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Master's in FPSY

On March 24, 2016, I received an email from Walden. Luckily I forwarded this email to my personal account...

this university doesn't use the essential programs, which the students require for the future work

I have attended the course of Design and Technology in Walden University. We didn’t use such programs as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and others, which are essential if you want to work in this field. I was shocked, when the employers found out that I didn’t know these programs and haven’t used them. I was disappointed that I have studied in this University and paid such large tuition fee.

A Ed. d student in the Department of Education

I must also be a fool believing in Walden University and the Education Program. It is a joke and if possible...

Unprofessional business practices

Within the next few weeks, I will not be a student at Walden University. As an institution of advance...

[Resolved] Unethical Business Practices

I am a former employee for Walden and was recently let go by the company after seven years. I am pursuing...

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Irresponsible and fraudulent practice

Walden University needs to be investigated for the irresponsible practices that exist within its DBA program. As some have already mentioned, their current practices keep students from graduating, not only in a timely manner but in or around the timeframe that they "sell" you when considering their program. They give no consideration to the thousands and thousands of both personal and federal funding that will never be recovered, as many students will just default on those loans when they finally realize that they have received nothing in return for the work and money. I had taken a sabbatical after making a career change which resulted in a study change. In order to jump back in, I took a 4 day intensive in Atlanta, which had been very productive, reviewed multiple times by the leadership present. I was strongly encouraged to choose a specific methodology based on the purpose of my study, and since the advice was given by respected leadership, I went down that road. I had to change chairs after 3 months ($12, 000 dollars paid) with no feedback. After the new chair change ~ who spent 7 months ($27000 dollars spent) doing nothing but reviewing my APA ~ it finally went to the methodologist, who then told me I needed to change my methodological design ~ which resulted in an entire re-write. In addition, the review process had started with one rubric which changed AFTER I was in the review process but I was not grandfathered in ~ this also add to the re-write process. It goes on and on, as do the bills. The leadership of Walden goes on and on about social change and the reality is that it needs to start with them. They need to feel a level of responsibility and be held accountable for the financial and emotional issues they are creating by 1. Keeping students in far longer than necessary due to the constant fluctuations and lack of cohesive leadership 2. Allowing students to join the program who ~quite frankly ~ may not be cut out for a doctoral program of this nature because their only concern is the bottom line, and 3. live out the "social change" they keep preaching.

Lack of help to progress--delayed finish

I am in the DNP program. In the program, you cannot start the doctoral project until your final year. During...

Law Suit

A group of past and present Walden University graduate students who feel they have been victims of educational fraud or scams are in the process of preparing litigation against Walden University. This may or may not be a class action suit or each case may be tried on its individual merits. The attorneys have yet to determine which approach they will take. All cases will be taken on contingency, so there will be no attorney’s fees unless the case is won. Once the law firm begins examining each individual case, they will advise you if your case qualifies for litigation. The more cases we can present, the stronger the pattern of institutional malfeasance we can establish. If you are interested in joining this movement please email your full name, non-Walden email address, school, and degree program to [protected]@gmail.com There will not be a reply at this time. All contact information will be forwarded to the law firm and they will contact you directly to procure the precise information about your case.

  • Ja
    Jaded76 Jan 02, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Is this still an option? How does one go about finding an attorney in their state to help with matters as such?

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quality of DNP program

Think twice before you sign on to do a DNP program at Walden University. The Master's program was great! So, I stayed there to get my DNP...the content material was almost just like my master's program and the dissertation writing has been a nightmare. Response is slow. By policy they have 14 days before they have to respond but it takes much longer. The chapter writing has taken me over a year and I am told will be another 6-9 months. Getting the practicum hours in has been horrible. They are focused only on clinical sites like hospitals and Dr offices, but I am in leadership and now work as a compliance nurse for our state nursing board, so I wanted to have my hours in a setting that would contribute to my professional growth, but it was denied. It is like I am in a money trap..my course work is completed, but I can't get my committee to move along so I can get the project and the chapter writing completed. VERY frustrating. I have tried talking to them, but it has not helped. They gave me a different Chair, but the situation is not really any better. DO NOT go to Walden for a DNP.

