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Walmart MoneyCard / no refund

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two weeks ago i bought a walmart money card its a visa prepaid, there was a problem with the card so i was told i would get a refund in 7 to 10 days, the amount is 200.00, as of yet i have not gotten my money back from them, when i call all i get is a recording, i have not been able to get a live person on the phone.its pretty bad that you can not get to talk to anyone after they have your money.


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N  20th of Oct, 2008 by 
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old navy charged me 27.00 an they didnt put the money back on my card
D  21st of Mar, 2009 by 
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Maybe you should just go back to Wal-Mart and stop calling on the phone!
A  8th of Apr, 2009 by 
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this is what is happening to my bf and i. we bought a card and put in 440 dollars. there was some kind of problem as well and the statement that a refund will be sent popped up. well 7-10 days later..still nothing. how about 3 months later...still no money. this had me extremely mad and frustrated that there is absolutely no one to speak to about this matter. it is my suggestion to everyone that if you are afraid of banks just keep the money in your WALLETS and stay away from these crappy prepaid visas. they are just another way of trying to reel people in and take their money!
A  4th of May, 2009 by 
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I think they should be upfront about having to give out your social security number. No where on the fine print did it say we had to give out that info. Yes, it said some info but NOT social security number! I would never have bought it. Here is a number to speak with a person 479-204-3158. I did get my refund within a week but they got the names wrong so now I have to figure a way to cash it or send it back.
A  3rd of Sep, 2009 by 
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Same thing happened to me. You can't be helped by the store IndianaGuy. You can't be helped by any of the numbers given to you. Thank god Denny gave the 479-204-3158 number. Only help I was able get was from that number. I emailed walmart customer care this number and told them if they had any questions to give people that number because it's absolutely ridiculous the hoops you have to jump through.
A  19th of Jan, 2010 by 
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we put the maximum $500 on a money card from walmart to keep it saved for our baby we're expecting. now we can't even buy our baby a nursery because these ### stole our money. right now we are deeply saddened by this whole thing...customer service told us there is nothing they can do, and the card just has walmart's name on it so they can't give us a refund...the credit card company has to do it...
A  19th of Jan, 2010 by 
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I put 500 dollars on this card for my wife and our baby we've been expecting right now we are infuriated to find out the activation code was invalid entered it several times on the phone and online same thing invalid, couldn't speak to an operator one we got a hold to hung up then we tried again then he just directed us back to the automated service still nothing. Went to walmart customer service and they laughed and told me there's nothing they could do and that the cards only say walmart on it but they belong to a credit card company and the company will have to refund our money.
A  9th of Feb, 2010 by 
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This happened to me.
I'm going to try Denny's number tomorrow and see if it helps.
I put 730 dollars on this card that was "Not recognized in the data base"
This was my first tax refund and I didnt want a bunch of loose money laying around and I thought it would be such a good Idea.
Walmart told me that this happens every so often.
If Its happening to so many people why hasnt anything been done about it?
It's completely illegal.
I was so man that I could not get someone who even spoke english well.
Dude thought my name was spelled D-E-C-H.
When I clearly spelled out Beth.
There's no telling how bad they butchered my address.
They need to be sued...
You can't trust anyone anymore.
Just get a safe and keep your money there...
Even other banks let you keep charging and charging so they can deliver all those overdraft fees.
It's all a scam.
This is such a great country...
A  13th of Apr, 2011 by 
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I had one of these "walmart money cards", When I tried to load it, they didn't know how at the customer service desk. I am glad I didn't load it now after reading these complaints. However I did make a purchase yesterday with my credit card and my refund is still not there.
A  29th of May, 2011 by 
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i just send a refund request a week and a half ago and still have not recieved my money
N  29th of Aug, 2011 by 
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o god, i hope to god this dont happen to me.i requested a refund to my wally world card, it was sapose to be in but i havent heard nothin yet, not even a pending..thanks for the heads up u guys, ..if anything, itll be my last time usein this damm card.
N  16th of Nov, 2012 by 
