Walmart Battery / arragant manager

Seneca, SC, United States

Walmart had two batteries that would fit my car, one had 650 cold amps and the other 700. I ask them to install the 700 amp battery since it was exactly the same size and type of battery. They refused, said he would be fired if he did. I ask for a manager and the manager said they would not install anything other than the 650 amp battery. Told me it would void the warranty if they put the (better) battery in. I told them they were crazy and left.

I did go elsewhere to get a battery, it was higher but with a better warranty. I told them about my experience with Walmart and was told their batteries are remanufactored. Walmarts batteries do not say remanufactored on them and they don't tell you they are. Their prices are lower and their warranty is provided by Walmart not a manufactor. That much I did get from the tech. It just might help to understand the lower price, however if I wanted remanufactored or reconditioned I can get them cheaper than at Walmart.

As it stands at this point I was treated badly by their people and if I was told right, they are ripping people off on those batteries. Walmart needs to be held accountable for not labeling the batteries properly. Remanufactored or reconditioned will not last as long and should not be sold as new.

I paid over eighty for what they wanted around seventy for, if they truly are remanufactored they need to be priced around forty five not seventy. As bad as the company and their people are I would rather pay twice as much to be treated like a person instead of a bad dog. I treat my dogs better than they treated me.

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