  • Dn
    DNPstudent Nov 05, 2014

    The same thing has happened with me. I enrolled in 2011. I completed all my courses, submitted my proposal, received approval from the instructor, completed my project, then last Nov.2013 two weeks before my last class was to end, I received an email saying after reviewing students files, me and a few other students has not met all the requirements. I asked what requirements, I followed the school course outline and had completed everyting, I had even been approved for graduation, and had paid for my airline tickets and hotel to attend. I stated my degree audit says I have completed and met all the requirements for the degree, they state my proposal was not approved by the committee. I stated, my proposal was not only approved, by I implemented and completed my project, they said the person I had is no longer with Walden and they have no way to know what she told her class, so since last Nov. I have been submitting the same work each semester with no response. When you email them to ask where they are with approving this proposal, they wait unitl that semester is about to end to come up with something to add to the proposal, not correct, just add. They are stalling, I noticed on my degree audit it says expected date to graduate, and it says Dec. 2015, so their intention is to keep the students until that time even though all classes has been completed. This is rediculous.

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  • Pi
    pinkish2282 Feb 10, 2015

    Did you graduate yet?

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  • Ch
    christian jerick Go Mar 18, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thought-provoking post . I Appreciate the specifics - Does anyone know if my company could possibly locate a fillable a form document to use ?

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  • El
    Elizbeth Truss Mar 20, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @christian jerick Go Hi Christian, my colleague located a fillable a form copy at this place http://pdf.ac/6TV9ed.

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I am a veteran with more than 20 years in the United States Army as a motor transport operator. When...

Fraudulent school

It’s absolutely heart breaking what this school does. This place is an absolute fraud. They will destroy your sanity, keep you locked in a psychological prison, bleed you dry from the cost, and still refuse to grant you your degree. I am out to warn every single person I can to try to prevent as many as possible from being victimized by the fake, fraudulent school.

  • So
    somewhre May 09, 2014

    I too am having a terrible time getting my degree. I am under so much anxiety and stress.

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  • Dn
    DNPstudent Nov 05, 2014

    I am in the same situation at Walden. Has anyone notified the U. S. Department of Education. I tried but the automated systems gives you a number to call for fraud, but you never get a person to answer, just voicemail, and I have left my name and number with no call back. Help!!!

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  • Fl
    Floy Feb 27, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I earned a B.S. in Communications May 2014. And B.S. is what it is! This school only allows you take two courses at a time - enough to bleed the federal loan and financial aid systems dry. Earning a Bachelors degree that costs $40, 000 makes me feel great, just knowing how worthless it is. Every year the cost to attend just kept creeping up. This place is a financial trap, stay away from all for-profit colleges/universities. Their commitment and desire to promote social responsibility is a hilarious joke.

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Walden University

RUN FROM THIS SCHOOL!!! I was a PhD student and Walden fraudulently gave misinformation regarding my student loan and auto registered me for classes I did not need nor could simultaneously keep up with working full time. It was the worst experience I have EVER encountered.

Please listen and read this and other complaints about Walden. The enrollment advisers are sweet as pie once you get in. Its pure hell after that. You will NEVER get the same answer twice. The staff is mega rude and the $$$ get flows into them and you are defenseless.


Walden schemes to get more money

Walden is a money mill!!! Dissertation students need to watch out!

I've been working on the first 3 chapters of my dissertation for 3 years because at every step my chairs have been stalling me. I thought that it was just that my chair didn't know what she was doing, so I asked for a new one. This second one gave me the ok on all areas and then when it was time to do the rubric to move to URR, he failed me on 5 areas. How does one fail the areas this very same instructor helped them to write and ok'd a few days earlier? It appears that the strategy is to stall the student for as long as possible in order to milk more money from them. Even when there is nothing wrong with your proposal they find something to change just to keep you from progressing too quickly. The professors say that walden makes new requirements every week. Well if that's true, we will never finish a degree there because we will have to revise constantly and never get to the next stages of the research.

I had to withdraw from the program because I felt like I was getting nowhere. I wasted too much time and money with nothing to show for it. I want walden to refund my student loans for this dissertation that they kept dragging out. Their business practice is not good because they took money and never delivered on a product or service. I am not a happy customer and feel that I have been scammed. All I wanted to do was better myself and thats why i stuck with the dissertation for so long. I feel that walden takes advantage of thesis and dissertation students. They must be exposed so others don't get hurt.

I want to join a class action law suit against this school. There's power in numbers and we can try to make Walden accountable for it's wrongs. Reach me at [protected]@yahoo.com.

