Walmart MoneyCardcan not use

I recieved a walmart moneycard for a baby shower gift it was loaded with 40 dollars. I proceeded to activate the card over the phone and was sent another card in the mail with my name on it. I tried to activate the card over the computer because over the phone was complicated. I was unable to activate the card I recieved in the mail. I tried to use the card anyway since the first one was activated over the phone and it would not go through.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lenoir City, TNI spoke with customer service and was told it should not be a problem since the first one was activated but still it would not go through. I really think that the person who spent her money on this gift would not be happy to know that her 43 dollars was pretty much a waste. I have let people know that they should not purchase a moneycard from walmart 1. the charge 2. complicated 3. you may or may not get to use the card for anything. I am going to go to the walmart that the card was purchased at to begin with and hopefully get some help, regular gift card or cash. Wish me luck!!!

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