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Walmart / be careful with your spouse at walmart!

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Do you have a spouse that works at WalMart - Beware their fraternizing policies are not worth the ink that they used to print them with!!! WalMart in NC allows open fraternizing of married employees and management/salary with hourly.
Management even tells the employees to not talk or say anything about it to the public and turn their heads and ignore it They are even told their job could be on the line if they are found to have said anything...

My spouse in management/salary – he does do a great job when he works - It started when he had a loss as his Mom passed away-he already had some mental disorders and was suppose to be on meds that found out he had stopped abruptly which caused his mental situation to be even worse... major depression... and would rage for no apparent reason... His manager/supervisor and the corporate knew whole situation... They transferred him to another store to finalize all needs and working night shift (he had been working that shift at the store he was working at when his Mom died) a lot - this store had just been built and he was to be responsible for making all right for the grand opening... make long story short ... he had a hourly that worked there with him and he began to take smoke breaks with her and God only knows what other breaks because next thing known they began having relations and whatever else... he had also began to drink very heavy and had not ever done this... lying saying he was going to stay at his dad's as he had medical needs and other needs, so he could help him. I would not have denied him to go help his dad as his dad is also the only dad I have on Earth and I loved him as such. I would try to go see him at the store he was working at, but never could get in to see him.. would say they could not get in touch with him and he may not be there right then or other excuses – and since he was not there – being not open to public I could not come in. When I would call him also would get same lies... and excuses... I should have realized something but guess very naive and I too was very distraught from his Mom's death as she was truly my best friend.....been married over 30 yrs and trusted him... boy was I stupid... found out by talking to other employees he was seeing the female (harlot from Proverbs) and things were happening between them as she did a lot of talking. She even tried to run me off the road and kill me several times (yes police reports were filed). (even left the store while she was on the clock and tried one night) I had a car accident and the EMT's tried to contact him by calling store and the corporate must have realized then that it was known outside of the WalMart group as EMT was told to talk to them about contacting him through her if need be...as I was being rushed to hospital. All of a sudden he is being transferred to another store (policy is he should have been fired and she also) she got fired a little later for another situation (ironically calling another coworker's husband and telling him that she was cheating on him - coworker field a complaint against her - she is mental for sure)

Anyway - this is a warning that WalMart does not care if they encourage a breakdown of a family - they do not care about the well being esp. the mental well being of their employees as they knew what was going on with him mentally. They had asked other persons of interest about his mental stability and it was explained to them and they wanted they said to work with him since he had had the loss of his Mom. They were a big part of breaking up our home, our family, and since this happened I have found that this happens more often than realized... another manager - the one that managed the same store was transferred overnight for the same reason - other things also happened.


You need to be aware and stay on top... WalMart is not what it used to be - a family oriented company that was great to work for (anyone that works there can see that with the benefits like insurances that have been sliced down to nothing and others) I know many persons that have left because they can go to other companies that care sincerely... Sam Walton has to be very unhappy when he looks down from Heaven and sees what mess has happened... even the fact that WalMart is destroying other companies and paying so low and keeping it as such that many are living off public assistance...

If you are a Christian and read this - lift it all and all persons involved in prayer... we were raising a Grandson at the time that is 9 yrs old now and it has totally destroyed him... he had enough to live with because of the circumstances that brought him to live with us and his young Daddy... Granddaddy was his best buddy and he now has abandoned him completely... never comes by, never calls him, nothing... my sons are so very hurt and there is so much anger... For me - I will stand for our Covenant Marriage we made with God... He will answer if he gets to Heaven... I will live for the Lord and do what I can to make the best for my Grandson that I now am raising on my own... I am 100% disabled and have very little money to live off of, about to loose my home because he cannot even help with that while he lives rent free in a house his Dad has given him to live in... he filed bankruptcy so there are no bills either... and he is getting ok money since he also is retired from the military... yes I lived through a very rough life with our children while he was gone almost 3/4 a yr every year because of military field problems and maneuvers. even taking care of not only our home, but being the family support for all his soldiers' families while they were gone... Pray for it all... Begging you to be careful with your spouse at WalMart or even with you and what could happen if you work there.


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D  19th of Sep, 2007 by 
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I'm so sorry about what your husband did to you, as I was also cheated on by my ex-husband and wanted to blame every situation and thing in the world. But, besides their lax policies, what does Walmart have to do with your husband cheating on you? Walmart did not force him to stop taking his meds, as they did not force the other woman on him. Yes, someone in management should have noticed them getting too friendly and reported it, and someone should have nipped it in the bud, but do you honestly think it would have stopped him from cheating on you outside work, or with someone that didn't work at Walmart? I doubt it. Blame him and her for that, not Walmart.
N  19th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Wal-Mart is not responsible for policing your marriage.

