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I live outside the city limits and had called Wal-mart to see if they had in stock, price and size of the NSI Pottery Wheel refill molding clay- the service desk rep that answered the phone repeated my question (not familiar with product I'm guessing), then said that the department personnel in the arts and crafts section had all left-(at 6p.m.) and she was the only one in front. I told her my concern was that I live outside city a ways and wanted to avoid a wasted trip if they didn't have any in stock (I had just gotten off the phone w Kmart, its closer to me than Wal-mart, and they do carry it but were currently out- rep checked for me). The Wal-mart rep puts hand over receiver and then comes back and says that she is going to put me through to the sporting goods department and if no one answers then there is no one that can get information on whether they have in stock, size etc.- about clay! Of course no one answers in that department - so I'm basically s.o.l!! This store is a super-center open 24 hrs, and yet they have not one person anywhere on the floor/ in the store that can go check on this product for me?!? it was only 9:30 p.m! I ALWAYS do my shopping at night there when I go, and this store never has more than 2 regular lines open and about 4 speedy checkouts, but at least 2-3, if not more managers or asst. mgrs. lurking around front area, talking to each other, etc. Are they too good to do a price/product check? I cant believe that she just left me hanging like that. 'Customer service' pertains/applies to my call as well, doesn't it?? Why don't they have few more employees on the job that can run extra check out lines when needed and be of floor help to customers or whatever? I'm NOT going to head there tonight because I will need to stop and gas up along the way, not to mention waste of gas considering how far it is from my home. They need to be available for any and/or all hours of the day if they are open to public. The night time shoppers do not deserve any less available service do to the time that is best convenient for them- this store ALWAYS seems understaffed.They used to be quite rude at night (stalkers), as if we (customers) are in their way?! Having to push palettes or boxes with our feet or whatever to get freezer doors open enough to squeeze product out- however they have gotten somewhat more polite and not near as much stock out in the way, allowing customers to get by w carts more freely. From what i understand or been told, this is one of the highest grossing stores in the U.S.!! I am disappointed, I was hoping to get clay and enjoy doing a project with my son tonight. I'm attempting to re wet this hardened clay to see if it is reusable. Maybe I'll have better luck with it- lol! I really wish this store would do better by its night time customers- we deserve equal service- or cut the prices along with the hours of the employees that aren't around to assist - that would be fair - thank you, for whatever its worth- Wendy M

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      18th of Mar, 2012

    Sounds like they need to hire more people.Unfortunately, businesses can't seem to afford to pay more people.It's happening everywhere, not just Wal*Mart.I would suggest just going to K*Mart when you can.I know K*Mart isn't open 24 hrs. but it might be cheaper because you will use less gas.Hope it works out for you!

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      19th of Mar, 2012

    It's 9:30 p.m. I don't shop at Wal-Mart, but you can't argue that there are few stores that offer that wide a variety of products at such a late hour (and 24 hours, as you said). But no, they cannot give you specific product information at 9:30 p.m. The customer service girl told you that--the employee who works that department leaves at 6. They keep fewer people on staff at night due to the decrease in sales that the time tends to bring. That leaves you to choose whether to wait and call in the morning, or make the drive and risk them not having the item. This is just a normal, everyday occurance in anyone's life, and truly an example of how entitled a person you are to type up an entire post because you couldn't get a store to confirm stock of a specific type of modeling clay (not super a common item, by the way, not a grocery item) at a inarguably late hour for business. Oh, and your lost modeling clay sale is not enough to pay the salary of someone to work the hobby/craft goods section of a grocery store all night long. Be reasonable.

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