  • Rl
    RLM01 Jan 04, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There is certainly not enough to go on, and it would need to be evaluated from both sides. It always amazes me how people jump to "I want my money back" and "I want to sue", because they failed something. Where has personal responsibility gone? This only seems to happen at for-profit schools. Traditional universities "fail" people everyday, and students have to jump through lots of hoops. Welcome to academia. Instead of bashing a school and trying to get your money back, why don't you work with them to see what you need to do to finish and accept responsibility for it. We all fail sometimes, so there is not a grand scheme that all of the professors and the school are in on to bilk you out of more money. By the way to admit my bias, I am a doctoral student at Walden, and it is hard. They make you work for it, but I have had a great experience. Not to mention, the professors are top notch, many of whom also teach at traditional universities.

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  • Wa
    WaldenisaFraud Apr 19, 2013

    hahahahahahaha...hahhahahahahahahah...hahhaha you keep workin at that "RLM01 hahahahahah...the program is set up for failure...they won't let you finish because there is strong economic interest. A former faculty member told me they are paid each quarter per diss student, so the longer they keep them the more money they make...so you keep on believing that you're going to finish..hahhahaha

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  • Me
    Mewnak Oct 13, 2013

    This has also happened to me. I had 4.0 in my masters program and went though the first part of the PhD program unassisted. When my dissertation started I was guided by my committee for 1.5 years on the proposal only to have it rejected by the URR. twice. This is three years dangling at the end of this program. One committee member told me I was citing journal references incorrectly. He could not tell me the correct way, nor could my chair who simply said it was terribly complicated. My manual uses a font that is similar for italic and regular so that was no help. The writing center woud not respond to the question. I need up paying someone to tell me it was right in the first place. This stupid thing cost three weeks. I could go on for 50 pages of this kind of thing. This is the tip of th iceberg.

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I did not enroll for the fall. Walden enrolled me anyway.

I left Walden University last year. I thought about returning in April but gave notice and did not return...


This school is a money trap and trust you will be in debt as I am. They are also sneaky as hell. I posted a...

have been scammed

Stonewalled from completing dissertation. Have been ignored, abused, and pushed from mentor to mentor who either resigned or left me dangling for months on end. E-mails and calls have remained unanswered. Am almost $200, 000 in debt. Have evidence.

Am looking for others to organize joint claim and to expose them via media. I have names, addresses, and contacts.

Contact me: [protected]@yahoo.com

  • Fr
    Frustrated9999 Jun 06, 2012

    I had the exact same thing happen and will be contacting the president of the university.
    Looking to organize something as well and bring it to the attention of the media...
    contact me and we shall talk! [email protected]

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  • Cp
    cpowell Sep 25, 2013

    Hi there, you can include me...I was on federal aid...they were paid for my classes by FAFSA... and they are now trying to bill me for 2600.00 which was what my refund was...um...FAFSA told me I owe them nothing... ...contact me [email protected]

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  • Fl
    Floy Feb 27, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You can include me. I graduated with a B.S. in Communications and B.S. is what it is. Contact me @ [email protected]

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fraud in education

I witnessed a lady who was very lazy and she said that is why she went with Walden. She said she "could buy...

Lack of honest advisement for PhD programs in Counseling Education and Supervision

I was interested in applying for the Doctoral programs in Counseling Education and Supervision and Human Services; I wanted to finalize my academic plans by determining which plan would be right for my career path. The enrollment advisor Lisa told me that I had to send a copy of my LPC license for the Counseling Ed program. I told her I was an LPC Intern; working toward full licensure, and she could look up the information on the state website; she told me she wasn't authorized to do that. The woman wasn't even informed of the process to acquire full licensure; I had to explain that to her. She replied in an unprofessional, sarcastic tone, "Well, I don't see what the big deal is." I decided to submit my credentials because I didn't like her tone, and the remote implication was I must not have any credentials. Well, the big deal is I am spending my time and money on gasoline and to fax the requested information. Since gasoline costs approximately $3.38-$3.53 a gallon, I am trying to conserve gasoline, I don't make extra trips. After I gave her a copy of my intern license, she couldn't tell me if this is what the committee needed to evaluate my credentials for the degree, and none of my credits transferred because they are over 10 years old. Lisa should have stated that at the beginning, and she acted unprofessional and extremely inconsiderate of my time. The doctoral degree program isn't CACREP accredited, but they insisted on me jumping through the hoops because I didn't graduate from a CACREP accredited school. Since I didn't graduate from a CACREP accredited school, I would be required to take twelve additional classes over a year and a half period before starting on the Counseling Education and Supervision degree (st least 96 hours). The other one has the same amount of hours. She treated me like I was a high school special education student, repeating things and overexplaining things as if to insult my intelligence. I decided to pursue other options, nobody disrespects me. This is no way to treat a prospective student. How would she feel if someone treated her or one of her relatives in the same manner?