They would be sued if they poked their noses into the personal lives of their employees, and rightly so.

Your problem is with your cheating husband, not with Wal-Mart. Grow up and deal with the jerk.
D  9th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I have seen managers transfered to prevent violating this police, and fried for violating it. The rule is if they are under you the cannot date. If he was in another dept. then there are no rules. With there "open door" police i cannot see "look the other way or else" fling more then one phone call. If it went more then that several higher ups would lose there jobs. But what do i know i have only worked there 9 years.
A  9th of Nov, 2007 by 
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Hey, i can feel your grief. My husband is a Walmart truckdriver and they have sent him on vacation to florida with one of the office tramps (mpo) from the dispatch office. I have been to hell and back since he went to work for walmart but when I found out about the trip they sent him on (complete with bragging writeup in their stupid little circular someone mailed me) I tapped his phone and found out some really nasty stuff goes on and those truckers do love to brag amongst themselves. Although I complained to the main branch in Bentonville they said nobody forced him to go,it was his choice. After they told me that and threatened to have me arrested for calling the low life trash he went with I decided him, walmart and satan are a team and after 20 years of marriage i am not going to divorce him nor am I going to leave, nor am I going to ask him to leave, no. I decided to spend all his money and treat him like the trash hes become every chance i get.,and never let him touch me again. And to the walmart peeps, stop leaving comments here,you are to obvious. I can see those 666 marks, so back off and Jimmy, you misunderstood their open door policy. The back door is wideopen to crap, buddy pats, and butt kissing and as for the front door, well it is (mpo) that Satan carries those keys right now.
N  21st of Jul, 2008 by 
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I like wal-mart it is cheap and u can get great buys there. And some of there workers are very kind and i thank them for that thank you.
N  2nd of Dec, 2008 by 
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You are a total and complete ###. I hope your idiot life works out for you. It would be awful if you ever had to take responsibility for your own life and face the fact that people have free will and don't need to be constantly monitored by Big Brother (or Wal-Mart) in order to maintain their marriage and/or sanity.
N  5th of Mar, 2009 by 
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My wife is cheating on me with an asst. manager at Wal-mart. She is a CSM at the front and he is an asst. manager of another dept. What can I do she is married to me and he is married also. I am so pissed off and I want them both fired because she says its over but how do I know that since they both still work there. I need advice cause Im fired up and I want them to both pay.
D  1st of Apr, 2009 by 
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First stop blaming Walmart for the cheating going on. We are all adults and need to take responsiblity for our own actions. I will admit some Walmarts have great managers and some have stupid managers but that's not Walmarts fault. People wise up... and Jay your right they both need to be fired because an hourly is not allowed to date a salary manager. The only way though they both can get fired is someone needs to say something to the store manager and if that manager does not do anything then you go up to the district manager. The only thing is it has to be proven like phone records or more then one person coming forward. My cousin works for Walmart and you would be surprised of the lies people make up to get people fired so they need good proof which makes sense. If she really loves she should transfer to another store. Good Luck and hang in there.
A  18th of Jul, 2009 by 
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N  12th of Dec, 2009 by 
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Oh my goodness. Would you still blame wal mart if your husband was merely a shopper and was having goings on with someone who worked at the store? I don't know their policies but everyone in the world has to work with someone, so even if it wasn't going on at the store there is nothing stopping it from going on when they are not working. A cheater is a cheater, I don't think it would make any difference if they worked at Walmart or McDonalds.
N  8th of Feb, 2010 by 
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OOOOWEEE I need to work at Wal-mart seems like the sex is cheeper than the prices there!
N  22nd of Apr, 2011 by 
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First of all, if the manager is in one department and the hourly employee is not directly under their supervision, it is not against Walmart policy. Same as family not being allowed to supervise other family members. They simply make sure they are in different departments. Regardless, Walmart can't possibly keep track of all their employees' personal lives and nor should they. If they weren't cheating with someone at work, they'd be picking up hookers or meeting women in bars. A cheater is a cheater.
A  15th of Nov, 2015 by 
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Well i don't care what any of you say about not blaming walmart because my ex husband is a manager at walmart and did get involved with another manager under the pretense of helping her with being a manager because of the lack of training. They would have never gotten involved if she hadn't approached him for help if they had given her the proper training. Yes it is our personal life but the store manager knew about it as well as the APM and did nothing about it. She worked under himas a department manager in the beginning and that is against walmart policy. I have since learned that she has stepped down and is back to hourly and they are still seeing each other. Another breach of the fraternizing policy. Walmart does not follow through with their so called policies. So all of you that say don't blame walmart can rethink what you have posted. Because no matter how good your marriage is it can happen and does in most of the stores and management takes a blind eye to it. I did everything humanly possible to fixe what is broken but when there is no back up from a corporation that has a fraternizing policy and doesn't inforce it you are fighting a lost cause.
A  31st of Dec, 2015 by 
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There's a man on Walmart nights who is married with children and he has been going on lunches with a female coworker every time she works on his shifts. They have been getting really close as friends. She does in fact match the description of the harlot in Proverbs also. She is a very crafty woman who lies and exploits others to get what she wants. She dresses herself up to look good, fixes her hair with a bit of makeup (when she never did this before), she perfumes herself up really good so he can smell it and there has been other indicators to suggest they possibly may already be involved together. What kind of married man goes on every lunch hour with a non married woman? Every single time? Who cares if it's for just 30 minutes! Who knows? They probably go on 1hr lunches now. Anybody knows that's how affairs usually start because feelings eventually develop between two people. And if the candle doesn't burn from both ends, usually and more often than not, one of them will develop feelings for the other. The two of them have a "really good" friendship where they also exchange texts too now. Some of us aren't stupid and other coworkers are taking notice that something is going on. This married guy has no business doing something like that and the only person he should be developing any "good friendship" with at all, is his wife. Hopefully the wife isn't so naive and sees the tall tale warning signs of his infidelity or approaching infidelity if it hasn't already happened. As for the possible adulteress? She needs to leave him alone and he needs to stay as far away from her as possible. She has a Jezebel spirit. They are both overnight stockers. Hopefully this is one huge misunderstanding and nothing is going on, but the married man has been acting cagey around some of us when it comes to her. When he would get a text on her nights off and we asked him who was texting him, he didn't answer our question. Yet, one night her murmured to another coworker that he was in contact with a "woman who works here" (Walmart). We didn't have to look very far to see who he was talking about.
A  9th of Apr, 2016 by 
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Sounds like the Walmart I work at in Sherwood Park AB Canada. A situation has happened and is still happening on nights between a woman who works in HBA as a stocker and a married co worker who works in the back room as a Binner. She knows he's married and doesn't care. Apparently neither does he. They go for coffee at 3AM lunch every time they work together to a nearby Tim Horton's. This has been going on since mid Summer of last year just short of the Fall season. Some of us saw subtle signs these two were in violation of the No Fraternizing policy. Employee dating is not permitted in the Sherwood Park location. The CBL videos are very clear on this. When these two people go for their lunches together Mr. Married Man almost follows her like a puppy dog. Stories of these two people, in different details, are getting around the store now and not just among the night crew anymore either. Yet nobody is saying anything to management. Not only that. He (Mr. Married Binner) sort of flirts with other women staff too which is making some feel a bit uncomfortable. Where's this man's wife in all of this? Does she even care? Does she even know any of this is going on? Obviously not. How is he helping his marriage any by seeing this other woman every lunch hour to begin with? Come on. Really? Just how naive is his wife? Anyway, nobody wants to complain to the managers because she (Ms. HBA) knows some of those managers. Do you know what I mean? Plus, Ms. HBA is a confrontational bully. I'm serious. She's an intimidator with an attitude problem, she's a liar and has caused trouble for others in the past. Some of us have already felt very uncomfortable by this woman and she knows it too. She knows we see things are going on, yet the dirtiest looks come from her face towards those who see. She would find a way for some of the staff to get fired if she got wind of who complained about any of this. In addition she would make working conditions very tense when possible plus uncomfortable and awkward for some of the crew if she found out who said what. As if things aren't already awkward as they are with what's going on. It's sickening to be honest. I hope this Walmart realizes just how much legal trouble it could get in if the wife who is most likely being cheated on by Mr. Binner decides to sue the store. I'm not suggesting that either one of these violators get fired. I'm suggesting the store simply talk to those two people, remind them of the policy and give them a warning to stop it or face disciplinary action. If the two people deny any involvement and they will, tell them to stop it anyway or else. Some of us are getting affected and disgusted by this. Nobody at work needs to see it. Both parties need to grow up and get therapy.
N  7th of May, 2016 by 
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The no fraternization policy applies ONLY to employees who are subordinate to other employees. So a manager and a stocker can not date, BUT a stocker and a binner CAN.

