Walmart / coffee machine exploded

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I bought Mr coffe capppacino machine from walmart 4/22/2012. It exploded and coffee, coffee grinds, hot water & glass went everywhere. Scared a 7 yr old to death. Tried to report it to Jarden/ Mr coffee. Their solution was to send me another one. Shoot do you really think I want to try that again?

I spoke to the manager and asked him to take the coffee maker off the shelf. He said this is the first time that this has happened. He asked me how I used it. I told him I put it in the microwave, and he showed me a sign AT THE BOTTOM of the coffee machine which said not to be put in microwave. He basically blamed me for misusing the product.

Wal-mart not interested in taking it off the shelf unless manufactur has recall. If you have never had an explosion in your face then you get a MR coffee and you too came see what I'm talking about. I pray nobody has to have that happen.

Please do all can to remedy this situation

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  • Ma
      25th of Apr, 2012

    Why should Walmart take the product off the shelf simply because one person doesn't know how to properly use it? A quick look at the Mr. Coffee website shows that every Cappuccino maker that they sell has metal parts on it, and rule number one of microwave ovens is NO METAL.

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  • La
      2nd of May, 2012

    This is a joke post right? You put a coffee pot in the microwave and it exploded and it is somehow the fault of the store that sold it to you? Tee Hee! ... If this is real I am sort of sad that your entire household wasn't destroyed to stop the stupid.

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