  • Ks
    kswat4 Feb 09, 2012

    Walden is nothing but crooks and dishonest, non-responsive staff. Meanwhile. I'm being charged over $23, 000 in student loans, interest accumulating daily yet I cannot get a grade or a comment from an instructor for weeks at a time! My costs are accumulating daily while those idiots sit back and could not care less about their response time. Where is there a class-action lawsuit against them, I will sign now!

    [email protected]

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  • Ma
    Marlene L/ Dec 03, 2013

    I contacted Walden University about their Masters in Psychology in Counseling. When the advisor finally returned my call (4 days later) he did everything to convince me that I should attend Walden especially at this time if I registered by 12/02/2013 I would receive a $4000 check in addition to my financial aid. Well, I managed to submit all my documentation on time by November 27, 2013. I heard nothing except that the admissions advisor was out from 11/27 un Monday 12/2. He put some woman named Alison in charge of handling all his students paperwork. I also submitted to her but never received a response. She never let me know if she submitted my paperwork or if anything was missing. I left her two telephone messages and two emails. To make a long story short, on Monday, 12/2/2013, when the admissions counselor returned he emailed me and told me I could not be registered for December 2nd because they did not receive all my documents in time. Thus, making me ineligible for the bonus $4000. This was a complete scam. I intend to bring this scam to the attention of the Attorney General's office.
    [email protected]

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  • Br
    Bradley Gogan Dec 17, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I find most of these accusations to be without merit. People are very slow in their understanding what it takes to graduate from any institution. You cannot play school. You must attend, read, conduct yourself as a vessel of learning. It is very tough getting an advanced degree. less than 1 percent of persons attempting a PhD complete the program on this planet, so consider the source when you read these arguments. I will graduate in 2016 and it was hard and I get responses from all of my mentors, professors, and cohort affiliates. Do not blame the system, blame the individual.

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  • Du
    dupont_cs Jan 01, 2016

    I attended walden as a Masters student and an in the Ph. D. in CES, I am looking into leaving because of the lack of support I am experiencing now. I was enrolled in core classes then after a year en rolled in the beginning intro course, academic advising is incorrect often which causes problems for those who are trying to plan their program. It's not the students, it is the institution. For profit schools need students and unfortunately often do not give the full picture of what is required.
    Walden provides no help securing a field experience site either. Some teachers are good but some are not. On a PhD level you need assistance, if I could teach myself at the doctoral level I wouldn't need the classes. Some classes the materials are lacking and the instructor guidance very little, you are then criticized for not understanding the assignment or what the instructor wanted but all the students made the same mistake. Clearly if every student did it wrong there's a problem with the instructions. The attitude of some instructors is that they are so great and that you are a lowly student unworthy of academia.
    Walden has gone downhill imo, I am considering transferring because the instruction is so lacking

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Student complaint

I have been trying to get a section transfer, I first went to my adviser, she intrun connected me to the intrim program director, which he did not like, they sat on the complaint for some time then they wnet again and told me I needed to submit a formal complaint, ( which Walden University rules mention, once there is a formal compliant submitted the University has to respond with 10 to 15 days, again they sat on it, until I had to e-mail and go higher up, but by this time and from the begining the Director had made his mind up not to allow me to transfer. I will have to go to J. Kaplan who is the CEO of the University since this is a profit University not Public or State . i also want a full refund and now they are telling me again I have to fill out a refund waiver this is becoming a complete nithg mare. Which I willnot stand for University are there to help the student succeed and his or her career not just to put the students to the side in hopes that the students forget or just give up and except what is shoved at the faces . That is the way I fell and I have and e-mail in which they had made up their minds before I even filled out the formal compliant and submitted it. This is bias and unprofessional for and Universityto do this . I will not submit any prove at this time I will submit them to some who wants to help and is professsional.
Thanks Mary

  • 35
    35000 Feet May 26, 2011

    from the reading of your (complaint)... the so many misspelled words... words where they don't belong.. misuse of the correct meaning of certain words... i'm not sure you even belong in college. Perhaps maybe that's the (real) issue your are having. I mean.. not trying to (stunt your growth) or anything.. but maybe you should take a few more english courses because that paragraph that you wrote was atrocious. I'm just saying...

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  • Ga
    gamelady Sep 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I contacted a lawyer, and he said that if we get enough people, we can file a lawsuit. Contact me if you are interested: [email protected] He also said to tell your congressman.

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[Resolved] FRAUD

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME. EXPENSIVE MISTAKE. Six months into my PhD program, I changed the focus of my...