'm in college and playing d-1 basketball and could only work the weekends i'm not eligible for rehire? And I know this is wrong because I did my job well. Customers complimented me as they came and left, and now my life is a living hell because of wal-mart and thier lies. If anybody can help me I would appreciate it.

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  • Ja
      Jun 03, 2012

    That sucks man.. I work at Walmart myself.. I am a receiving associate, 3rd shift.. I have missed days because of my asthma and having to go to the hospital.. Because it is pollen season. I have been written up 3 times.. Twice for my asthma and once because my brother was in the hospital for surgery that saved his life.. Yet, the manager told me, I have a responsibility to my work and that comes first before anything.. She said it in very rude manner.. I wanted to slap the ### out of her.. So I'm on thin ice. I have a family to support and my health sometimes isn't in great condition.. I would contact there ethics company and make a complaint.. And possibly contact a lawyer. Hope everything works out

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