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I had a walmart money card for about 5years.My husband and I went in July to put a very large amount on this card after several hours in the store we wer told we would have to purchase additional cards.We did so.Then the following day when I went to use them after activating them I was declined on my purchase.I had to call customer service thought this matter was resolved got all the balances put on one card but was set a deadline to have my air conditioning units purchase.No problem, but I could no longer have my card because it was such a large amount.The account was closed now I find out that since 9-11 I have had a refund of 1200.00 on this account that no longer exsist. They took my money but they will not give it bacck!!!I was told on11-09 I would be issused a check and it would go out by fed ex.On 11-12 was told I would have it by 11-14 tried several times to get a tracking # then was told on 11-16. After about 10 calls that it was going out till 11-16.Now I wonder what the story will be.If you are smart you will stay away from them cause once they get your money its theirs not yours apparently.
A  10th of Aug, 2013 by 
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on july the 22th or 25th i made a truck payment with my walmarts pay card .payment was $259.00 to credit acceptance co. got a call 2 or 3 days later saying my payment was never recieved . i told them i paid it online with my walmarts pay card .they said they havent recieved it .i have paid my truck payment online with my walmarts pay card before. when i checked my walmarts pay card the money was not on there .so it was deducted off of it .called for last transaction .but it didnt show the 259 deducted off of it .but the 259 was not on my card .my money is not on my card or went to pay my truck payment
A  10th of Aug, 2013 by 
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please track my money
A  15th of Feb, 2014 by 
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Walmart and our government who are fully aware to these foreign country scams. Walmart allow them to use their advertise, store, business to scam the people. Think People the second largest money make in USA allow a Foreign Company to scam the people using their name logo, etc, ( Think. ) And the number one money maker in USA the government stand by for the last seven years and allow it. The WalmartMoneyCard has take more money from tax refund funds and froze their money some that they can't receive anything. Why would the government who allow government fund to be scam or fault, stand by and say nothing. You people can't see that. Go to all kind of website and read about this card. They are still holding people funds. The truth is interest on USA dollars in other countries. They are gain interest of your money and the government is a ware of it. It is a underground situation. That is why they are getting away with it for so long.
N  30th of Apr, 2014 by 
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I still have yet to receive my official moneycard that was suppose to be sent n the mail a week ago . Had my last two paycheck a direct deposit on the card and have yet to touch my earnd money
N  14th of Oct, 2016 by 
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so I used this card before with no problems. so I put $180.00 on it, when I called to check the balance there was only 170. so my $10.00 disappeared and the receipt even says 180 on the card. anyway that's not the worse problem. the expiration on my card is 06/20. its 2016 right now and none of my purchases can be made because its being declined because of invalid exp date. ive been through hell trying to get through to an actual person. I hope the number denny gave works because I was literally in tears reading these comments thinking I'm never going to see my money. that was all the money I have right now :( I don't know what to do, this is wrong. who can I go to for help, Walmart isn't doing crap for me yet they no problem put the money on my card. I will take some sort of legal action against them if my money isn't returned.
N  2nd of Jul, 2017 by 
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So I have a Walmart money card all has been good till now . Stayed at the hotel the night auditor messed up overcharged me 617.00. Went and spoke to the manager they were more them willing to send over what ever we needed to fix the problem. In less the 12 hours of it sitting in pending and I called while it was in pending status I get off the phone with these stupid [censor] people and it all of a sudden clears the account. If it clears the account that fast it should be able to be refunded back nope not in there eyes. I have over 9k deposited each month deposited on the card and I can assure you that not a penny more will be put on. I'm so pissed off about it. I will do everything I can to put this problem out on social media that's for sure. You don't treat your customers like crap.
A  22nd of Aug, 2017 by 
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I too ran into the Wal-mart money-card scam in April. I bought one as a gift and the cashier told me the card was ready for use as soon as she scanned it. Because they were out of the normal Wally World gift cards I bought this one. I questioned the cashier 3X's about the validity of this card and she swore it would be ready for use immediately. Of course, that was a lie so I went through the process of trying to activate it myself and discovering they ask for your DOB, Social, Blood type, DNA Swab, First Born, etc. I tried to scheme around it online by entering in fictitious info as others did? It didn't work for me, guess they upp'ed their game and got smart on this one. After reading through numerous post, I decided to call the number someone posted to ask for a refund. ( 479) 204-3158 ) I was skeptical at first thinking this # would connect me to somewhere in China but checked it out before dialing and it's legit. I spoke w/ a guy that somewhat understood English but knew enough to verify my address to mail me out a check so I was happy! Supposedly, I get my refund 1st week in September. If not, it's only a $25 loss but I really feel for the peeps who put more into it. It's a shame a billion dollar company like Wal-Mart would allow this to continue.

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