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Wal - Mart Smart Styles / rude employees

1 Enid, OK, United States Review updated:

Recently I took my son into the walmart salon.. that was my first mistake. My son is 15 and he is growing his hair out like alot of the boys are today the shaggy look. Well needless to say shaggy isn't what we got. It was more like the stylist Tammy place a bowl on his head and cut it. It was horrible. It took her 45 min to just cut the edges into the bowl shape. I was watching her while she was doing this because I could tell my son was not happy and it was taking to long for this haircut. As I was watching her she seem to be drifting off into space just combing his hair over and over again as though she was trying to figure out what to cut next. Finally I had enough and I ask for someone to help her with this haircut. OMG!!! I think they had taught one another how to cut hair. The second stylist name Shannae came over to assist ...lets just say that was her plan. She had no clue where to even begin she combed and played with his hair for at least 10 mins as though she was trying to master a great plan. Well enough is enough I told them they where done and I would not pay for such a horrible haircut I could of done this at home in 5 min. So we left and went to another salon down the street where I had told them what had just happened the lady there fixed my sons hair in 10 mins it looked wonderful. Why doesn't Smart Styles take a little more pride in there stylist. Train them a little more and work on customer service so I guess calling them a stylist really is the word I would use. More like losers.

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  • Sh
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    I started working at smart styles last week and I will same I have never been treated so badly by the manager in my 27 yrs as a stylist The customers felt bad for me THis is at north mrytle beach HOpefully the company will realize that salon in that location for 5yrs should be doing better then that

  • Ji
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    Today I took my daughter into the Walmart salon to have her hair colored. OMG!! what a mistake. I told the hairstylist what she recently did to her hair with other haircolors, and since the salon is suppose to have professionals I thought she would know what to do for her. I guess I was wrong.. My daughters hair turned out green, needless to say she didn't even know how to fix it neither did the other lady in there. They had to get on the phone and call someone to figure out how to help her. Finally, they put a lifter on her hair to remove what she'd done. I know this is not entirely the stylist fault, but as a professional she should have known better. After three hours of sitting in the chair we were charged the full price of $44.95, and she looked the same as when she walked in!! Not even an apology or a rate cut was given for her mess up..I will never go back to the Walmart salon..

  • Do
      14th of Jun, 2009
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    Honestly you people need to get a life their is nothing wrong with that salon and you seriously need to grow up those hair dressers are trying their hardest to please some you pain in the ### clients that come in with your grubby ### hair and expect us to work miricles just so you know WERE NOT GOD we cant fix your UGLY if you expect better then go somewhere else and stop talking ###!!!

  • Mb
      7th of Oct, 2009
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    As for the color mishab alot of the stylist that work at smart styles are straight out of beauty school so they dont know alot. Smart styles targets beauty schools. Green hair would freak them out being they probably used a green based color like ash instead of a neutral color. As far as working there. I worked there for awhile and got fired for breaking my foot and them wanting me to be 100 percent in less than a week. then my horrible area supervisor piled like 70 hours on me and told me i could work it or be fired. I couldnt work it. I should have sued them for not followoing labor law. They work you to death there and could careless about you and you have to bring in double your base pay to make commission of a whopping 40 percent that only equals your base pay or a few dollars more. Thats 100 percent mark up just to have a job. you would be better off homeless than working there.

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