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I had a portrait taken for my 9 year old daughter alongwith my 3 month old daughter.
We went once to get the portrait taken. I think per portrait the charge was $4.95 or so. You get one large print and many small prints is what they say.
I went twice to collect the portrait plus prints.
And lo and behold, the portrait that they gave me was a bad pose one, where I could not see my 3 month old baby's face. They had other prints where the poses were good. But for that I would have to pay extra. Order fresh and pay 30$ or so per full size copy.

Sophisticated chicanery is what I would call it.

Beware of Walmart's photo studio.

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  • El
      Jun 21, 2009

    I am not sure where you went to but the Walmart Studio that my family uses has always allowed us to choose which poses we want for our main purchase pose and the other poses are taken just so that you can decide to purchase them at an extra cost. When I have photos taken of my family, we have always been allowed to look at the poses as it was taken and decide if we want to keep it or retake it. Now the first pose taken is always the package pose and it is always allowed to be seen immediately after it is taken. Then after the extra poses are taken we are again allowed to look at all of the poses and decide what sizes and if we want extra poses or not before we pay for them and leave. So to be honest the only way this could have happen to you the way you stated:1. The photographer didn't do their job properly which I somehow doubt cause they want to make absolutely sure that you (the client) is totally happy so you will return to use their services in the future. or 2. You wasn't paying enough attention when you was picking the pose that you describe above and chose it yourself.

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  • Jm
      Oct 04, 2009

    I do not subscribe to the previous comment.
    I do not agree with number 1 or 2 of the previous comment and the cynical way in which these are stated.
    Walmart did not provide me proper service and hence I posted a complaint here so as to let others beware and be upfront with the service that they want.

    The Walmart involved here is the Meadowvalve Walmart in Mississauga, ON.

    Later on I took the poses of my daughters with my own camera and got them printed at Costco on portrait sheets. And I now have what I initially set out to achieve.
    And then we had a family portrait with the same camera.

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