Walden University / Lack of honest advisement for PhD programs in Counseling Education and Supervision

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I was interested in applying for the Doctoral programs in Counseling Education and Supervision and Human Services; I wanted to finalize my academic plans by determining which plan would be right for my career path. The enrollment advisor Lisa told me that I had to send a copy of my LPC license for the Counseling Ed program. I told her I was an LPC Intern; working toward full licensure, and she could look up the information on the state website; she told me she wasn't authorized to do that. The woman wasn't even informed of the process to acquire full licensure; I had to explain that to her. She replied in an unprofessional, sarcastic tone, "Well, I don't see what the big deal is." I decided to submit my credentials because I didn't like her tone, and the remote implication was I must not have any credentials. Well, the big deal is I am spending my time and money on gasoline and to fax the requested information. Since gasoline costs approximately $3.38-$3.53 a gallon, I am trying to conserve gasoline, I don't make extra trips. After I gave her a copy of my intern license, she couldn't tell me if this is what the committee needed to evaluate my credentials for the degree, and none of my credits transferred because they are over 10 years old. Lisa should have stated that at the beginning, and she acted unprofessional and extremely inconsiderate of my time. The doctoral degree program isn't CACREP accredited, but they insisted on me jumping through the hoops because I didn't graduate from a CACREP accredited school. Since I didn't graduate from a CACREP accredited school, I would be required to take twelve additional classes over a year and a half period before starting on the Counseling Education and Supervision degree (st least 96 hours). The other one has the same amount of hours. She treated me like I was a high school special education student, repeating things and overexplaining things as if to insult my intelligence. I decided to pursue other options, nobody disrespects me. This is no way to treat a prospective student. How would she feel if someone treated her or one of her relatives in the same manner?

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  • Ks
      Feb 09, 2012

    Walden is nothing but crooks and dishonest, non-responsive staff. Meanwhile. I'm being charged over $23, 000 in student loans, interest accumulating daily yet I cannot get a grade or a comment from an instructor for weeks at a time! My costs are accumulating daily while those idiots sit back and could not care less about their response time. Where is there a class-action lawsuit against them, I will sign now!


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  • Ma
      Dec 03, 2013

    I contacted Walden University about their Masters in Psychology in Counseling. When the advisor finally returned my call (4 days later) he did everything to convince me that I should attend Walden especially at this time if I registered by 12/02/2013 I would receive a $4000 check in addition to my financial aid. Well, I managed to submit all my documentation on time by November 27, 2013. I heard nothing except that the admissions advisor was out from 11/27 un Monday 12/2. He put some woman named Alison in charge of handling all his students paperwork. I also submitted to her but never received a response. She never let me know if she submitted my paperwork or if anything was missing. I left her two telephone messages and two emails. To make a long story short, on Monday, 12/2/2013, when the admissions counselor returned he emailed me and told me I could not be registered for December 2nd because they did not receive all my documents in time. Thus, making me ineligible for the bonus $4000. This was a complete scam. I intend to bring this scam to the attention of the Attorney General's office.

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  • Br
      Dec 17, 2015

    I find most of these accusations to be without merit. People are very slow in their understanding what it takes to graduate from any institution. You cannot play school. You must attend, read, conduct yourself as a vessel of learning. It is very tough getting an advanced degree. less than 1 percent of persons attempting a PhD complete the program on this planet, so consider the source when you read these arguments. I will graduate in 2016 and it was hard and I get responses from all of my mentors, professors, and cohort affiliates. Do not blame the system, blame the individual.

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  • Du
      Jan 01, 2016

    I attended walden as a Masters student and an in the Ph. D. in CES, I am looking into leaving because of the lack of support I am experiencing now. I was enrolled in core classes then after a year en rolled in the beginning intro course, academic advising is incorrect often which causes problems for those who are trying to plan their program. It's not the students, it is the institution. For profit schools need students and unfortunately often do not give the full picture of what is required.
    Walden provides no help securing a field experience site either. Some teachers are good but some are not. On a PhD level you need assistance, if I could teach myself at the doctoral level I wouldn't need the classes. Some classes the materials are lacking and the instructor guidance very little, you are then criticized for not understanding the assignment or what the instructor wanted but all the students made the same mistake. Clearly if every student did it wrong there's a problem with the instructions. The attitude of some instructors is that they are so great and that you are a lowly student unworthy of academia.
    Walden has gone downhill imo, I am considering transferring because the instruction is so lacking

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