Besides, how is any of this anyone's business but theirs??
N  29th of Jun, 2017 by 
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To those that are replying/commenting on this post, if you haven't experienced or haven't had the opportunity to lend your shoulders to someone that's been through or going through this ordeal then you probably want to retract, sit back and be humble. I used to voiced out my opinions without seeing the whole picture of the situations. All I know is he/she's screwing around blah blah blah and it's her or his fault. In the end I ended up trying to swallow my blah blah blah. And to those that's been through or dealing with this [censor] of a homewrecker and no good son of a botch husband/wife should rethink and do the same, be humble. I was in the same shoe as this woman that wrote this post and many who commented here. My husband worked for Wal-mart in the Tires and Lube department and guess what? He didn't just change and lube the cars there. There was this CSM that worked at the store (she's no longer with the company so I heard) who my husband introduced her to me as his CSM and me to her as his WIFE and introduced my children which my oldest son is her age and still she went to Motel 6 and opened her legs for my husband. There was a lot of lies that came out of his mouth so I decided to find out the real truth. My husband had quit there soon after I find out about their secret rendezvous so I would make my husband take me to that Wal-mart everyday that she worked and made sure she saw us. He used to be so angry saying I am humiliating him so I asked him this "so you telling me that you love her and you don't want her to see you with your wife?" She probably didn't think that I knew about her and my husband, so she would follow us and even hidden behind the empty cash register to just watch my husband. I texted her as well as FB messaged her and told her that next time I caught her trying to steal a glimpse or window shopping on my husband she will not only have to pay for the view, she'll also get invoices for the motel rooms as well. After she knew that I knew about her, she'll follow my husband when we are shopping but when she sees me turning the corner she turned about face like a soldier. I was angry and like some of you here I wanted to blame Wal-mart and the managers. I asked the questions, why management did nothing and let this homewrecker trying to wreck my home. Maybe they didn't know? Nah...I am in a management position in retail just like them and I made it my business to know what's going on in my store and if my employees are married or in relationship and I notice something brewing up I will pull them both in and be real with them not as manager but as friend and human being. Anyways, my husband and I are working things out one day at a time. Some days are great just like we were before and others days we can't seem to see how much we love each other. Like my husband told me, if it wasn't at Wal-mart it would of been elsewhere. Each affair has so many things that causes it and some might just be two horny people that needed to unload, in any cases, being humble and keep your eyes and ears open, ask the right questions at the right time and seek answers from the right sources. The persons to blame will magically appears. In my case, I blamed me for not giving him enough attention always working, him not being patience and wandering eyes and the homewrecker that can't keep her legs close specifically when it comes to men that are married. Be humble and the truth will find you.
N  5th of Dec, 2017 by 
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@GenisisHyundai My question: have spouses of unfairthful employees actually sued Wal Mart?
N  5th of Dec, 2017 by 
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@Rosiesal What does the business have to do with the personal actions of their employees? If I am screwing my boss, what liability does my employer have to my personal screwing choices? Answer: None.
N  6th of Dec, 2017 by 
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@Rosiesal I'm assuming not because they would have no case. Additionally I am sure there are many other companies that experience similar situations.
N  5th of Dec, 2017 by 
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While Walmart is not directly responsibility for two people deciding to be unfaithful to their spouses it does provide many ways for employees to do this and many mamageea turn a blind eye to what the know is happening as long as the work is done and their area gets good feedback from corporate.
N  5th of Dec, 2017 by 
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@Rosiesal In the same argument, if you cheat on your husband with someone you met at your job, is your job responsible for YOUR choices? No.
D  5th of Dec, 2017 by 
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I really do fail to understand how you place Walmart responsible in this unfortunate run of events?
N  16th of Dec, 2017 by 
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I recently had to go through this with my wife working at Walmart.

