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Think twice before you sign on to do a DNP program at Walden University. The Master's program was great! So, I stayed there to get my DNP...the content material was almost just like my master's program and the dissertation writing has been a nightmare. Response is slow. By policy they have 14 days before they have to respond but it takes much longer. The chapter writing has taken me over a year and I am told will be another 6-9 months. Getting the practicum hours in has been horrible. They are focused only on clinical sites like hospitals and Dr offices, but I am in leadership and now work as a compliance nurse for our state nursing board, so I wanted to have my hours in a setting that would contribute to my professional growth, but it was denied. It is like I am in a money course work is completed, but I can't get my committee to move along so I can get the project and the chapter writing completed. VERY frustrating. I have tried talking to them, but it has not helped. They gave me a different Chair, but the situation is not really any better. DO NOT go to Walden for a DNP.

Aug 23, 2014
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  • Dn
      Nov 05, 2014

    The same thing has happened with me. I enrolled in 2011. I completed all my courses, submitted my proposal, received approval from the instructor, completed my project, then last Nov.2013 two weeks before my last class was to end, I received an email saying after reviewing students files, me and a few other students has not met all the requirements. I asked what requirements, I followed the school course outline and had completed everyting, I had even been approved for graduation, and had paid for my airline tickets and hotel to attend. I stated my degree audit says I have completed and met all the requirements for the degree, they state my proposal was not approved by the committee. I stated, my proposal was not only approved, by I implemented and completed my project, they said the person I had is no longer with Walden and they have no way to know what she told her class, so since last Nov. I have been submitting the same work each semester with no response. When you email them to ask where they are with approving this proposal, they wait unitl that semester is about to end to come up with something to add to the proposal, not correct, just add. They are stalling, I noticed on my degree audit it says expected date to graduate, and it says Dec. 2015, so their intention is to keep the students until that time even though all classes has been completed. This is rediculous.

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  • Pi
      Feb 10, 2015

    Did you graduate yet?

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  • Ch
      Mar 18, 2016

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  • El
      Mar 20, 2016

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