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We have dealt with our local Walgreens pharmacy for years. Our needs have been sporadic with occassional illnesses requiring prescription medications. However, in the past 5 years or so, our health situation has changed dramatically. We are ordering up to 10 different medications in any given month. Our Walgreens staff has been wonderful and we have made a personal connection and totally felt like our local staff cared about us. BUT, now the store seems to have turned into a training center. Each time we go in to do business, the staff has changed. There is no personal connection; mistakes have been made in either filling the prescriptions or with billing issues. We are asking ourselves if it is really worth it to stick by Walgreens. There are other pharmacies in town that seem smaller and perhaps would give us the small town caring atmosphere that once existed at our own Walgreens. One more chance is all you get...we can go elsewhere.

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  • Po
      Sep 30, 2010

    Unfortunately, with chain stores that often hire young people, you will notice a lot of employee turnover.

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  • Ki
      Oct 23, 2010

    I would stop shopping at Walgreens. They are DRASTICALLY cutting their pharmacy hours and firing highly-qualified technicians left and right. Then they turn around and hire high school kids or old people for half the cost of the amazing technicians they just fired. This is leading to mistakes and horrible customer service.

    Walgreens will be in the toilet with Rite Aid within the next 2 years, I guarantee it.

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