Let me explain why alot of this happens.

1. The Shifts in the Store need to be fixed. 2pm -11pm CAP 2 destroys marriages this is because usually the other spouse works a 9am-5pm job and Walmart creates a shift that drastically prevents an employee from spending time with their family so now the employee spends more time with their co-workers then they do with their Family.

2. Set Days Off need to be allowed. Walmarts over here tell employees that they cant have set days off so instead they rotate drastically and it messes with Family Time.

3. Walmart needs to Follow Policies. Employees get away with texting while on the floor constantly not to mention listen to music with headphones and socialize alot while they are on the floor with other co-workers.

4. Mandated Lunch and 15 Min Breaks. This breaks always seem to occur at the same time. On a 2pm-11pm Shift All Employees go to Break at 4pm then go to Lunch at 6pm and then another Break at 9pm. What do they think happens during these breaks? Employees go into the Parking Lot and Chat and Kiss and Hug and who knows what else.

There are lots of things that Walmart can do to cut down on these situations from occurring. Im not saying that they will prevent all but maybe if they tried to alter the above situations then at least its a start.
N  17th of Dec, 2017 by 
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@djdatatec All I see here is you making excuses for why your wife cheated on you. No matter what her work schedule is she would have screwed around on you either because she is a [censor] or you are a terrible husband. I have worked overnight, 2-11, 3-12, 1-10 etc and not once have I ever thought to cheat on my spouse. Your marriage was broken therefore your wife stepped out. Walmart had nothing to do with it. Your entire post makes you sound like a complete [censor], which is probably another reason your wife cheated on you.
N  18th of Dec, 2017 by 
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@djdatatec These issues you describe are not unique to Wal-Mart and are actually fairly common in retail.

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